Is it Worth Buying Property in Melbourne in 2024? Read This First

November 21, 2023
Is it worth buying property in Melbourne?

Key takeaways:

    • With housing values recovering, rising by 4.5% since January 2023, and a stabilising market, 2024 presents a strategic window for both investors and homebuyers.

    • The Melbourne apartment market is also showing positive signs, with median unit prices rising and a variety of options available.

    • It’s essential to conduct thorough research, understand market trends, and possibly consult with real estate professionals or investment advisors to navigate this dynamic market effectively.

Is it worth buying property in Melbourne in 2024? With a consistent rise in property prices despite a considerable decline, it just might be. But the answer is a little more complex.

To help you answer better, we’ll delve deep into the Melbourne property market, offering insights and expert analysis to help you make an informed decision. 

Why Invest in Melbourne Real Estate in 2024?

Melbourne, a vibrant and expanding metropolis, continues to be a magnet for property investors and homebuyers alike. In 2023, the city’s real estate market presents unique opportunities for capital growth and investment.

House prices, after a decline of 7.9% from their peak in March 2022, have seen a recovery, rising by 4.5% since January 2023. This recovery signals a potential window of opportunity for those looking to invest in Melbourne’s property market.

3 Melbourne Property Market Predictions For 2024

Is it worth buying property in Melbourne?

The outlook for the Melbourne property market in 2024 appears to be cautiously optimistic, with several key factors influencing predictions:

1. Rise in House Prices

Economists from major banks are predicting an increase in house prices of between 3% and 5% in 2024. This projected rise is partly attributed to a continuous mismatch between population growth and the rate of new housing developments, resulting in a lack of housing supply, which in turn keeps prices higher​​​​.

To understand the financial requirements for living in Melbourne, considering this price rise, one should explore What salary do you need to live in Melbourne?.

2. Interest Rates and Inflation

Despite the likelihood of an interest rate increase, which is usually implemented to manage inflation, house prices are expected to rise. The Reserve Bank might lift the cash rate to tackle higher-than-expected inflation, but this increase is anticipated to be followed by rate cuts starting from the second half of 2024​​​​.

3. Bank Forecasts

Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA): Predicting a 5% growth across Australia, with Melbourne’s house prices expected to rise by 5%. CBA notes that Melbourne’s house prices haven’t risen as much as Sydney’s this year, indicating potential for further growth​​.

National Australia Bank (NAB): Expecting national house prices to rise by 5%, with Melbourne’s prices projected to increase by 5.5%​​.

ANZ: Forecasts a national increase in house prices by 3 to 4%, with Melbourne seeing a more conservative rise of 3%​​.

Westpac: Predicts a national house price rise of 4% in 2024, with Melbourne experiencing a 3% increase. Westpac also anticipates interest rate cuts by the second half of 2024​​.

Rental Market Strength: An ultra-strong rental market is another factor contributing to the buoyancy of house prices. The strong demand for rentals, combined with limited supply, supports higher property values​​.

In summary, the Melbourne property market in 2024 is expected to experience continued growth, albeit at a moderated pace. The combination of limited housing supply, adjustments in interest rates, and a robust rental market are key factors contributing to this outlook.

Potential investors and homebuyers should consider these factors, alongside personal financial circumstances and long-term goals, when making decisions about entering the Melbourne property market in 2024.

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Understanding Melbourne’s Property Market Trends

Is it worth buying property in Melbourne?

The Melbourne property market has shown resilience and adaptability in 2023. Despite a decline in median house prices over seven consecutive quarters, they remain above pre-pandemic levels, with the median house price as of November 2023 being $934,000.

This resilience, combined with a low vacancy rate in rentals and increasing rental levels, highlights the stability and potential of the Melbourne property market.

Is Now the Best Time to Buy an Apartment in Melbourne?

2024 might be a pivotal year for buying an apartment in Melbourne. The median unit prices in Melbourne have risen for two consecutive quarters, reaching their highest levels in 12 months by September 2023.

With a balanced apartment market and relatively stable property prices, the time to buy might indeed be now.

The Role of Investment Properties in Melbourne’s Market

Investment properties in Melbourne are in high demand, especially A-grade homes and investment-grade properties, which are still in short supply. This demand creates a unique opportunity for homebuyers and property investors with a long-term perspective.

For those interested in exploring options, viewing houses for sale in Melbourne might provide valuable insights.

The Impact of Melbourne’s Demographics on Property Prices

Melbourne’s diverse demographics significantly impact property prices and demand. The city’s population is forecast to rise by roughly 500,000 over the five years to 2026-27, driving demand for housing and impacting property values.

Navigating the Melbourne Apartment Market in 2023

The Melbourne apartment market in 2023 is varied, with options ranging from high-end luxury to more affordable units. Understanding your needs and investment goals is key to navigating this market, especially considering the recent increase in median unit prices.

Real estate agents in Melbourne provide valuable insights into the current state of the market. They can provide data on house prices, property value trends, and investment opportunities, all of which indicate a market that is stabilizing and offering opportunities for strategic investments.

Looking at the trends and data up to September 2023, the forecast for the Melbourne property market includes potential price growth in certain areas and the stability of the housing market. Economic forecasters predict varied outlooks for property values, suggesting a cautious but potentially rewarding market for informed investors.

Buying vs. Renting in Melbourne: A 2023 Perspective

The decision to buy or rent in Melbourne in 2023 depends on personal circumstances, financial goals, and market conditions. With the rental market seeing significant growth and low vacancy rates, buying might present a more attractive long-term investment option for those able to enter the market.

The Role of Property Investment Advisors in Melbourne’s Market

Navigating the Melbourne property market can be complex, and property investment advisors play a crucial role in guiding investors. They offer tailored advice, helping investors understand the nuances of the market, identify opportunities, and make informed decisions, particularly in a dynamic market like Melbourne’s.

Understanding the Benefits and Risks of Apartment Living in Melbourne

Apartment living in Melbourne offers a unique lifestyle with benefits such as proximity to amenities, lower maintenance, and often more affordable entry points into the property market.

However, potential buyers should also be aware of the risks, including fluctuating apartment values, body corporate fees, and the impact of new developments on existing properties. It’s important to weigh these factors carefully when considering an apartment purchase in Melbourne.

FAQs: Is it Worth Buying Property in Melbourne?

Should I Buy a House Now or Wait Until 2024 in Australia?

When considering a property purchase in Australia, deciding whether to buy a house now or wait until 2024 is crucial. The state of Australia’s property markets in 2023, especially in dynamic areas like Melbourne, indicates a recovery phase in the property cycle.

While falling property values were a concern in the past, recent trends suggest a gradual upturn, particularly in Melbourne’s house price growth. This suggests that for those considering buying a house or entering the property market, especially in Melbourne suburbs, it could be the right time to buy real estate.

However, since property markets move in cycles, consulting with a property investment adviser could provide tailored property advice and help determine if it’s a great time to buy your next property.

Are Melbourne Property Prices Dropping?

The Melbourne market is currently experiencing varied trends in property values. While there was a period of falling property values, recent data shows Melbourne’s house price growth is gaining momentum again.

 This change in the stage of the property cycle reflects the dynamic nature of real estate in Melbourne. For those looking at buying property or considering investing in rental properties, this shift suggests that the time is right to invest in property.

However, the property cycle can be unpredictable, so it’s advisable to seek property advice when planning to purchase a property or buy an investment property.

Is it Worth Buying a 1 Bedroom Apartment in Melbourne?

Deciding whether it’s worth buying apartments, especially a 1-bedroom unit in Melbourne, involves assessing the investment strategy and the stage of the property cycle.

Buying apartments in Melbourne can be a better investment for those looking to get into the property market at a more affordable level or as a property ladder step. Currently, Melbourne’s house price growth indicates a healthy market for apartments, making them an attractive option for property owners and investors.

However, considering buying an apartment requires understanding the specific market trends in areas like East Melbourne or other desirable suburbs, where demand for property and rental properties can significantly influence the value of your property purchase.

Why are Melbourne Apartments so Cheap?

The affordability of Melbourne apartments, compared to other types of real estate, reflects various factors in the property markets in 20. Melbourne is currently in an upturn stage of the property cycle, where the supply of apartments, particularly in areas with a shortage of good, stand-out properties, can influence prices.

Additionally, Melbourne is growing, and with this growth, there is an increasing demand for diverse housing options. Buying the right property in Melbourne often means assessing whether an apartment is the best property choice for your needs.

While Melbourne property values for apartments might be more accessible, they offer a different lifestyle and investment potential compared to buying an average house or unit.

Thus, for potential buyers, time the market and understanding Melbourne house prices for apartments is crucial before making a property purchase.

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