Proptech Carpool – Hunters Hill’s Prestige Market ft. Tracey Dixon

July 10, 2019
Today we have Tracey Dixon from McGrath Real Estate joining our Carpool series to talk about the Prestige Market in her area in Hunters Hill.

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Here’s the transcript of the video:

Tracey, you deal a lot with, you know, luxury properties, high-end properties,
Hunters Hill, I guess, how are you seeing the market at the moment?
Yeah, I'm finding it a little bit patchy.
I think what we talked about, you know, I think if properties are styled, presented and priced
well, then they're selling. We've had a bit of a
rough trot with the prestige market in
terms of, I guess, the buyers just not knowing where the market is heading
and they've been a little bit, they’ve been standing back from activity.
But I do feel that coming into the next spring market, that will change
people will want to make that move.
So, you know, I think that anyone thinking about, I mean if some of my vendors on the market now,
they can look forward to a really positive patch.
We're already getting good offers on homes in this last quarter
and I think that's going to continue.
So I just wanted to let the the owners know that, you know,
I think it's all good
and that they should be confident about making a move in this next sort of 12 months.
Tracey Dixon, contact details;
How do I get in contact? - Well, I'm always in the McGrath Hunters Hill office,
but [email protected]
Also have my own website and Facebook and Instagram,
we're all over it. So all of our new listings will be popping up there,
so people just need to contact me
and I can let them know anything about Hunters Hill Real Estate.
Tracey Dixon, thanks for joining PropTech Carpool with Soho, cheers - My pleasure, thank you Trent.
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