How Much is Rent in Brisbane?

May 23, 2023
Brisbane House Prices

Key takeaways:

    • The average rent in Brisbane is about $674

    • Logan Central, Woodridge, and Beenleigh are some of the cheapest suburbs in Brisbane

    • Teneriffe and Balmoral are some of the more expensive and best places to live in Brisbane

Packing up and heading to Brisbane City is one heck of a power move, particularly for pursuits of work or academia. Are you mapping out a plan to migrate to Brisbane, Down Under, and scratching your head about the rental scene?

As per the stats crunched in March 2023, the weekly average rent for a standard house in Brisbane City hovers around $550, clocking an annual growth rate of 11.1%. Simultaneously, a typical unit sets you back by $467 weekly, with an annual growth spurt of 10.7%.

Now, with these rental trends flexing their muscles, will we witness a surge in the rental market? What are the potential factors that could pump up or trigger a rental hike in Brisbane? Why is rent so expensive in Brisbane?

We’re gonna bench press through a comprehensive guide on the expected rental expenses in Brisbane, and spotlight the elements that play a critical role in the rental market dynamics.

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Average rent price in Brisbane by location and properties

how much is rent in brisbane

One aspect often underestimated in the Brisbane rent game is the property types. The rent tag for differing property varieties ain’t consistent. Those snug single-bedroom pads and compact studio lofts in Brisbane typically range around $500 per week, but that can increase depending on the property’s locale and class.

The meatier two and three-bedroom properties range around the $700 per week mark. But don’t get too comfy, because that price can elevate, hinging on the location and the number of rooms. The Brisbane housing jungle is wild, so keep those peepers peeled!

Suburban areas

how much is rent in brisbane

The monthly cost of renting in the suburbs is heavily dictated by how close the property is to the city’s core. For example, a cosy two-room spot located a stone’s throw from downtown might pull a heftier price tag than a spacious flat in the city’s heart.

Factors influencing rental prices

how much is rent in brisbane

Several elements throw their weight around when it comes to rent pricing in Brisbane. Getting a grasp on these variables can help you nail a real solid estimate of what you’re going to shell out.


Renting costs can vary based on the additional perks thrown in, like pool access, a gym, or even laundry facilities. If you’re eyeing a spot close to the office but don’t have the time for lengthy commutes, these inclusions can be a game-changer. Some property owners might even toss in other services like pet care or house cleaning as part of the monthly rent.

Previous quarter vacancy rates

The vacancy rates from the last quarter can also put a spin on the rental price. When vacancies spike, the demand dips, and landlords might be tempted to drop prices to reel in new renters.

When you’re sizing up Brisbane rentals, don’t forget to factor in these potential extra monthly hits:

  • Utilities: Bills for electricity, gas, and water could stack up to about $200 per month, depending on how much you use.
  • Internet: The cost of a solid internet connection varies, but you’re probably looking at around $70 a month for a basic plan.
  • Transportation: Brisbane’s public transport system is top-tier, and a monthly pass might set you back about $139 per person.


The property’s location is the heavy hitter when it comes to rental pricing in Brisbane. If you’re chasing a beach view, prepare to shell out more than a place tucked away from the city hustle. It’s also worth noting that rent varies from suburb to suburb. Do your homework on potential neighbourhoods, and you could score some sweet deals and discounts.

Size of property

The bigger the property, the bigger the price tag. If space ain’t a deal-breaker, you might want to consider renting a smaller spot to save on costs. Alternatively, consider multi-level apartments or houses, which can offer more bang for your buck in terms of space without cramping your style.

Rental regulations in Brisbane

how much is rent in brisbane

Understanding the regulations attached to renting in Brisbane can be challenging for landlords and tenants. Conversely, the Australian Government has placed some laws to protect the two parties.

Here’s an overview of the rental regulations both landlords and tenants should know.

Landlord’s responsibilities

The landlord(s) must understand that they must ensure that any property kept for rent is safe and secure all through the term of its lease agreement. This includes structural issues like faulty wiring or mould infestation and general upkeep duties which includes regular replacement of fuses and lightbulbs.

More so, as a landlord, you must make sure that the tenant has access if needed and give adequate and correct notice when seeking entry into the property or in the event of making lease changes or rent increments.

Tenants’ rights

For beginners, tenants have the full right to live in their rented home free from any safety or health risk whatsoever. This simply means that the property should be clean and safe. Also, tenants get a certain level of privacy while residing in their rented homes. But they must comply with any reasonable requests from the landlord about entering the property for repairs.

Furthermore, tenants have the legal right to receive certain information from the landlord before they sign any lease agreement-like safety check details and maintenance processes.

They can also expect any rent increase will tally with the state’s Fair Trading Agency regulations. Finally, every deposit must be paid into an Australian bank account or a third-party bond provider managed by the local government agency.

People also ask

How do I locate a rental property in Brisbane?

There are several ways to find rental properties in Brisbane, including online or through a real estate agent. They will help you find the best places to rent in Brisbane.

How much is the rent in Brisbane City?

The average rental price in Brisbane City is around $550 per week for a house and $480 per week for a unit or apartment.

What is the median rent in Brisbane?

The median rent in Brisbane is $430 per week for a unit or apartment and $500 per week for a house.

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