Tips on How to Get Rid of House Termites

April 25, 2022
how to get rid of house termites

If you want to know how to get rid of house termites, we’re guessing you might also have an infestation in your home. There are three ways to confirm your speculations.  Sawdust or dark-coloured termite droppings around the furniture cracks can confirm termite invasion. 

If your furniture feels light or hollowed out and you can see mud tubes on the nearby wall, it is a positive sign that there are termites in house.  

Termites can drastically damage your furniture, so here are 11 tips on how to get rid of house termites.

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What do white ants look like?

The white ants are also known as the drywood termites. They have three body parts: body (the thorax and abdomen), wings, and antennae. They are transparent in colour, and thus it is very hard to detect their presence at home in the early stages of infection.

These termites can survive in dry places and thus are very dangerous as they creep inside your wall, making them weak over time.

Apart from the white ants, there is another type of termite called the black house termites or the subterranean termites. These can grow both in soil and wood. 

They require moisture to grow and attack mainly on garden furniture or homes located in humid regions.

If you see a colony of termites in your home, do not disturb them without a plan. They will start banging their heads, make clicking sounds and disappear rapidly. You will lose the chance to kill them, and they will attack your home again after a few hours.

Effective termite removal and prevention hacks

Bring your furniture to the sunlight

Termites prefer moist and dark environments. A free solution to getting rid of termites can be keeping your wooden furniture out in the sun for 2 to 3 days.

The subterranean termites can not withstand heat and die due to sun exposure.  Additionally, sunlight will remove excess moisture from your furniture, which can prevent future termites in house. 

Get rid of extra moisture

Moisture is the most basic thing that attracts any kind of insect in your home. If you live in a humid region, this can be a significant problem.

It is advisable to spend your money on a dehumidifier to prevent termite infestation. During the hot season, you can use AC to keep your house moisture free and cold.

Fill in the leaks

A basement is a place with very little sunlight exposure, and any leakage will create a perfect environment for termites. These are also closer to the soil outside and can form a way for termites to enter your home.

Do a complete inspection of the house and seal all crevices or leaks. This is a great solution on how to get rid of house termites.

Termites in house walls

Make sure to keep your house clean

Even a professional termite removal service will not be helpful if you do not declutter your home. Get rid of anything that has cellulose like cardboard, newspaper, old magazines, or broken furniture.

These items will act as a host for the termites resulting in reinfestation. Additionally, do not place your infected furniture in a new room to prevent the spread.

Keep your furniture away from soil

This rule applies to the outdoor furniture you place in your garden. It is advised to maintain a minimum distance of 8 inches. You can even set up a barrier using rocks or blocks of cement or set up a physical border with an anti-termite chemical sprayed on it.

If possible, replace your wooden furniture with metal furniture.

Get rid of subterranean termites from garden chair

How to kill termites?

Use essential oils to kill termite eggs

Spraying essential oils is a great way of keeping your furniture shiny and killing the termites.  Neem or orange oil will best serve the purpose.

Just mix a cup of water, a spoonful of dishwashing liquid, and 10 drops of required oil. Spray on the furniture regularly to kill the termites.

Set traps for affective termite removal

Luring the termites away from the furniture is another great way of removing subterranean termites. Take a cardboard box and spray some water on it. This will produce a unique smell that attracts the termites.

Place this cardboard near your infested furniture and wait. Once you feel all the termites are on the cardboard, take it outside the house and burn it.

How to get rid of termites with Boric acid?

Boric acid is a non-toxic chemical that has been in use for termite infestation for a long time.  Boric acid will act as a dehydrating agent that affects the nervous system of the termites.

It is the best method to kill drywood termites in hard-to-reach places like crevices in the floor or walls. Simply spray the acid in the required areas.

Kill termites with worms

Nematodes are parasitic worms that eat termites and other smaller insects. You can buy these worms from a gardening store or online. Just release them into the holes or cracks where you suspect termite activity, and then they will do the next.

After the deed is done, you can release the Nematodes in your garden to keep the insects away.

Spray vinegar on the termite colony

Vinegar is popular as one of the most efficient cleaners and disinfectants. Make a solution containing half parts vinegar and half parts water with a few drops of liquid soap.

Spray this solution regularly in the termite-infested areas of your home. You can use this solution in your everyday cleaning routine too.

How to get rid of house termites with chemicals

Take the help of experts

Sometimes learning how to get rid of house termites won’t be enough.

In such situations, it is best to call the professionals. Expert pest control companies have the right types of equipment as well as strong chemicals that can completely cure your termite problem.

How to get rid of house termites with chemicals

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