Proptech Carpool – The Lane Cove Market + Vendor Advice

November 20, 2019

It was a pleasure to have Stuart Bourne from Raine & Horne Lane Cove in the car talking about his marketplace and his tips for vendors thinking of selling soon.

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Here’s the transcript of the video:

Stuart Bourne from Raine & Horne Lane Cove
Thanks so much for joining the Carpool series with Soho.
No worries mate. I'm super excited. Thanks. It's been an honour.
Lane Cove, in particular, seems to be, I mean, we were just chatting off-camera.
There's heaps of developments going on.
I guess what's the big attraction for investors or owner-occupiers into Lane Cove now?
Yeah, Lane Cove’s like booming, hey?
I remember when I started in real estate in Lane Cove,
and there were about 4,500 apartments and now there's over 12,000 apartments
so it's tripled in its size.
And then on top of that, I think the main priority
for buyers around our area is being in that proximity to one bus stop to the city basically
so express bus straight there.
If you go to Lane Cove north, you can walk to the train station in Artarmon
Lane Cove council’s doing some amazing upgrades with
what we were talking about before which is a massive big car park
with an outdoor auditorium, fountain, kids area.
It's very family-centric. So I think there's that attraction to people,
you know, that live outside and they want to have kids or whatnot.
They're drawn to the area
because there's so many other young families here as well and it's got some good schools.
Let's say I'm a vendor at the moment.
I guess what’s some of the opportunities or I guess, advantages for me?
Do I bring my property to market now or at the end of 2019? Do I wait 2020?
I don't know, what are you advising your vendors to do?
That's another good question. I think the typical real estate answer would be
absolutely now is the time
and I don't debate that at all.
I think more importantly though, you could listen to the
client what their goals and ambitions are.
So if they're thinking that they're not going to be ready until January,
which is also going to be fantastic time, I mean the market at the moment is phenomenal.
It's the best market I've ever worked in
and I'm obviously worked all the way through the boom as well.
So, yeah, there's some prices, I mean,
we're pretty much back to where we were at the peak and in terms of,
If you were trying to sell now, you’ve pretty much got maybe one to two weeks to get in on the action.
I think there's great opportunities for people around our area to potentially,
because so many buyers,
It's ridiculous how many buyers there are in the market that you could be
listing now with the agent that you’re gonna choose
and let them run it,
you know, if you don't want to hit the market straight away,
you're not ready, get it off-market, get some buyers agents through,
get your hot buyers through, get those guys,
because there's some really good deals happening off-market,
and then you know what? Get it ready for January and launch early, I would say.
Beat the market, beat the rest of the market.
Typically in our area we see apartments, they sort of launch around that second week in January.
So we're quite early, but then the houses are sort of
after Australia Day, schools gone back
and then they come to market.
Contact details. Let's say I'm a buyer or a seller at the moment.
How do I get in contact with you if I'm looking at buying or selling?
Yeah, either walk into the shop at 85  Longueville Road
or give us a call.
My best mobile number is 0415 887 114.
Thanks for letting me do that little pitch there, that was good. But yeah,
we'd love to help. I mean we're there to really make it easy for them. So yeah.
Stuart Bourne, thanks so much for joining the Carpool series with Soho.
No worries mate.
Cheers mate. Perfect.
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