Propetech Carpool – Selling Opportunities for Vendors ft. Damien Cooley

January 30, 2019

Looking at bringing your property to market in 2019? Australia’s leading auctioneer Damien Cooley gives some very honest advice for vendors early 2019

Damien predicts that vendors will list early 2019 well before the state election in NSW and to pinch buyers that are looking early in the year.

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Here’s the transcript of the video:

I'm a seller looking at coming to the market 2019 what are the opportunities
for me I think early in 2019 is going to be a challenge I feel like we've got
particularly in New South Wales we've got a state election coming up I think
it's the 23rd of March we've got a federal election that's likely to be
taking place in May traditionally around election time
markets tend to put the brakes on I think that the brakes have already been
put on from the middle of 2018 the brakes have been on pretty hard in
December 2018 and we've seen more stock hit the market during that time I think
that those vendors who are coming on the market in 2019 will probably try and
come on as early as they possibly can we've already got auctions booked in for
the end of January and the beginning of February that's a little bit earlier
than normal yeah we'll see vendors who who tried to get on early and pinch
those buyers who are who are looking early in the new year
but I don't think that there's a lot of good news that's going to be coming out
of the market in early 2019 I think we need to wait and see what happens with
these elections I think that there is general uncertainty in the market we've
seen that in the stock market over the course of the past couple of weeks we've
heavy heavy downgrades and horses that have been in play and that's exactly the
same in the real estate market so I don't think it's the real estate market
on its own I think that everyone is a little bit unsure about what 2019 will
will bring our market relies on confidence when people are confident
about their job if people are confident about the economy people are confident
about the government that is leading our country that's traditionally when you'll
see the real estate markets rise yeah I don't think you can take any of those
boxes in early 2019 yeah sure Damien Cooley thanks for joining the proptech carpool with Soho
my pleasure. Thanks for having me
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