10 Guest Bedroom Styling Ideas

November 19, 2019
Guest bedroom

Creating a cosy retreat for your guests can have the added benefit of improving the value of your home. We look at 10 guest bedroom styling ideas to help homeowners improve their room while also adding overall value to the property.

1. Select the guest bedroom wisely

When choosing a guest bedroom, think about noise and where your guests will be most comfortable.

If the option exists, a private area of the house away from a noisy kitchen, bathroom or children’s rooms will allow your guests to feel comfortable and relaxed in their surroundings.

If you decide to sell your property, having a guest bedroom that could easily be converted to a main room or office can provide additional value to your home.

2. Provide storage solutions

Making room in the wardrobe and providing extra clothes hangers will enable your guests to hang their clothes easily and feel at home.

If the room doesn’t have a built-in wardrobe, think about adding one as it’s a feature you can market to buyers in the future. If it’s not an option, including a clothes rack can provide a cost-effective solution as a short-term fix.

If space allows, including a small desk with a table lamp, or a reading chair will provide additional functionality to the guest bedroom.

3. Declutter

Streamline the look of your guest bedroom by removing unnecessary items like additional pillows, paperwork and clothing. Removing any clutter will provide your guests with space to place their items and luggage and enable them to feel comfortable during their stay.

Place any additional pillows in the wardrobe, or in a blanket box and let your guests know where they are so they have options if needed.

Removing personal photos from tables can make a room seem more spacious. It also reduces the chances of your guests feeling like they’re invading your space. This also applies when selling a property. 

4. Keep it simple

With smaller rooms, opting for a neutral palette with décor that brightens the room like crisp white linen can make a guest bedroom seem larger.

Open any blinds for additional natural light and include a small vase with fresh flowers for an extra layer of warmth when welcoming your guests.

If your room doesn’t have curtains, consider adding some as this simple inclusion may also add value to your home by increasing privacy, softening the look and feel of the bedroom.

5. Décor pieces

Focus on the comfort of your guests and what will make them feel welcome in your home. Include bedside tables to provide an easily accessible space to place their keys, phone and wallet.

A full-length mirror never goes astray, especially if the room doesn’t have an ensuite. If your guest bedroom is short on space, placing a full-length mirror on the back of a door provides a space saving solution with the added effect of making the room seem larger.

Style the room so it makes people feel welcome and gives them a chance to envision themselves comfortably living there, even if it’s just for a short time.

6. Make a statement

If you want to inject a bit of personality into your guest bedroom, an easy and cost-effective way to make a statement is with artwork.

Generally, you should try to keep the room simple, but including a bit of character with a key piece of art on the wall, can easily add a wow factor to your room and make it appealing to your guests and potential buyers in the future.

7. Provide lighting options

Consider the lighting in your guest bedroom. Lighting options provide a great way to enhance the ambiance of a room.

Soft lighting can bring a sense of comfort to any space. Replace any old light fixtures with energy efficient options. An extra incentive is that it will likely also save you electricity costs in the long run.

Dimmer lights will soften the look of the room in the evening and provide an extra feature to your home, adding value that you can market if you later sell the property.

If the lighting in your guest bedroom is too bright, consider adding block out blinds to ensure your guests achieve a good night’s sleep. These can also help to reduce energy costs.

If the guest bedroom contains dark spaces, a bedside or floor lamp can be an effective lighting solution as well as providing a sense of homely comfort to the room.

Guest bedroom8. Include practical items

A nice touch when having guests stay is to include practical items they may not have remembered to bring.

Staging the room by placing neatly folded bath towels, hand towels, a blanket and including toiletries like unopened soap, toothbrushes and toothpaste will all work towards making your guests feel like their presence is welcomed and you’re excited for them to be there.

Effective staging can also increase the appeal of your home to potential buyers. Placing a decanter of water as well as a magazine or newspaper on the bedside table is a simple gesture that won’t go unnoticed.

9. Entertaining options

Consider providing entertainment options to the guest bedroom. Including things like a television, iPod or radio can help make your guests feel more at home. It’s a good way for them to unwind, potentially after travelling to see you.  

10. Privacy

If your guest bedroom doesn’t have a lock on the door, consider adding one for privacy. Not only will it help to make your guests feel secure with their belongings, but this improvement can also add value to your home if you later decide to sell the property.

Simple staging can help you welcome guests into your home while also providing an affordable way to let your property stand out from the crowd and attract buyers if you choose to sell.

Modest changes looking at the practicality of your guest bedroom layout and design can bring about effective and profitable results into the future. When improving the look of your guest bedroom, always keep in mind what can be easily achieved to add value to your property, save ongoing costs and appeal to buyers and agents in the future.

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