10 Budget Small Bathroom Ideas Under $100

May 24, 2022
udget Small Bathroom Ideas

Do you know you can get the bathroom of your dreams for $100? With our budget small bathroom ideas, you most certainly can! 

Almost everyone wants the kind of bathrooms we see in middle-class-themed romcoms, making you want to sit in there all day and never come out. 

However, you may be stuck with bathroom decor that does not match your preferences or style because of budget limitations.

Luckily, you don’t need thousands of dollars to transform your bathroom. We will share ten practical budget small bathroom ideas to get you started. 

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10 small bathroom renovation ideas

Instead of waiting till you get that $700 interior designer off Instagram, you can use $100 to design the bathroom that would make you and Pinterest proud. 

Here are ten budget small bathroom ideas under $100. 

1. Float the small things 

Those romcom bathrooms you love so much look amazing because of the ample floor space that allows for a lot of movement. 

You can recreate this in your bathroom for under $100 by getting floating shelves or cabinets or other plastic floating options. 

When your soaps, lotions, and other small things find their place on the wall, there will be more legroom around the bathroom. 

Floating shelves are also an excellent way to prevent a cluttered bathroom.  

If you pick your colours right and choose the right shelf placements, you can get a lot of space to work with. 

2. Paint your tiles

Painting your tiles is an excellent bathroom inspiration for your space. It is a way to give your bathroom a facelift without going over budget. 

When tiles get old, they make your bathroom look damp and depressing. 

Going for a complete flooring overhaul is expensive and does not work with our $100 budget. 

Painting over your tiles is an easy way to get them shiny and bright again without changing the tiles. 

You can hire a tile painter or watch a youtube video on tile painting to do it yourself. 

If you tried to retile your bathroom, you might spend as much as $150 per square meter, but a 1liter can of paint costs you around $80. 

3. Add extra lighting 

This is one of our favourite budget small bathroom ideas because it costs little to nothing but has an incredible effect. 

Extra lighting always brings a modern and luxurious look to any space, and the bathroom is not left out. 

You do not need to completely overhaul the current lighting of your bathroom, but you can add some more lighting to it. 

When choosing new small lighting for your bathroom, pick semi-bright lights to add a better tone to the room instead of really bright glaring lights. 

A perfect place to keep lights is around your bathroom mirror. If you can find sconces or pendant lights, you can hang them around the mirror for added effect.

4. Go for floor stencils

If you really want to upgrade your flooring, you can opt for stencils. 

Stencils come in different decorative types; they are easy to install and are a small bathroom renovation tip that gives amazing results. 

Depending on the kind and cost of stencils you got, a stencil can last for up to 5 years before you will need to change it again. 

Even at that, stencils are an affordable solid option for budget bathroom renovations.

5. Repaint your bathroom with bold colours 

Sometimes, all your bathroom needs to restore its past glory is a new coat of paint. 

Get a bowl of paint, and settle for a bold paint colour for your wall. If you are worried about designs, the floating decoration and wall stickers could make it all better. 

A bucket of paint will cost you around $30, which falls under our budget small bathroom ideas under $100. 

You could get a friend to help out and make a fun day out of it. 

6. Stick to a consistent colour scheme 

Colour scheming your bathroom does require money, but not a lot. 

To get the right colour scheme, pick two colours you like that can easily blend into each other.

Next, get small or large decor items in those colours and place them at strategic spots in the bathroom.  

Make sure that one of the colours you pick is the dominant paint on your bathroom walls unless you intend to repaint the bathroom walls. 

7. Add wall stencils

We talked about floor stencils earlier, but those are not the only places where you can put stencils in your bathroom. 

Go for stencils if you hate the wall paint or think it is too drab and do not want to repaint. 

Wall stencils come in bold and small designs, which should fit your aesthetics if you already have all your designs in mind. 

Look out for stencil designs that fit into the coolness you should naturally get from your bathroom and place them on the walls. 

As we said before, stencils are affordable and can last long, depending on quality and care. 

8. Use wallpaper

Another thing that could substitute for complete wall paintings is wallpapers. 

Wallpapers come in different grades and styles, and they are affordable.

Look out for wallpapers that match the other designs in the bathroom, even your towels, and use those to cover your walls. 

As long as the wallpapers do not give off an overly dramatic look, you can use them for the bathroom. 

9 Go for darker colours. 

Dark Necessities Master Bathroom - aspire design and home
Credit: Berlyn Photography 2015

Some of these bathrooms that look great on TV look that way because they used darker colours for the bathroom aesthetics. 

These bathrooms are not exactly expensive; they are just riding on the sophistication that dark colours like grey and Hasbrouck brown bring to the space. 

A dark colour for your paint or bathroom decor items will definitely give it a lifted look. 

10 Use wall stickers 

Source: Millennium

Using wall stickers on bathroom walls is one of the easiest budget small bathroom ideas that make a ton of difference. 

There is an art to installing wall stickers, and if you miss it, you might just end up hating how the bathroom looks at the end of the day. 

However, once you understand the minimalist idea behind fixing stickers according to colour schemes, you are well on your way to having a great bathroom design. 

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