How to Create a Seamless Kitchen Workflow 

June 3, 2022
kitchen remodel

The kitchen is one of the most used spaces in your home. Your kitchen workflow must enable your daily cooking routines as a regular spot. 

You’d be doing the same thing every day for a long time, so ease is essential. From the fittings to the floor, every element should come together to enable a seamless kitchen workflow.

While spending money on the best appliances, you should focus on utility over aesthetics. 

This tip comes first in creating a seamless workflow in the kitchen. And there are many more. 

Here’s a guide to creating a functional and stress-free experience when using your kitchen.

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1. Talk with the experts and builders

creating a seamless kitchen workflow

The kitchen is complicated and expensive to design. So why not employ the services of an expert? 

Having experienced eyes on the ground will save you recurring costs and make your process smooth and fast.

You may have a perfect idea, but silly mistakes can ruin everything. So, communicate with experts, and create a work schedule for the construction that doesn’t fully disrupt your daily activities.

Your ideas are valid, so you shouldn’t hesitate to discuss your vision with your architect and contractors. 

However, remain open-minded to changes they may propose as you want a functional kitchen more than anything.  

2. Make space for yourself

creating a seamless kitchen workflow

It is normal to want a 100% fully decked kitchen. You want an island, a big family oven, and close-by dining area to create ease. 

But you can end up with the exact opposite – discomfort. Before you go all out on luxury, plan your foot traffic flow to make sure everyone can walk comfortably without bumping into appliances or each other.

Apart from you, other elements of your kitchen need room. Put door clearances in mind, as this feature can make or mar your kitchen design. 

If neglected, there will be friction between units and doors. It is either you end up with half-opened doors or inaccessible units. Neither is a good look; talk less of the ache in utility.

3. Shun impractical handles

creating a seamless kitchen workflow

While trendy and easy on the eyes, sleek knob handles are unkind to slippery hands. 

For instance, try opening a stiff fridge with your wet straight from the sink. You would have a major hiccup while at it.

Choose handles based on purpose and possible scenarios. Save the stylish handles for your cupboards, which need zero effort to pry open, and install ones you can wrap your fingers around for the bigger appliances. 

You will still have a gorgeous and functional kitchen, even with the appliances with fitted handles from the store.

4. Focus on the triangle

creating a seamless kitchen workflow

Many home contractors obsess over the triangle when it comes to kitchen design. They use the idea to create an excellent kitchen workflow. 

Ideally, your cooker, sink, and fridge should be situated within easy reach. Nine feet apart at most and four feet apart at least. 

On the whole, this triangle must not be too small or large. Just enough to keep you at ease when making your favourite meals.

5. Prioritise storage

creating a seamless kitchen workflow

Storage can’t be overemphasised. Even minimalists need it. You can never have too much of it since you can only forecast how many items you stow away over time.

Before planning your kitchen, figure out how to store everything—from your cameo bread maker to everyday buddies like chopping boards and coffee pots. If you design a snug space, installing a pegboard will prove instrumental.

Take a step back to maximise potential spaces. Take advantage of the height with fitted floor-to-ceiling units in a tall kitchen. 

How about toe-kick storage in your kick boards for smaller spaces? You will pat yourself on the back for having the most practical kitchen workflow when compliments start streaming in from your friends.

6. Pay attention to flooring

creating a seamless kitchen workflow

It would be best to have smooth, bumpless movement in a high traffic area like the kitchen. 

You can’t afford to double over with chicken and corn soup in hand! Many flooring options are available, so put these criteria in mind: flooring must be tough, hard, and anti-slip. Heavy appliances won’t allow thin, cheap materials to look good for long.

Modern vinyl, which encompasses resilience to wear, tear, and water, among other stylish finishes, is a perfect choice to enable kitchen workflow and stand the test of time.

7. Keep open shelving at a minimum

creating a seamless kitchen workflow

How wonderful is showing off your enamel bowls and wine cups? Impressive for the gram! But everything can go to splinters with one straying arm.

Again, the openness can create clutter and chaos, and the display will become a refuge for dust. 

Use storage to prevent needless maintenance. Store a better part of the ceramics away and keep the most commonly used ones close to reach.

8. Design according to your lifestyle

creating a seamless kitchen workflow

While designs are jaw-dropping in the catalogue, they are not always your reality. And that’s fine. 

Your lifestyle should decide the image of your kitchen, especially the floors and worktops

It is impractical to use a durable material like quartz instead of marble if you’re raising a family, and why think of having angular islands which can pose a danger to your kids?

Don’t forget to consider your home’s capacity. Your kitchen should have enough space for the movement of multiple people for a full house, except your reality comprises just you, your partner and a pet dog.

9. Consider appliances early

creating a seamless kitchen workflow

It is almost a consensus among homeowners that shopping for appliances leaves little to be desired, but it’s better to start the hunt early. 

You can only fit appliances around units, not the reverse. Take this cue to leave space for all your appliances for a seamless kitchen workflow.

10. Take care of lighting

creating a seamless kitchen workflow

While natural daylight has immense benefits, it can quickly become overbearing. Don’t forget to consider the Sun’s strength all year round.

Australia is famous for harsh sun rays during the summer, and this can cause some discomfort if you can’t control the lighting in your home. 

Incorporate suitable window covers in your kitchen. Plantation shutters and Venetian blinds allow ample light to stream into your room while striking a good balance between illumination and privacy. 

Now, the Sun won’t be up forever. It would help if you had well-placed, energy-saving lighting fixtures for when it gets dark. You can’t go wrong with a well-illuminated kitchen space. 

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