The 10 Best Ikea Hacks 

May 4, 2022
best ikea hacks

If you love shopping at Ikea, then you will appreciate our collection of the best Ikea hacks you can use to transform your home into a more beautiful and practical space. 

Generally, hacks are simply an efficient way of doing things meant to save money, effort, and energy. 

For example, everyone knows Ikea furniture hacks are an easy and budget-friendly way of making the best use of your furniture. Ikea caravan hacks also come in handy as more people abandon traditional homes for caravans. 

If you are always looking for a good life hack, you will appreciate our list of the ten best Ikea hacks for your home.  

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1. Using an Ottoman to Store Office Supplies

Best Ikea hacks.
Source: Monmakesthings

It is no news that the dreaded coronavirus pandemic has disrupted a lot of conventions, including the way we work. 

Many people now work from home full-time, a drastic change from the usual way of going to the office. 

This new reality has created a necessity for some people to have home offices. Not many people can afford to create home offices with spacious desks and luxurious office chairs. 

Many people working from home do their work on their beds with lots of papers scattered on their room’s floor.

With this Ikea hack, you can make the most of your home working space and get your working environment more organized. 

All you need to do is customize the inside of your ottoman to cater to your storage needs. This is no doubt one of the best Ikea storage hacks.

2. Converting Your Bin to a Nightstand

best ikea hacks nightstand
Source: ManyofMany

Another of the best Ikea hacks you probably haven’t thought about is turning your bin into a side table. 

Maybe you got yourself a KNODD from Ikea and later found out there wouldn’t be a need for it. You can convert it to a beautiful side table with little elbow grease and spray paint. 

You need to do this: Turn the KNODD upside down and use a tray to top it off. You can also spray it with your desired colour. Now you have a side table to hold a flower pot, books, etc. 

3. Creating A Green Wall With Peg Board

best ikea hacks green wall
Source: DIY

Here is a hack for plant lovers. With your SKADIS pegboard, you can create a beautiful living green wall without breaking a sweat. 

You just need to get hanging baskets and then gently put your plant babies on the shelves. Voila! You’ve got yourself an amazing living green wall.

4. Turn two desks into an extra-long one

IKEA hack double desk
Source: The Spruce

This is one of the best Ikea hacks for remote workers. With this hack idea, you can easily create a comfortable, organised workspace for your family. 

If you need a really long desk for your home office, you can create one by joining RAST three-drawer chests together. This is definitely one of our favourite Ikea desk hacks. 

5. Revamp your chair with paint and twine

best ikea hacks chair
Source: Pinterest

With one of the best Ikea hacks, you can transform the Ivar chair from Ikea into a more fashionable one in a few simple steps.

The first thing to do is prime your Ivar chair. Try to use a great quality primer for great results. This step is vital if you desire a quality finish. 

The next step is to choose your brush depending on the type of paint you will be using. You can then start painting your chair with the colour of your choice. 

It is worthy of note that the number of layers of paint you opt for determines the colour look at the end of the day. 

And finally, choose your twine and tie it to the back of your chair. While tying the twine, it is recommended that a section be tackled at a time before moving on to the next.

6. Window Bench Seat

best ikea hacks window bench

With the aid of the NORDLI chest of drawers from Ikea, one can easily create a great window seat. 

If you have a space in your bedroom that invites you to sit and read, this hack should help you use it creatively. 

The window seat will provide more closed storage for you as well. To convert the drawers to a bench seat, lift each bench seat and add a bookshelf to each level. 

Then customize the top using your preferred spray paint. You can also add a power socket on the benchtop. This tip is also one of our easiest Ikea besta hacks. 

7. Establish an Alcove Office 

best ikea hacks
Source: Kaylasimonehome

No space is too small to be put to good use. Alcoves are best used in small spaces to create a beautiful office. 

Ikea furniture can be of help in maximizing that small space you overlooked and it is not a difficult task. 

Just get some Ikea shelf brackets and shelving, use them to create a desk and some office storage. Some plain timber planks can be used to customize the look.

8. Creating A Rainbow Wall

best ikea hacks
Source: IdealHomes

You can easily create a beautiful rainbow wall for your kids’ room using one of our best Ikea hacks. 

You only need a piece of Ikea furniture, some paint, a tape measure, and a brush to accomplish this.

Here are the simple steps: Plan the shape of the rainbow by using the piece of furniture; the rainbow should be exactly above the furniture. 

Then use the tape to create gaps between each arch. And finally, paint the masking tape lines. Remove the tape when you are sure that the paint is already dry.

9. Bedhead with clever storage

best ikea hacks bedhead
Source: Craftsy Hacks

Another great Ikea hack you might want to consider is using the trones shoe storage to create a clever bed head with great storage. 

You can keep your spare bed sheets, books, and other stuff safely hidden there. This is also an excellent Ikea wardrobe hack that you can use. 

10. Making An Indoor Trellis With A Memo Board 

best ikea hacks plants
Source: Beautiful Inspiring Creative Life

One of the best Ikea hacks is using a memo board to create a climbing wall. The Mryheden wire memo boards can be used to stand your plants on the floor. 

But, if the plants are small, the Ikea storage baskets could be used to hold them.

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