6 Simple Interior Design Rules Everyone Should Follow

June 14, 2022

Knowing the interior design rules is paramount. It can help you convert new space into an exhibition of creativity. Whenever you step into any well-decorated house, there is a feel-good sensation that you are likely to encounter.

Everything feels right and in harmony, but to meet such cohesiveness is not as straightforward as it may appear.

You can get carried away and rush through your craft, forgetting the basics of a great design. You need to understand the essential interior design principles and elements. This article provides helpful insight into the basic rules of interior design

By following the tips highlighted below, you can stay on track and tick all the right boxes for an exceptional interior design.

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1. Less is more

interior design rules

Interior decorating is not measured by how much more you can add to your new space. It is more of understanding what you want and getting the right balance in form and functionality.

Do not dwell on mixing many styles and colours that do not complement each other.

If you have to integrate different styles, make sure they work well together. Experimenting is not wrong, but not at the expense of ruining the appeal of your style.

Universal interior design rules of thumb need you to stick to your decorative needs and purpose that fit with your space. Do not let personal preferences sway you away from the intended goal.

Even when it comes to lighting, follow the essential interior design lighting rules. To avoid unnecessary complications, start with small inputs.

Then you can keep improving as you go on step by step. It is easier and more convenient to add exciting features later than to scale down aspects central to your design.

2. Have a focal point in the room

interior design rules

It can become gloomy when everything in a room gets the same attention. Creating a focal point provides a much-needed emphasis on a particular aspect of your design. It helps you choose the right décor, furniture, and lighting options for your space. Your focal point becomes the main centre of attraction.

It is among the first things you notice when you step into the room. Hence, make it delightful to have a stand-out impact from everything else. Your focal point could be a piece of furniture, a window with a great view, artwork, or a space on the wall.

Your focal point should not take all the attention according to interior design rules for small spaces. Depending on what you choose as your focal point, a balancing act is necessary for a harmonious look.

Wall art has become very popular in recent years. This type of art is created with the intention of inspiring a specific mood or style. 

Wall art pisces are ideal for creating a specific atmosphere within a room or the house in general. It can be used in endless possibilities when it comes to choosing the perfect pieces for your interior design  they can be the missing pieces of the puzzle to complete your expectations. Especially designer wall art can be a unique way to add spice to your interior. 

Choosing a wall art may seem an easy task, but there are multiple aspects to take into consideration: the colour, the placement, general interior of the hose, etc. 

When choosing wall art, you have many options. You can purchase a customised piece of art or buy a ready-made one from an online store. You can also find wall art that you can transfer onto different surfaces, such as canvas or metal. So get as creative as you want and fulfil your dreams of having a up to date house design. 

3. Measure space and furniture

interior design rules

Take measurements of the amount of space available before you begin styling. One of the most fundamental interior design rules is that it helps plan for the actual area based on accurate measurements.

Take time to measure your room to avoid making expensive mistakes. There is no point in having your furniture and other fittings take up all the available space or fail to fit because of your miscalculations.

Ensure that whatever décor you intend to have in place fits. Thus, double-check the accuracy of your measurements before making any orders. Using the available space well improves the functionality and aesthetics of your design.

One of the interior design rules bedrooms and other spaces agree on is the need for movement space.

Leave ample room to walk through and for future improvements if needed. Note that what works best for a smaller room may not be the right fit for a larger room.

Some of the interior design rules and tips to help you use the available space include:

  • Wall hangings and artwork should not be too low or too high. Keep them at least at eye level.
  • Install the curtains beyond the top of the window frame. They should be long but not touching the floor.
  • Have at least all your furniture partly sitting on the rug. Rug rules interior design recommendations state that the carpet should not be too small or too large.
  • Having more than one source of lighting livens up your room.

4. Balance – one of the biggest interior design rules

interior design rules

Universal interior design rules need you to create a balance in your design. This enhances a feeling of equality among the different aspects of your style.

How different décor items appear should not be too drawn into a particular item. You can achieve the right balance by applying the correct use of colours and patterns. 

One way of doing this is by splitting the available space into two sides mirroring each other. For instance, arranging chairs on either side of your dining table.

According to Feng Shui interior design rules, this balance should avoid becoming monotonous.

As such, think of how you can creatively achieve balance through your choices of materials and colours. You can integrate different shapes to create a repetitive pattern that is attractive.

The visual interest created by this sort of balance keeps your eyes rotating around the room.

5. Source your furniture from different stores

interior design rules

If you do not want your house to resemble a showroom, consider buying your furniture and other items from different sources. It might come at an extra cost for transport. But, the results will justify your decision.

It is one of the rules for interior design that may not anchor well with everybody. But it sure does the trick for a unique interior appeal. It allows you to blend different options, from vintage to modern styles, for a more collected space.

6. Be creative with lighting

interior design rules

The lighting in your room will make or break all the hard work you put into your design. Your interior design will be dull without proper lighting because of poor ambiance.

A well-lit room uplifts its mood. You can have many lighting sources and accessorise with chandeliers, pendants, or wall sconces.

Installing table and floor lamps are a stylish way of adding a subtle touch to your lighting. That way, you will have ample but controlled lighting to create a welcoming atmosphere.

Lighting can also help to complement your colour choices, further enhancing your design.

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