How to Get Rid of Flies in 3 Super Easy Steps

April 21, 2022
how to get rid of flies

The summer season may have past but some of us are still learning how to get rid of flies.

There are different types of flies like houseflies, fruit flies, mayflies, cluster flies, horseflies, black flies, green bottle flies, and stable flies.

Although few of these irritate you with their buzzing, some behave as a vector for several bacterial and viral infections. Common infections caused by these flies are eye infections, food poisoning, tuberculosis, Salmonella Typhi, E.Coli, and dysentery.

Here are 3 ways how to get rid of flies from your surroundings today!

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1. How to keep flies away with homemade remedies?

Some insecticides have a strong smell or require you to vacant your house for a few hours. Instead, making a natural fly repellent or fly trap can be affordable and less harmful for the body. Given below are some great tips on how to make your own fly deterrent.

Use a solution of apple cider vinegar and liquid soap

When you mix equal parts of apple cider vinegar and liquid soap, it can help attract and kill flies. You can also add sugar to the mixture and the apple cider vinegar; it will create a sweet fruity smell that will attract the flies. At the same time, the dish soap will harm their digestive tract, which will result in their death.

how to get rid of flies

Use flowers and herbs as a fly deterrent

If you are wondering how to get rid of flies outside, then planting these flowers or herbs can be beneficial. The natural odour of these herbs acts as an indoor or outdoor fly repellent. Basil, catnip, bay leaves, lavender or marigold, look beautiful on your porch or kitchen countertop and repel flies and spiders. Additionally, you can use these plants to enhance your dish’s flavours.

Spray the flies away

Spraying the cracks and entrances which act as a gateway for flies inside your home with fly repellent can be very effective. Take a misting spray bottle half-filled with water. Add a spoon of cayenne pepper, camphor, peppermint, eucalyptus, lemongrass or cinnamon to the water and spray where needed. If you cannot handle spice at all, best to avoid the cayenne pepper spray.

Light a candle

Citronella candle releases a citric smell likable to humans, yet it is repulsive to flies. You can light these candles on your patio table or inside your home in all the rooms. You can enjoy this citrusy fragrance while enjoying an evening tea while flies stay away from your surroundings.

how to get rid of flies

Use a patio fan

Flies and the summer season come hand in hand. Using an outdoor fan is a great way to enjoy the summer barbeque in your yard fly-free. Flies can fly quickly, but the strong breeze of the oscillating fan makes it difficult for them to fly. Face the fan, head towards your grill and keep the flies and the smoke away from your body.

Make your own fly trap

You will need a mason jar, thick paper, water, and sugar. Fill half of the mason jar with water and 2 spoons of sugar. Take the thick paper and roll it into a cone. Make sure the pointy part of the cone is wide enough for the flies to enter. Now place the cone with the converging part inside the jar just above the water level. The wide part should cover the mouth of the jar entirely without leaving any spaces between the jar and the cone. The sweet smell will attract the flies as they enter the jar but will be unable to leave due to its very narrow exit.

2. How to get rid of flies using commercial repellents

If the natural solutions do not work for you, you can opt for stronger commercial options. Here are some great options which require only a one-time investment.

how to get rid of flies

Electric light traps

These fly traps emit blue light that attracts the flies. When the flies reach the device, it will zap them with electricity. Keep this light trap connected to a corner of your house or at the top of the entrance door to keep the flies away from the sitting area.

Spray the insecticides

You can find various bottles of insecticides in the market. Purchase the size that suits your needs and spray it in every nook and cranny of your home. Make sure to spray a little extra near your garbage disposal area. Buy an insecticide with a natural fragrance to overcome its strong, pungent smell.

Sticky traps

These sticky traps are an excellent answer to how to get rid of flies inside if you are allergic to insecticide spray. Just install these paper traps on the wall in places where you see their high activity. You will notice that soon the flies will fly towards the paper and get stuck on it. Once the paper is filled with flies, you can remove it from the wall and dispose of it carefully in the garbage bag.

Buy body repellents

Another great way to keep flies off your kids or yourself when going outside is to buy skin-friendly fly repellents. These are available in two kinds: application on clothes or directly on the skin. Just use a tiny amount of the chemical on each limb before going out.

3. Take the help of professionals

Even the cleanest homeowners can face persistent problems with fly infestation. You really want to get rid of flies? Do not feel hesitant to call the experts of the pest control department.

They carry industrial grade insecticides that can kill all kinds of flies and insects in your home. Professionals can also help you identify the source of the problem and give you tips on how to deal with it in the future.

how to get rid of flies

Why are there so many flies in my house?

To answer this question, you need to get to the root of your problem. Using a fly repellent can be a temporary solution until and unless you find out what is attracting the flies in your home. Here are some ways to prevent fly invasion.

  • Clean your pipes– Areas with standing water can be an excellent place for the flies to breed. Clean the pipes and water bowl of your pets regularly.
  • Move the garbage away from the house.
  • Seal all the windows and small holes.
  • Clean your pets regularly.
  • Do not leave the dishes in the sink for long.
  • Avoid leaving the grass clippings in your yard unattended for many days.

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