Dee Why & Freshwater Beach Homes on Auction

August 27, 2021

No matter the season, we just can’t get enough of the beach. It’s the view out onto the horizon and the soothing sounds of crashing waves. It’s the memories of summer vacation and whole days spent basking in the sun. 

In anticipation of longer days, warmer weather and a time where we can all venture out freely to enjoy it, we at Soho have been keeping our eye out for those special seaside homes that keep us dreaming. Which is why we’re taking a moment to show these three fabulous properties, all within walking distance of the beach, all on auction by Cunninghams Real Estate.

114 Oliver Street, Freshwater, NSW (Sold)


Low-maintenance sophistication is a term used to describe this sprawling family house, and we couldn’t agree more. High ceilings, natural textured wood contrasting concrete details, airy living spaces… this home quickly becomes a sanctuary. Five large bedrooms means tons of room for the whole family, with balconies on both upper and lower floors. And with a pool, garden and outdoor living area, we’re really torn between spending the day here, and at the beautiful Freshwater and Curl Curl beach. Get in touch with Andrew Lutze to find out more.

1/22 Westminster Avenue, Dee Why, NSW


We’re in a smaller home here but by no means any less captivating. This ground floor apartment feels just like a house, with 124m² elegantly divided into two bedrooms, expansive living areas and even a few outdoor alfresco spaces—the last of which offers a Tuscan-style ambience suited for just about every entertainer. And just a stroll away is—you guessed it—a pristine beach, but also all the action that Dee Why has on hand—restaurants, cafes and boutique shops. Sam Raso will talk you through the details before it goes up for auction on September 11th. 

6/15 Grafton Crescent, Dee Why, NSW


Set in a charming cul-de-sac is this private first-floor apartment. Families with small children will delight in being just across Dee Why Park, and metres away from a meandering pathway leading you to the beach, the town and all the best conveniences. What we love is the greenery you can see from the two balconies—a reminder of the area’s natural beauty. Liliana O’Toole is the one to contact if you’d like to book an inspection. 

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