2022 Kitchen Cabinet Colour Trends We’re Seeing Everywhere

June 7, 2022

The kitchen attracts a lot of attention, especially the cabinets, prompting the need to keep up with the modern kitchen cabinet colour trends. The cabinets are not just fundamental for their functionality. They are also the first and most noticeable features in any kitchen.

They dictate your kitchen’s image, forming the basis of your colour selection. Thinking of refurbishing or constructing a new kitchen? It is paramount that you choose the appropriate kitchen cabinet colours. They must complement your style and match your personal preferences.

With great cabinets come great dishes, you should also try to find some easy-to-use and aesthetically pleasing dishes, maybe you could even give disposable dinnerware sets a chance.

With such an extensive array of modern kitchen colours, it can be daunting to choose the perfect shade. Trusted home decor websites and magazines recommend this and that. There are also modern and traditional options to choose from.

Does that mean it is impossible? This article covers the top kitchen cabinet colour trends for 2022 to help you make an informed decision. One of the kitchen colour ideas listed here will meet your needs.

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Two-toned kitchen cabinets colour trends

2022 Kitchen Cabinet Colour Trends
Image credit: Homes & Gardens

A two-toned look is an in-demand option among the popular kitchen cabinet colour trends of 2022. It offers you a chance to get creative and enhance the depth of your kitchen design. There are many blends you can apply to re-invent the appearance of your kitchen. 

For instance, you can use varying colour tones for the higher and lower cabinets. Mixing different colour shades prevents a single shade from dominating the room.

White kitchen cabinets

2022 Kitchen Cabinet Colour Trends
Image credit: Elle Decor

The classic white cabinets are a common choice for many homeowners in 2022. These cabinets are readily available and still get installed in many homesteads. The good thing about white is that it can blend with any other colour.

It makes the entire room appear lively and improves the lighting. It can be used on any material and offers one of the most attractive looks. However, avoid having an all-white room by integrating other colour shades.

Reclaimed wood

2022 Kitchen Cabinet Colour Trends
Image credit: Domino

Reclaimed timber cabinets are a stylish and sought-after trend. It provides a different dimension to style as characterized by the original cut marks and nail holes. Reclaimed wood is unique because it may feature some types of wood that are no longer available.

This gives your room a unique appearance, and when used with other trends, it offers a stunning look. Reclaimed wood comes from natural wood in old structures and buildings, washed and replenished for reuse.

Grey kitchen cabinets

2022 Kitchen Cabinet Colour Trends
Image credit: IKEA

Grey is another top trend for kitchen cabinets in the modern day. It can get used in a light or dark shade to match your style and individual needs. You can achieve a bright or a gloomy feel with different hues.

Pair with contrasting colours on the bench tops for a more stylish look. It offers a versatile alternative to anyone seeking a dark appearance and does not fancy black. This qualifies it as an ideal choice in any kitchen.

Consult with professional kitchen renovators to select the right cabinets and countertops to fit the colour you’re choosing.

Natural wood

2022 Kitchen Cabinet Colour Trends
Image credit: Studio McGee

Natural wood is attractive. Its unique feel and texture provide an appealing alternative to traditional concrete. It also brings a beachy, coastal sort of aesthetic to the space.

Do you have wooden furniture or fittings in your kitchen? This style offers a perfect fit to complement the theme. Wood in its natural form is sturdy, and under proper care and maintenance, it gives your cabinets a long life.

It is easy to customise to fit your desires and is widely preferred as a primary material for kitchen cabinets. Modern designs provide a range of options in colour and style to match the user’s unique needs.

Green kitchen cabinets

Green cabinets are among the top kitchen cabinet colour trends of 2022. The popularity and preference of green are enhanced by its versatile nature, with a vast selection of shades. It comes in dark and light tones, making it easy to blend seamlessly with other colours.

As a result, it can be used in a range of kitchen settings because it’s easy to find matching colour shades for green. That makes it a firm favourite for most homeowners and interior design experts.

Sage green kitchen cabinets paired with plain white countertops is a typical combination. They offer a perfect mix to spruce up your kitchen and give it a unique and attractive look.

If you are not sure about the modern kitchen colours to combine, reach out to a professional. An experienced interior design pro can recommend exciting colour combinations. Inform them of your interior style and wait for the final look.

Black Kitchen Cabinets

black Kitchen Cabinet Colour Trends
Image credit: Best Online Cabinets

Black is still popular and widely used when remodelling kitchen cabinets. A dark theme works exceptionally well in open kitchens. With dull moody colours such as black, you can hardly spot grime and fingerprints on your cabinet doors.

The dark shade works perfectly well when combined with other colours, particularly those with lighter tones. It contrasts nicely where you have white concrete countertops. The contrast from such combinations can create a striking guise when combined with a brilliant lighting design.

You will need to consider the size and lighting in your kitchen. Without enough lighting, the dark shade can make your kitchen appear smaller than it is.

It was considered one of the favourite kitchen colours for 2021, and the trajectory doesn’t seem to have changed in 2022.

Blue Kitchen Cabinets

blue Kitchen Cabinet Colour Trends
Image credit:

A significant highlight of kitchen trends 2021, blue has maintained its spot. With a range of tones, from navy blue to midnight blue, it continues to feature among the modern kitchen cabinet colour trends of 2022.

It is classy and elegant, making it an ideal colour choice for kitchen cabinets in modern homes. It also blends well with other lighter colours and can be paired with stylish cabinet door handles to complete an exquisite look.

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