The Best Sofa Beds of 2022 For Every Budget

February 28, 2022
koala sofa bed best

We’ve all been there—had family or friends come visit and struggle to know where to put them up. Or maybe a guest had one too many and needs a place to crash for the night. You usually have three options: a) send them away in a taxi b) build a granny flat c) put them up on your sofa bed.

The simplest and most hospitable option is clearly to let them crash in your living room. So instead of tucking sheets into your couch, how about investing in one of the best sofa beds out there? New models are looking as stylish as ever, with more functionalities to suit even the smallest apartments.

So we’re rounding up the most comfortable, quality sofa beds so you can buy one most suited to your lifestyle.

Tips for buying a sofa bed

But before you run through this list and pick one, here are a few things you should consider:

  • Sizing: Think about how much space you have in your living room. The area will have to accommodate both the sofa and the bed when it gets pulled out. Things like side tables can be moved, but make sure you have enough room structurally to fit it.
  • Quality: There are thousands of different types out there with a range of prices. What you should be paying most attention to though is the frame of the bed. If it’s a wooden frame, for instance, check it’s been kiln-dried, a process which removes any moisture and prevent future warping or cracking. Test the mattress out too. 
  • Function: Since it’s a pull-out bed, what is the mechanism that allows it to unfold and open? It should be simple, safe and smooth. If you’re trying one out in the store, make sure it doesn’t jam at any point. If you’re buying online, read reviews thoroughly.

Sofa beds under $500

Aero Single Sofa Bed, Temple & Webster – $279

This is a unique chair that doubles as a single sleeper pullout. For smaller homes, it’s an ideal choice. Sometimes, you don’t have room for a king or queen couch, or perhaps you already have a couch you want to keep. Either way, the Aero Single Sofa Bed from Temple & Webster is a comfortable, plush and elegant option.

Lana Sofa Bed, Brossa – $486

best sofa bed brossa

Loving the Brosa Lana sofa bed as a sophisticated option. The velvet instantly adds a touch of glamour, with an array of cool hues to choose from. Unfolding it is simple, with a clicking of the back support to create a supportive bed.

Copenhagen Sofa Bed, Temple & Webster – $429

best 3-seater sofa bed

If you’re looking for a little more support both upright and lying down, Temple & Webster’s Copenhagen 3 Seater Sofa Bed will do the trick. As a couch, it even has a little cupholder to keep refreshments close. As a pull out, the eucalyptus wood frame keeps you supported and cosy all night.

Sofa beds under $1000

Drake 3-Seater Sofa Bed – $799

drake sofa bed best sofa bed

A double sofa bed that comes in 50 materials? The Drake 3-seater is definitely one of the more versatile sofa beds on this list. Its design is super simple, and has an innerspring mattress that will be comfortable place for your guest to lay their head.

Friheten, IKEA – $799

best sofa bed ikea

The Friheten Sofa Bed from IKEA has rave reviews. From the simple look to its comfortable, plush mattress, owners of this piece call it a good bang for buck. For its price, it also lasts for a while.

Nathan Sofa Bed, Castlery – $799

best sofa beds castlery

A solid pine wood frame, medium firmness and a spring mattress, the Castlery sofa bed has what you need when it comes to comfort and style. The minimal nailhead elements gives it that extra elegant feel as well.

Sofa beds under $2000

Rio Sofa Bed, Ecosa – $1700

If you already love a mattress brand, why not get a couch made from them as well? The Ecosa Rio sofa bed is made from the same premium foam material that fills their mattresses, giving your guests the ultimate comfort when they stay over.

Cushy Sofa Bed, Koala – $1750

koala sofa bed best

The Cushy Sofa Bed from Koala is one of their award-winning, best-selling pieces. 5,000 Australians can’t be wrong when they voted it as ‘Product of the Year 2022’. It’s immediately noticeable how comfy, lush and plus this one is. A plus—you have three seating options and four gorgeous colours to choose from.

Chicago Storage Chaise Sofa Bed, Lounge Lovers – $1999

chicago sofa bed

So the Chicago Storage Chaise Sofa Bed is actually $2229 but the current sale has it at $1999, so a total steal. The slide-out mechanism is simple and the back cushions are removed to create a splendid corner sofa bed. The extra functionality? Look under the chaise for a hidden compartment for you to store extra things.

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