Proptech Carpool – Landing a Dream Job at Cooley Auctions ft. Damien Cooley

April 11, 2019

Interested in being an auctioneer and want to know how to land a job with Australia’s leading auctioneer Damien Cooley from Cooley Auctions?

Check out what types of characteristics Damien is looking for and what he can teach an auctioneer.

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Here’s the transcript of the video:

I say I'm a budding young auctioneer I want to get into the industry I want to work
for Cooley Auctions. what are you looking at when you want to try and
hire potential auctioneers? What kind of characteristics or qualities
are you looking for? Persistence is an important one with me personally we
get loads of phone calls from people who want to get into auctioneering and I
want to become an auctioneer I think that particularly through the boom it
was seen as a bit of a glamorous type role. auctioneers can often be the hero
in transaction. They think that they're the hero in the transaction because they
are they are seen to be the person out the front who's called on the auction
they feel like they had a lot of value and we do we do add a lot of value but I
think that as the market tightens up that may be the role of the
auctioneer won't look as glamorous less properties are selling at auction. and
the auction is becoming more of a a tool that we are using to to transact real
estate in a shorter period of time you're either selling the property at
auction or making it more saleable but if a young person is or any person is
looking at becoming an auctioneer the the process that we follow with them is
that we encourage them to come along and watch auctions as many as they can we
take that as a bit of a gauge and a bit of a guide as to how many auctions they
come and watch how persistent they are auctioneering has really become a craft
it's really become a specialized industry we we feel that it's not an
industry that gels well with people who are just looking to make a little bit a
few extra dollars on a weekend we are absolute specialists at what we do we
don't do anything else but auction and we feel that we can add a lot of value
to our clients who are real estate agents and add value to their client who
is the vendor in the transaction so persistency is absolutely important we
also look for people who are good people personality traits are incredibly
important as an auctioneer we often have 15 seconds to be able to engage with a
buyer what we say what comes out of our mouth and how people people think of us
can literally have a profound impact on the result and that is
probably more important than being scripted we can teach anyone what to say
we can teach anyone the body language signals to look out for we can teach
anyone how to speed up the way that they speak and slow down the way that they
speak use their voice as an urgency tool we can teach those traits in an
auctioneer the things that are very difficult to
teach somebody's personal appeal somebody's ability to engage with
others and I like to call it their likability yeah sure I think you know
straight away if you're going to get on well with someone if you know that there
are a nice person there they're a good bloke or a nice young lady and that
they're going to do well I feel that I'm a fairly good judge of character and we
look for character before anything else yep Damien Cooley thanks for joining the
proptech carpool with Soho. My pleasure Thanks for having me.
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