A Guide to Transporting Plants Interstate

May 23, 2022
transporting plants interstate

Houseplants are the best way to liven up any room, but they need some special care when you’re moving. If you’re moving your plants, you’ll want to make sure they arrive safe and sound. Transporting plants interstate can be a tricky process, but it can be done safely and efficiently with a little bit of planning and preparation.

So, we’ll provide tips on packing them securely and preparing them for the journey to arrive in perfect condition. These packing and hauling suggestions for plants of all sizes might help take the worry away. 

Let’s end the thought, “Can I take my plants when I move?” Ensure that your live, thriving plant collection recovers from the upheaval of relocating and fills your new home with lush and verdant beauty.

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How do you transport plants long distances?

transporting plants interstate

When you’re moving, the question “How do you transport plants from one place to another?” might you up. Let’s make transporting plants interstate easier for you.

The first step is to find a sturdy box that will accommodate all of your pot plants. You’ll want to line the bottom of the box with padding, like newspaper or bubble wrap, to help keep them safe during transit. 

Once you’ve got your plants packed up securely, it’s time to hit the road. If you’re driving to your new home, you’ll want to make sure that the box is placed in an area of the car where it won’t be jostled around too much. If you’re flying, you’ll need to check with the airline to see if they have any restrictions on transporting large potted plants.

How do I move plants to Interstate Australia?

transporting plants interstate

There are some things to note when transporting plants interstate and not be stressed about “How do you move plants without killing them?”:

Get your plants ready: Remove dead leaves and branches from your plants a few weeks before the relocation and prune them well. Get rid of dust, pests, and weeds a week before your move.

Repot in plastic containers: To make moving plants easier on your back, take them out of their heavy pots and planters a few weeks before moving and rehome them in lightweight plastic pots.

Consider the temperature: Transport plants in a temperature-controlled area, such as your automobile, if possible. Bring your small pot plants inside if you’re staying at a motel for the night (especially true if the weather is unusually hot or cold).

Ensure to water them: Water your plants a day before transporting them so they’re hydrated but not soggy. If you are relocating in the summer, make sure to water your plants well on moving day and throughout your travel. If you’re travelling in the winter, make sure the soil is dry by watering it one final time a few days before you leave.

Understand the law: If you’re relocating to a new nation, check with customs to see if you can bring your plants with you; certain countries will not allow particular species to cross their borders.

How do you transport plants in a truck?

transporting plants interstate

Here are a few tips for transporting plants interstate in a truck or the answer to how do you travel with plants in a car:

– Place them in the trunk or another area where they won’t be jostled around too much.

– If possible, transport them to a temperature-controlled area.

Water them well before you leave.

Check with customs if you’re travelling to a new country to see if there are any restrictions on transporting plants.

Frequently asked questions about transporting plants interstate

Can you take plants across the border?

You’ll need to check with customs to see if there are any restrictions on transporting plants into the country you’re travelling to. Some countries have stringent laws about what types of plants and animals can cross their borders to prevent the spread of disease and pests.

Can houseplants be transported between states?

transporting plants interstate

Yes, houseplants can be transported between states as long as you take the proper precautions. Ensure to water them well and check with customs to see if there are any restrictions on transporting plants into the state you’re travelling to.

Can I take plants from Vic to NSW?

Yes, you can take plants from Victoria to New South Wales as long as you follow the proper procedures. Ensure to remove any dead leaves and branches, repot them in plastic containers, water them well, and check with customs to see if there are any restrictions on transporting plants into New South Wales.

Can I ship plants via UPS?

You can ship plants via UPS as long as you follow their guidelines. Make sure to package the plants securely so they won’t be damaged in transit, and check with UPS to see if there are any restrictions on shipping plants to your destination.

What do I do with my plants when I move?

transporting plants interstate

If you’re moving and can’t take your plants with you, there are a few options to consider:

Donating them to a friend or family member

Selling them online or at a garage sale

Giving them away for free on websites

Taking them to a plant nursery or garden centre

Whatever you do, don’t just leave them behind. Plants are living things that need love and attention, so make sure they go to a good home where they’ll be well-cared for.

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