Carpool Proptech – Innovation and Social Media ft. Mark Novak

January 20, 2019

Check out what technology Mark Novak, Principle at Novak Properties uses to communicate effectively with his clients.
Novak Properties won the Real Estate Business award for the most innovative agency in Australia so Mark knows a thing or two about innovation.

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Here’s the transcript of the video:

You won the REB award, the most innovative agency for the whole of Australia yeah
congratulations Thanks
a really good piece of software that we use lately has been whatsapp yep
so we run teams and in what's up so if you go to a sales persons handset
they'll have you know they're twelve vendors that they're working with
currently or they're eight vendors that they're working with currently you have
even they're off market ones that they're working with currently don't
include the vendor or both vendors if there's two husband and wife they'll
include their support person in their crew and I think having themselves in
there and then all correspondence whether it's you know update letters
whether it's contracts whether it's chats photos videos whatever it actually
is they'll they'll run all that essentially through what's out so it's
just this incredible ledger of information for someone selling their
property and even when someone's overseas it's just been phenomenal or if
one partner one partners here and the other ones overseas we don't move for
work or whatever. whatsapp been good
social media you're you're pretty big on it, you do a lot of your own kind of
videos is there any types of content that's kind of works well I've seen
those videos Do you want to go int the RBT? You know blow it. I'm probably going to be over for sure. that'll be
be your first time you get done in the RBT that's right yeah so I guess you know
video is such a huge thing now is that when you kind of do videos is there a
particular angle that you're taking is that you know you're concentrating on
giving the buyer some information you're concentrating on giving the seller or
it's more towards agents ah look it's just what we're doing at the moment so
it's something that I've always always wanted to do that I've only just started
doing lately was spend a day in the life of your friend and you know go then hang
out with them for the day stay out of their way so they can stay productive
and just observe to see what you know someone does in the restaurant business
or what someone does in their electrician you know that business and
if my thing is nuggets that you pull out of that just because you're not exposed
to that yeah so when we when we're doing social media we try to click onto what's
relevant at that time with us that's what most passionate about at that time
its top of mind I will talk about it and um it's very really interesting is
someone a lot of the things
you know one that we did that was really really successful as parking in dee why you
know we yep didn't even think about we didn't think you know I really cared and
then we thought yeah there's a couple of people out there that would and it was a
really really popular story yeah interesting ten-second pop quiz
tea or coffee. coffee how many coffees do you have a day one pizza pasta. pizza. meat lovers
our supreme. supreme. is a hot dog a sandwich? no. if you had a boat what would you call it?
Lisa. favorite movie would be pulp fiction. best week of your
life in real estate. When we opened the new office. Mike Novak thank you very much for joining
proptech carpool with Soho. thanks geez good stuff
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