7 Brilliant Outdoor Entertaining Area Ideas

May 12, 2022
outdoor entertaining area ideas

A beautiful Australian home is incomplete without a matching outdoor area, and this is why homeowners are always looking for outdoor entertaining area ideas they can implement.  

Australian weather is beautiful, especially during the summer. You should take advantage of the wonderful feeling the outside brings and design your outdoor area for entertaining.  

Imagine having the bright sun trying to peek through your blinds while you sit outside on the deck. 

You might have a book in hand or a glass of your favourite wine. One thing is certain; it will relax you. That’s what an outdoor area should feel like. 

Your outdoor area doesn’t have to be the same style or look like every other home in your area.

You can add your creative twist to our outdoor entertaining area ideas and create something that matches your style and is practical enough for use. That is what makes a terrific entertaining space. 

So, here’s a list of inspiring outdoor entertaining area ideas to help you kick-start your exciting project. 

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Why you should have an outdoor entertaining area

Many studies show that spending a good amount of time outside can help reduce mental stress and boost health. 

There is a link between spending time in nature and reduced muscle tension, blood pressure and heart rate. 

An outdoor entertaining area also gives you a great reason to spend more time with your loved ones in a healthy and comfortable space. 

You also get a special nook for when you want some alone time with your favourite book or hobby. 

The bottom line is, being outdoors can make you healthier and happier. 

7 Brilliant Outdoor entertaining area ideas 

1. Use draping fabrics

Source: TheArchitecturedesign

Using a draping fabric in your outdoor area is a great way to reduce sun exposure when you spend more time outside.

Shades can come in any form. You can use blinds, which are more restrictive. However, a flowing fabric adds some motion to the scenery and is more flexible to work with.

If you use and place shades the right way, they can encourage you to stay outside longer. 

2. Go hard with natural elements

This is one of our favourite outdoor entertaining area ideas. Having a lot of natural elements in your backyard can have immense benefits for your health. 

Add some trees, shrubs, and wooden/natural-looking furniture to the area and incorporate any other natural elements wherever you can. 

If you already have trees and grass in your backyard, you can design the area around these elements instead of doing everything from scratch. 

Using tree trunks to hold up the shading roof is also a good idea to adopt in your space. 

3. Take the parlour chairs outside

Your parlour chairs can serve multiple purposes if you are limited on funds, especially if you’re having a party. 

Just drag those bad boys outside, throw on a couple of pillows and have a great time. This setup will work best during the summer when there is little to no chance of rain. 

We don’t want you sprinting outside to pick up furniture every other hour. 

4. Connect your outdoor space to the main house 

Source: Familyfocus

You can link your outdoor and indoor spaces to each other in different ways. 

For example, using the same type of flooring in both areas gives the illusion of a bigger, continuous space. 

Remember to choose a flooring material that is perfect for all weather.  

Also, if you have a huge wall separating the living room from the outdoor area, you can break the wall and opt for see-through gliding walls. 

And just like that, you have an outdoor entertaining area that goes on and on and is perfect for fun parties.  

5. Add a lot of plants

This is one of the most beautiful outdoor entertaining area ideas, especially if you have a green thumb. 

Plants have a huge effect on us and affect our health and well-being in many ways. 

You can add a small garden to your outdoors and plant your favourite herbs or flowers. 

If you are not experienced with gardening, you can opt for plants that are easy to manage or even choose to use fake plants. 

What matters is that your outdoor entertaining area looks like you are in a tropical vacation resort, and plants will give you that effect. 

6. Something for storey buildings  

It’s not always easy to have an outdoor entertaining area in a high rise building. 

And if you only have ownership of a floor above the ground, that is something to worry about. 

However, if you have a spacious balcony, you can still turn it into a beautiful outdoor entertaining area. 

You want to use small, cute furniture pieces. And you can also use vertical plants to compensate for the permanent air time. 

7. Coverings come in handy

If you don’t like drapes, you can opt for a canopy or shade to serve as a covering from sun or rain. 

You can also use a pergola. Pergolas add depth to an outdoor space and act as a great covering. 

If you live in a high rise building, pergolas make an interesting feature for an entertainment area off the ground. 

A shaded pergola would give more protection against the sunlight and allow enough lighting into the space. 

This way, you can enjoy the sun without being in the sun. However, pergolas need maintenance. You should also be on the lookout for termites, especially if they’re wooden. 

These outdoor coverings give a full view of the outside and only provide protection from the top. 

This way, you can maximise brightness in your outdoor space without being uncomfortable.

Bonus tips for your outdoor entertaining area ideas

  • Lighting is important. It sets the mood for your space. So, play with lighting to determine how you want to feel within the space. 
  • Sitting around in an outdoor space is essential. Don’t be afraid to get comfy; use what feels good for you. 
  • Add fun pieces like a fire pit, pool house, etc., to the space. 

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