Proptech Carpool – Buying Opportunities in Maroubra ft. Marnie Seinor

July 9, 2019
If you’re a buyer interested in Maroubra, Marnie Seinor from McGrath joins us in today’s Soho Carpool episode to break down all your buying opportunities available in the area right now!

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Here’s the transcript of the video:

Marouba, great suburb,
you know, obviously a lot of people wanting to, I guess, move to Maroubra.
What's the big attraction? - I love Maroubra
I grew up in Maroubra, I grew up going down Maroubra Beach.
So I'm really, you know, that's my local area.
So I love it. The beach’s,
you know, fantastic. So obviously, it's a coastal area.
It's a surf beach, again, has a really good community feel
and people that move to Maroubra still see
value for property that's within walking distance to the beach.
There's also two sections of Maroubra, there’s Maroubra Beach and Maroubra Junction.
So Maroubra Junction’s also an area that's obviously close to
transport, close to some really great schools
and, you know, close to the city.
So, and Maroubra attracts a range of people.
You've got the coastal people that want to live close to the beach,
but you also get people that are moving, that want to be really close to the French school,
or close to the main roads for transporting to the city. - Yeah
Let’s say I'm a buyer. I'm looking at Maroubra.
I've been looking around for a little while.
What are the opportunities that, I guess, you see in that Maroubra market?
Yeah, at the moment, really huge opportunities
for buyers upgrading from an apartment, moving into a Torrens Title, semi-detached home
or a free-standing home.
The semi-market is quite affordable at the moment.
So really good opportunity
for anyone looking to upgrade from a unit, two-bedroom unit it into a Torrens Title home.
Anyone looking to do that in the current market in the next five years, really will have a lot
of growth in their property, a lot of equity moving forward.
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