9 Ways to Make a Home Look More Expensive For Less

February 9, 2022
how to make a home look more expensive for less

Many of us can spend hours browsing Pinterest, Instagram or TikTok, admiring the styling skills of everyone from professional interior designers to talented home-makers. The spaces look absolutely stunning! But if we’re on a budget, how can we make a home look more expensive for cheap

Buying new furniture and hiring professional painters can burn a hole in your wallet. Sometimes we end up regretting the time and money spent on sprucing up our homes. So we’ve gathered a list of simple, affordable ways to make your home look more expensive for less. 

1. Give your lighting a revamp

What really adds glamour to a room is a statement piece like a light fixture. It anchors the room and pulls the eye towards a focal point. Since big light fixtures also hang high, they guide the eye upwards, making the space feel bigger and grander

To start, you can find lampshades for affordable prices online. Or if you don’t like the look of a big light fixture, take a look at the lights around you home and see what can be updated with a new lampshade. Or perhaps your sconces need a refreshening too. All these can help lavish up the room.

2. Add mirrors for depth

add mirrors to make a home look more expensive

Mirrors are a tool used by interior designers worldwide to make a space look bigger. Hanging a mirror on a wall, especially across a light-filled source like a window, can add a lot of depth

Try forums and second hand websites to find big, decorative mirrors that will reflect light and give the room that oomph. You can have one big piece, or a collection of smaller mirrors that make up an artsy, statement wall. Ikea is always a good, affordable option.

3. Add an accent piece of furniture

accent furniture

Our favourite way to jazz up a room is with special, statement pieces of furniture. Of course, we want this piece to serve a purpose as well, so think accent table. Since coffee tables or dining tables are on the more expensive side, you can shoot for a side table. That’ll give the room a new look.

Carpets are also an amazing tool at making a room look more expensive. Go for a bold design under the furniture in your living room. 

4. Long curtains make a home look more expensive

While not many of us need curtains, it can offer a very finished look. Take a note from the pros and hang the curtains from the ceiling, with an extra bit of length on the bottom. This gives length to the space and makes your ceilings appear higher

You won’t need to get bespoke curtains either. Many suppliers have great designs online at good prices. Just remember to buy longer than you need—you can always trim the bottoms later!

Pro tip: Keep the natural light in by opting for sheer fabric curtains for the living room or other rooms as well. 

5. Choose the right accessories

add flowers to make a home look more expensive

Quite like curtains, interior design accessories can give a completed look to a room. The best part is they don’t need to break the bank, you just have to shop right. 

Pick accessories that will stand out in texture, shape or colour. Even a small but well-designed vase can elevate a space. Once you find the accessory, try to place it in view when you enter the space. That way it catches the eye and invites you into the room. 

Accessories may often be a complementary piece but do a lot in making a house look more expensive. Items like coffee table books, a vase filled with fresh flowers and unique lamps or decorative pieces. 

6. Repaint walls or retile floors

wallpaper makes a home look more expensive

If you want to know how to make a home look more expensive, it’s usually the colour

It’s incredible how far a fresh coat of paint on a surface will update a look. It’s a classic improvement, but always successful in giving a space that extra edge

If you’re going to paint all the walls, look for a neutral tone like eggshell or taupe. But if you want one statement wall, you can go bolder. Burnt oranges and dark blues are popular here for their ability to add drama

If you’d like to go a little further, you can even paint your ceiling. Wallpaper is a good option here. Others prefer the opposite side (the floor) for home improvements. You can re-floor the entire room, covering cracks and imperfections, which really gives it that new-home effect.

A huge plus is that none of these will cost a ton, especially if you do it yourself. There are peel and stick wallpaper options which are as straightforward as their name. An added plus? They’re removable. If you decide you don’t like it, you can switch it out easily. 

7. Reupholster old sofas

To accompany a new paint job, you could attempt reupholstering your sofas and couches. Match the tones correctly and you’ll instantly add a little glamour to the area. Just make sure you set the right colours and then find a good textured fabric. The options range from budget to more luxurious depending on quality, workmanship and of course, size. 

For an even cheaper option, you could change out the pillows and throws in your living area. Add pops of colour, print and texture to give it a whole new look. You can be a little more fearless here. 

8. How to make your bedroom look more expensive

Sydney house for sale @ 12 Musgrave Street, Mosman, NSW, 2088, Australia

Sometimes when you’re flicking through styling photos from interior designers, you might notice how the bedrooms always look luxurious and high-end. And if you’re wondering why yours doesn’t, have a look at the biggest piece of furniture in the room—your bed!

Many stylists add an extra duvet on the bed to give it a plush look. A thick duvet that can fold over at the pillow’s end adds that lavishness. Not to mention, the duvet will be lovely to sleep with, giving you that extra weight and comfort during slumber. 

While you’re at it, think of adding more pillows as well. Just one or two pillows makes the room look empty, so you can add more that can be taken off at night. Toss in a bold coloured throw and take your bedroom to the next level.

9. How to make your bathroom look more expensive

make a bathroom look more expensive

The reason why photographed bathrooms look so beautiful is because they’re simple and clean. Take a look at the products in those photos—they’re usually either label-less and/or have the same shape and colour. 

So think about rebottling your products into store-bought dispensers. A plus is that you’ll save on those products in the future when you buy the refills.

Want more tips?

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