Ultimate Guide: How to Rent a House in Brisbane

May 23, 2023
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Key takeaways:

    • Have letters of recommendation from prior landlords or co-tenants attesting to your great tenancy.

    • Provide a “good character reference” for your animal companion, if any.

    • Create a financial overview of your rent payment history.

Due to a population that is expanding faster than new homes are being produced, Brisbane’s rental market is now quite competitive. It was known as “the place to be” on the east coast at the height of the Covid epidemic due to its largely Covid-free status.

This fueled extraordinary internal migration into Brisbane’s rental market, which was already under pressure.

As a result, obtaining real estate rentals in Brisbane has become so competitive that potential renters must go above and beyond to ensure their rental application is at the top of the pile. still there.

Here are some helpful hints on how to rent a house in Brisbane so you can secure the rental of your dreams.

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How to rent a house in Brisbane: guidelines

how to rent a house in brisbane

Step 1: List all the names

First, make sure that the lease on your rental home includes a list of every person who will be residing at the property. This is crucial since it guarantees that you are all responsible for the property’s living expenses. It may be very difficult to hold someone accountable for their portion of the rent, electricity, and other costs of cohabitating if they are not named on the lease.

Step 2: Prepare your papers

When looking for a new house, be prepared with your application materials. When you find a property you desire, you may submit your application extremely fast if you already have this paperwork prepared. This can assist in granting a successful application. 

When applying for a rental in Brisbane, you’ll need identity papers, information about your job situation and references, an overview of your income, a cover letter, and rental references.

In this situation, references and referrals from prior landlords, as well as recommendations from housemates, are quite helpful. Along with evidence of a stellar track record of on-time payments, consistent income, sterling character traits, and a favourable physical appearance. Yes, initial impressions do often matter.

You simply cannot afford to fail to leave a positive first impression as being a good tenant on the Brisbane landlords in today’s very competitive rental property market.

Make sure you and your fellow renters can pay the weekly rent and the upfront bond as a matter of comfort.

Step 3: Increase your chances

Living with someone you know is typically simpler. Generally speaking, prospective tenants who share a home with friends or family have a greater probability of maintaining their lease for a longer period than tenants who live with strangers.

Step 4: Read the terms carefully

Check that the terms & regulations of the property manager are acceptable and that you are signing it with a reliable agency. Whether dogs are permitted and who will be in charge of garden upkeep are important considerations. Verbal agreements on renting in Brisbane are strongly discouraged. 

A formal lease should always be used by reputable agencies. Further, asking the agent if they are an accredited member of the Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ) is a crucial step in determining their reputation. All respectable agents ought to be REIQ members. Also, get insurance to make sure your possessions are covered if something goes wrong.

Step 5: Complete the necessary documentation

On the day you move into the property, complete an Entry Condition Report (ECR). When you move in, the ECR captures the general state of the property at that moment. You should carefully review the ECR to ensure that it accurately describes all current problems or damage to the property (such as stains on the walls or runs in the carpet, etc.). Before you move in, it’s a good idea to snap pictures of the house.

As a prospective tenant, give your agent a copy and keep one for yourself. Make sure you check and approve the entrance condition report before signing it, since it may be used as proof in a disagreement over who is responsible for cleaning, damage, or the replacement of lost things after the agreement.

Brisbane’s top neighbourhoods for living

how to rent a house in brisbane

Over time, a growing number of Brisbane natives as well as newcomers have begun to establish themselves in the suburbs rather than the city. There are several factors, but the most prevalent ones include having access to reputable educational institutions, a low crime rate, a strong feeling of community, and reasonably priced housing alternatives.

So, if you’re moving, here are some best places to rent in Brisbane: please take into account the following suburbs while looking to rent a home or an apartment.

Brisbane East

This suburb is a popular place for employed individuals, couples, families, and singles to settle down because of its top-notch schools and public transportation system. Due to the suburb’s proximity to the Brisbane Central Business District and other facilities like retail malls, medical facilities, etc. Renting a home or property here is simple and smart.

The median weekly rent in this area is $550 for a home and $350 for an apartment. Renting a one-bedroom apartment, which is the least expensive choice for a residence, typically costs $320 a week.

Russell Island

how to rent a house in brisbane

Russell Island is a good option if you want to rent a property in Brisbane at a reasonable price. Despite being somewhat remote from the main city, residents are moving to this suburb for its affordable homes, greenery, peace, and low crime rate. Infact, Russell Island is one of the cheapest suburbs in Brisbane.

A three-bedroom home in this area rents for a median of $250 per week. Numerous well-built homes can be found in the neighbourhood, which is rapidly growing and undergoing significant infrastructure development.


This suburb’s convenient location makes it a good option for working folks, students, and young adults seeking places to call home. Although a bit pricey, Taringa is a bustling, contemporary, and well-connected neighbourhood that is worth owning a home or apartment in.

The median rent for a three-bedroom home there is $500 per week, while the median weekly rent for a house there is $500. The least expensive choice for renting a one-bedroom apartment or unit is a median cost of $300 per week for units. Generally, Taringa is one of the suburbs where you expect to pay an average rent in Brisbane.

If you are looking for affordable housing in Brisbane, here are some cheap apartments for rent in Brisbane.

People also ask

Is Brisbane a difficult city to rent a home in?

It’s challenging to rent in Brisbane’s competitive rental market; be well-prepared. ensuring that you provide all required documentation, as well as additional documentation, such as an employment letter if you are starting a new work and an ID. Here is why rent is so expensive in Brisbane.

How can I rent a home in Australia for the first time?

It’s a good idea to have extra copies of all the paperwork you need to submit with an application, such as identification, phone bills, and paystubs, both digitally and physically. These serve to establish your credibility, demonstrate your source of steady income, and demonstrate your ability to manage a rental property.

How to rent a house in Brisbane as a foreigner?

It’s feasible for expats to rent in Australia; it might just take a little extra planning and documentation. For instance, if all of your former landlords are abroad, Australian landlords may want references from those landlords but may not be ready to contact them internationally. Whatever the case, here are some cheap houses for rent in Brisbane to help you get started.

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