Beach Homes: Coastal Kitchen Ideas

March 15, 2022

Image by Anthony Tahlier

There’s something about those Byron Bay homes. We’ve seen it. The barefoot bohemian aesthetic, with textured, raw materials and cosy nooks. It’s no wonder the style has inspired home decor the world over.

But what if we’re not even close to a beach? How do we echo the mellow ambience that flowed through so many of our summer travels?

As a city-dweller, I’m starting with the heart of the home. The place where comfort is created and creativity spawned—the kitchen. Today, we’re going to get inspired to create our own coastal kitchen right at home with coastal design elements incorporated into simple things like shelving, backsplashes and colour.

So shall we dive in?

Rattan elements

rattan kitchen

Rattan instantly gives a raw, artisanal feel to every space in the house. From baskets to lampshades or even bamboo chairs, this material offers the coastal vibe you’re looking for.

You can check out Republic of Rattan for furniture.

Wooden tables, benches and cabinetry

coastal kitchen wood table
coastal kitchen wood cabinetry

Wooden elements, much like rattan, offer the earthy, rugged effect that a lot of beautiful coastal kitchens have.

What’s better is that with unpolished or petrified wood, you don’t feel guilty about stains. A gorgeous dining table above doesn’t need to be covered with a tablecloth and can look impressive and dressed up as is.

Beachy backsplash

coastal kitchen backsplash

The great thing about this backsplash is the glossy effect it has. It’s almost shimmering which mirrors ocean waves—perfect if you’re going for a bohemian style kitchen.

Coastal kitchenware

coastal kitchenware

If your kitchen outfit is coastal, why not your kitchenware as well. Think neutral colours like whites, browns and beiges to hint at nature.

Shop for coastal kitchenware on Jardan homeware.

Foldable chairs

coastal kitchen foldable chairs

When I think of foldable chairs, I often associate them with a day out at the park or the beach. These marine-style foldable chairs bring those memories back and into the kitchen in a playful way.

Shiplap paneling

beach kitchen ideas

The aptly named shiplap paneling is reminiscent of… ships! They are wooden planks put together to form this navy, seaside cottage style—an instant recipe for a coastal kitchens.


coastal kitchen boho

While many shun putting rugs in kitchens, I applaud it. You miss out on a huge decorative element which can really transform the look of your kitchen. You don’t even need a big one, even a small runner by the storage areas would work!

You might wanna get some inspiration from Natural Rugs Australia. They have tons of jute rug options that are idea for a coastal kitchen.

Plants and flowers

modern kitchen
Every coastal kitchen will have a combination of flower-filled vases and plants to reel in those natural elements. Check out these air-purifying plants and feng shui plants to get you started.

Liked our coastal kitchen ideas?

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Isabelle de Braux
Isabelle is the Content Lead at Soho. Her dream home has a beachfront and giant kitchen island—possibly in the Byron region. Get in touch to explore content opportunities or just to say hi!
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