5 Ideas For Your Laundry Makeover

January 27, 2023
laundry makeover

Key takeaways:

  • You don’t have to spend too much on renovating your family home laundry room.
  • Small laundry rooms should focus more on adding storage and making the space look larger with better lighting.
  • Larger rooms, on the other hand, could use more seating, decorations, and cabinets.

Feeling a bit too gloomy while washing dirty clothes? That might be a sign to get a laundry renovation! Let’s go over five cool ideas for your laundry makeover this 2023.

Doing laundry is one of the most important chores of the week. Although it can be hard to enjoy such a tedious task, a soothing laundry room helps improve your mood.

The best part? It does not have to cost you anything. By following a couple of interior design rules, changing the paint, and adding more storage, you can create a fully functional space for you and your family.

1. Add a focal point

Just like any other space, you can never go wrong with a focal point. In interior design, it’s a feature or object that defines the overall style of the room.

laundry makeover

For example, if you have all-white walls and washing machines, you could add a wooden door or laundry closet for contrast and ample storage. Or, you could create a patterned tile backsplash for extra drama!

2. Set up a bench space

laundry makeover
Image credit: Playgrowned

Laundry is a task that can take at least an hour to complete, even when using a top-loader washing machine and multiple dryers.

Hence, you want to ensure you are comfortable by creating a bench space where you can relax. If your existing space is a bit small, then getting a few stackable or foldable chairs would do!

3. Pick a laundry room theme

laundry makeover
Image credit: The Spruce

Renovating your laundry room with a specific motif can be one of the most brilliant design ideas you can follow. You could go for cottage-style, vintage, or a minimalistic modern aesthetic—whatever floats your boat!

You can achieve this by getting vintage-style floating shelves, smaller indoor plants, and wall hanging to add to the home decor. Installing contemporary sliding doors that open to the garden is another idea for those with a larger budget and extra room in their homes.

4. Keep colours consistent

laundry makeover

When working in the hardest working room in your home, you would want to avoid playing with too many colours. Often, it can look chaotic if the colours you choose clash too much.

Instead, stick to a particular colour palette throughout the project. 

Whites and greys are fantastic choices for brightening a space because they are classic colours. On the other hand, vibrant colours like orange or retro tints inject individuality into a space.

5. Add more storage space for dirty clothes

If you could use extra storage for your existing laundry, then you might need a new laundry closet and some other open shelves.

laundry makeover

Open shelves maximise your vertical space, while closets give room for cleaning products and keep dirty clothes out of sight. 

Also, consider getting a laundry sorter. This way, you won’t have to sort everything during laundry day.

How can I update my laundry for cheap?

Changing the look of your laundry shouldn’t cost you too much. There are small laundry ideas that you can do at your home with minimal effort and cost. That includes painting the walls a fresh coat or hanging a mirror in front of your window to make the most out of natural light.

If you have a small space, tiny decorative touches are more than enough. This could be anything from a painting your child drew or a small indoor plant you moved from your kitchen sink.

How do you design a laundry area?

laundry makeover

To effectively design a laundry room, you have to consider your space, storage, lighting, and accessibility. You should find the balance between design and multi-function. Otherwise, your laundry room won’t be as effective as it should be.

Existing space should be maximised, preferably for storage or bench space. You could add a portable ironing board for folding and open shelving for added storage. 

To beautify your space, you could hang a painting by your stacked washer or lay out a patterned rug over your bench space.

To know more about how to decorate your rooms, you can refer to the different interior design rules.

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