How to Fire a Real Estate Agent

April 21, 2022
How to Fire a Real Estate Agent

The only reason you would think about how to fire a real estate agent is when said agent is not living up to their side of your agreement. 

When you are selling your home, you are already under so much stress trying to get everything in place, so it’s only natural to hire a real estate agent to guide you. 

But what do you do when your real estate agent is causing more harm than good? How do you end your working relationship without completely severing ties? 

We will share insight on how to fire a real estate agent so it doesn’t damage your relationship. 

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Reasons why you may want to fire your real estate agent

Your agent is hardly available.

Many people like to have frequent communication with their real estate agents. This is often because things can move very quickly in the housing market, whether you are selling or buying. 

So having an agent that is always available is vital for you to achieve your goals. 

If your agent is ghosting you, not returning calls, and is just not available, you may want to reconsider your relationship

Your agent doesn’t understand your needs.

A good real estate agent pulls out all the stops to ensure the client is satisfied. If you feel like you and your agent are not aligned on certain issues that matter to you, then you can communicate this. 

If there are no changes, it may be time to end the relationship. Imagine just starting out in the industry and having an agent that keeps trying to get you to make hasty decisions. 

This can make you uncomfortable, and you shouldn’t put up with it. 

A great agent will make you comfortable enough to move at his pace, and if you feel rushed, there’s a great chance it’s not right. 

The agent is unprofessional.

If an agent keeps taking steps that are not legal or just seem shady, you should review your relationship before it worsens. 

Your agent’s loyalty is to you, and they should always conduct affairs ethically and professionally. 

How to fire a real estate agent as a seller

how to fire a real estate agent

Firing a real estate agent as a buyer seems easy, but you may be wondering, can you fire a real estate agent as a seller? 

The answer is yes. Here are five tips that will help you. 

1. Read your contract

Before ending your working relationship with your agent, you must go over your contractual agreement. 

Some sales agency agreements require both parties to work together for a set period and also come with protection periods, termination fees, etc. 

If this is the case, you may want to consult a lawyer to see how you can end the agreement early. 

If an agent tries to make the termination process unnecessarily difficult for you, you may want to speak with the broker to get some resolution. 

No agency wants to be in a long legal battle, and you will most likely get your way. 

Once you’re clear on the contract front, you can go ahead to communicate your decision with your real estate agent. 

2. Take out any emotion.

You have to remember that an agent/seller relationship is a professional one involving a signed contract, so you must remove any emotional attachment you may have. 

Have a clear conversation with the agent and explain why you feel it’s best you both part ways. 

Be clear on the issues you had and why you chose to find another agent that is more aligned with your goals.

3. Stick with your decision

how to fire a real estate agent

After you communicate with your agent, he will likely try to convince you to change your mind and possibly give him another chance. 

This has nothing to do with you, but their desire to not lose any business. 

Some agents would start making promises and even offer discounts to convince you. 

You must stand your ground and not be persuaded into a business relationship that does not favour you in any way. 

4. Do it face-to-face

Like in romantic relationships, it is quite distasteful to end a relationship via text or call. Arrange a meeting over coffee with the agent and talk it through. 

Whether you feel pained by how the relationship turned out or not, there is no point in burning these professional bridges as they may come in handy in the future. 

Keep the conversation as cordial and friendly as possible while making your decision known in clear terms. Try to ensure the meeting ends on a positive note. 

5. Consider the agent’s time.

It is not easy for real estate agents to win clients because the competition with other agents is quite steep.

 So, you should end the relationship as soon as possible instead of leading them on, only to drop them out of the blue. 

As soon as you decide you need to end the contract, you must communicate it with the agent as soon as possible so they can move on. 

Remind the agent that even though you are ending the contract, it doesn’t mean you may never work with him again. 

Encourage the agent to stay in touch as you may require his services in the future. 

Can a real estate agent fire a client?

how to fire a real estate agent

The short answer is yes! A real estate agent can fire a client for different reasons. 

Real estate agreements with sellers go both ways, so if an agent feels like the seller is not keeping his end of the bargain, he is allowed to fire the client and move on. 

Some of the reasons why real estate agents fire their clients are;

  • The client is being unreasonable: if a client is refusing to close a great deal, asking for an unrealistic price, or just making the process difficult, the agent can choose to fire the client.
  • The client is not serious: if a client is not proactive enough to get his house sold, there is little an agent can do but end the relationship
  • The client is unethical: if a client is asking an agent to do illegal, under-the-table deals, it may be time for the agent to walk away from the relationship. 

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