How To Make Your Rental Feel Festive

December 20, 2022

Decorating a rental property for Christmas can often feel restrictive, since you don’t want to make any permanent changes to the property that might upset your landlord.

Stringing lights across the roof line using nails is most likely going to be a no-go as is nailing a hook on the front door to hold your Christmas wreath.

All is not lost though if you want to have a festive feel in your rental home over the holidays.

Try these tricks for decorating that won’t damage a wall, skirting board or front door.

Fill the house with ornaments

When you can’t hang or pin anything on the walls, try the next best thing and fill the house with festive ornaments.

Try a large reindeer, a gorgeous Christmas tree, pine cones, a nativity scene or snowflake candles – the list of options is endless.

Set your table


Most people having guests over for Christmas will have planned out their table setting or centrepiece. Why not set this up well in advance of the day and enjoy the festive feel it brings to your home.

Try including candles with that extra special scent that brings Christmas to mind for you.

The full house


We often decorate the living and dining areas for Christmas but why not go the extra mile and think of areas your guest and family will frequent.

This can include placing garlands using double sided (removable) tape on staircase railings and having Christmas scented candles in the bathroom.

Your family (kids specially) will love to have a touch of Christmas in their rooms and it can be as simple as some fairy lights and a Christmas themed cushion on the bed.

Themed tea towels are readily available for bringing some festivity into the heart of the house.

Decorating outside

Outdoor lights_shutterstock_92121556

While it may not be quite as comprehensive as being able to add hooks and clips to the roof line, there are many options these days for decorating without making any permanent changes to the property.

If you have a front porch, try stringing lights to it using cable ties. They are easy to put up and even easier to remove after Christmas has passed. An easy option is to decorate trees and shrubs in the front yard with lights.

Think of decoration options like lights on garden stakes and free-standing ornaments in the front yard to bring a festive impact to your home.

These are all readily available with solar powered options making it even easier to not make holes in flyscreens for those pesky extension leads. There are also light projectors available that will shine patterns like snowflakes onto the front of your home without ever having to string a single light.

Adding wreaths


Although your wreath hook may not be able to be a permanent feature on the front door why not try a stick-on hook that can be removed without a trace after Christmas.

There are also options for hooks which simply sit on top of the door frame. You could also hang the wreath from your door handle. 

In your outdoor entertaining area try stringing fairly lights over the beams and secure with cable ties for something extra special at night.

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