5 Amazing Ideas For Kitchen Bars

January 27, 2023
kitchen bars

Key takeaways:

  • You can transform your ordinary kitchen bar into something much more spectacular using these original ideas, allowing you to spend more time relaxing in a clean, vibrant kitchen.
  • Although marble countertops are beautiful, butcher block countertops are the best for food preparation.
  • It’s important to consider how your kitchen lighting will affect the look of your bar and choose the right lighting choices.

Whether you’ve got a large space of a small room, kitchen bars can easily become dining rooms by picking chairs, lights, and decorations that complement one another. This will result in a more welcoming setting with colours and patterns that set the tone for your dining experience. 

Coming home to a messy, cluttered kitchen is not pleasant for anyone. And you can transform your kitchen into a dreamy space by adding a few stools and pendant lights.

The question of how to design your own home bar has an unlimited amount of detail.

So here are five amazing ideas you can use to create a breakfast bar or a minimalist bar, (whichever you prefer). While you’re learning how to build your own home, you can transform a standard kitchen into the kitchen of your dreams.

 1. Setting the bar stools

kitchen bars

Bar stools can make a big difference in your kitchen and play a large role in the home decor. There are two main categories of kitchen bars: those with a large surface area and those with a small surface area.

Let’s say your bar has a wooden base. Although you can try many different combinations, chrome bar stools will look the best in this space. 

However, if you want to give it a more modern appearance, you can go with solid wooden stools, which will be more expensive.

Additionally, if your bar top is light brown or grey, butcher black stools will complement the look of your bar. For more space, you could also include a console table.

2. Choosing the best lighting

kitchen bars

The lighting in the kitchen too can affect the colour of your bar top and tools. For the best lighting effects, consider hanging golden bulbs in glass bottles from above.

Furthermore, marble countertops, regardless of type or color, look stunning in golden light. Another excellent option that complements white countertops well is pendant lighting.

Most modern kitchen bars use pendant lights to give their bar a rustic feel.

3. Selecting the bar tiles

kitchen bars
Image credit: Home Edit

If you don’t like wood shelves, a marble island is the way to go. However, if you use your bar as a wet bar, wood is not the best choice for you. You can use black marble and then add gold fixtures to enhance the appearance while keeping in mind the overall bar design. 

Alternatively, you could choose contrasting bar stools.

The best marble is white with a gold lining. It not only makes your space appear larger, but it also shows that it has a modern design.

4. Creating a wine room

kitchen bars
Image credit: Love Property

With a kitchen island, you can make better use of the entire space. Having a large kitchen has countless advantages.

Wine glasses can be set on a shelf that hangs from above, while a portion of the tabletop can be used to set the wine. You now have your very own home kitchen bar!

You can also add small plants to brighten the atmosphere. White pots are an excellent choice for the kitchen. Although you can also use glass bottles instead of pots to give your kitchen bar a more classy look.

You can also change the seating area arrangement from time to time and enjoy new bar arrangements every once in a while.

5. Counter space and kitchen sink material

kitchen bars

If you want to use your counter for food preparation, a butcher block is an ideal countertop. Because marble countertops are an unfortunate failure when it comes to cooking.

Regardless of the material used for your tabletop, a stainless steel sink is the only choice for cooking. This way, you can easily prepare food and use the sink, which is not the case with marble countertops. 

Managing the counter area is a ton of work as well. However, if you have the right ideas, you can make it look magnificent while still having easy access to everything.

You can also have some fun by putting martini glasses on an upside-down shelf. 

Overall, there are countless ideas on how to arrange and manage the counter space,  making it impossible for us to list them all here.

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