Top Curtain Trends in 2022

June 7, 2022
curtain trends

The style, room, and the owners’ tastes are the key elements when considering modern curtain trends in 2022. Curtains are an essential part of any decor. They complement design concepts and serve both an aesthetic and a functional role.

Exquisite curtains bring perfection and harmony to the area. They provide a distinct atmosphere of cosiness and comfort. With the help of matched curtains, you can create beautiful and creative home decor for any room.

Let’s dive into this adventure and discover the top curtain trends for 2022 together.

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curtain trends

It’s easy to understand why minimalism will continue to be popular in 2022. Simple, neutral-coloured furnishings bring charm and sophistication to any space. If you’re a fan of minimalism, try the following to get the look:

  • Simplicity. Choose fabrics that are simple and understated.
  • Functionality. Choose functional curtain trends that don’t have unnecessary fabric swoops and swirls.
  • Neutrality. Choose neutral colours like grey, beige, or traditional white. However, soft blues and greens are options.

Provence design

curtain trends
Image credit: GMBOEL

Fill your room with a fairy-tale ambiance and a Provence-inspired aesthetic. This is attainable with the right window shades. In this case, we recommend French or Austrian curtains for a romantic atmosphere.

This trend is hot this year because of its ambitious goal of fusing old and new ideas. It should be emphasised that if you want to stay current and create a statement, such varied combinations are a rule.

Nature-inspired curtains

curtain trends
Image credit:

Some primary themes behind the 2022 trends are emphasising the beauty of nature. This style is one of them. It entails the usage of nature-inspired motifs, the most prominent of which is the beehive.

It also entails using environmentally friendly fabrics, such as organic linen. Hand-woven curtains are another option that saves money and improves quality.

Neutral colours

curtain trends

In 2022, neutrals will reign supreme in terms of colour. Most people prefer neutral colours for living room curtains. Brown and tan shades and other earth tones have supplanted vibrant colours in curtains. Sage, mustard, dusty pink, and steel blue are other popular options among homeowners.

Decorators don’t have to worry about matching drapes to furniture or wallpaper. These colours go with so many different palettes. Monochrome curtains are also preferable to patterned curtains if the wallpaper has a busy print.

Curtain patterns

curtain trends
Image credit:

The latest curtain house designs to sweep the world by storm are romantic floral and plant motifs. They complement the softness of translucent, layered panels. These aren’t the only options available to homeowners. Even those who prefer clean and bare curtain designs to busier patterns will find something to their liking.

Stripes, mainly horizontal and chunky floor-to-ceiling curtains, are suitable for curtains this year. The simple lines complement minimalist décor. Furthermore, printed Austrian and Scandinavian curtains provide clients with more options. They showcase a refined sense of taste in decor.

Linen curtains

curtain trends
Image credit: Pinterest

Linen is an organic material, which is one of the reasons it’s a hot commodity for luxury window covering ideas in 2022. Curtains made of linen, like sheer organza panels, are light and airy, ideal for tropical climes. But, linen diffuses the light more and does not allow as much light to pass through. The result is a gentle, romantic aesthetic.

Of course, homeowners can accomplish the desired effect through alternative means. You would need to install a separate curtain behind their linen panels. Still, a single layer of linen curtains will float in the breeze when it’s chilly enough to open the windows or patio doors at night.

Velvet curtains

curtain trends

Is there anything more luxurious than velvet? It’s plush, hefty, and beautifully textured. Its weight and thickness make it excellent for keeping your home warm. If your scheme is more neutral, go for deep, saturated shades. 

The ultimate effect (drama and decadence) is to die for. Velvet is a superior choice for window furnishings, especially as floor to ceiling curtains.. ‘It adds texture to the decor and will help insulate larger rooms,’ says the designer.

Café style curtains

curtain trends
Image credit: Apartment Therapy

Cafe-style curtains are another trend for homeowners who prefer to leave part of their windows exposed. These curtains are shorter and hang halfway down the window, allowing light to come in from above while filtering light from the lower part.

Although a valance is often used with this form of a curtain, it is no longer required. A valance adds bulk and reduces light so that a café curtain can hang on its own. Café curtains are lovely in kitchens and bathrooms. Modern blinds can be hung from the top or bottom of the curtain, with a drawstring in the centre.

Jungle lux

curtain trends
Image credit: Linwood Fabrics

‘Biophilic design’ has been a trend since 2019. Given how much time we’ve spent indoors in recent years, it’s hardly a surprise. Its nature-inspired themes are still prevalent in home ware.

With the latest take on the trend – jungle luxury – palm prints get an update for 2022. We’re bringing more of the outdoors into our homes by using complementing linens. For the ultimate in jungle fever, pair this style with rattan furnishings.

Pale green

curtain trends
Image credit: The Sleep Judge

Green is having a moment right now. Teal, green jungle tones, and softer sages appear in 2022 decor designs. On the other hand, Blinds Direct has named soft green the Colour of the Year for 2022.

House decorators are clinging to tranquil colours that transport us back to nature. Eucalyptus, sage, and fern colours go well with spring and rejuvenation ideas. Pale green is a flexible and attractive colour in any environment. It looks perfect in Scandi decor.

Are curtains out of style in 2022?

Curtains aren’t out of style. They are fashionable and can be used in contemporary and traditional interior design curtains. Curtains are conventional window treatments that are both attractive and useful. For our windows, they are multifunctional, versatile, inexpensive, and efficient.

Over the years, modern window treatments have become popular. But, curtains will never go out of style despite their age. They are traditional window coverings that may be tailored to fit any current design or style.

Fabric technology advancements enable us to use curtains creatively in our homes. This will allow us to use curtains for many more years.

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