Cheap Australian Land For Sale From $15,000!

April 26, 2024
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Key takeaways:


  • Affordable Australian land starts at just $15,000, offering a budget-friendly option for home builders.
  • Despite rising land prices, select plots remain accessible, particularly in rural and historic areas.
  • Soho’s match profile keeps you informed of new listings, ensuring you don’t miss out on low-cost land opportunities.

Build your dream home affordably with our guide to cheap Australian land for sale. Despite a 20% rise in median land prices in 2021 and a 30% increase in key states, we offer a list of budget-friendly vacant lands.

If some of these plots may have been leased, keep the suburbs in mind when setting up your match profile on Soho. We’ll send you property matches as soon as new listings come onto the market, so you don’t miss a beat.

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Cheap Australian land for sale for $15,000 and below

$15,000 – 8 Landon Street, Gundagai, NSW, 2722, Australia

  • Size: 2,032m2

This unique land parcel in Gundagai, NSW, offers a rare investment opportunity. Nestled in a historic area, this large, 2023 m² lot is surrounded by crown land and features historic significance as the site of the original Gundagai township.

Ideal for those interested in a significant piece of Australian history, though it’s important to note the land is zoned for public recreation and subject to flooding.

Amenities include:

  • Large 2023 m² block
  • Historic site near old railway bridge
  • Surrounded by crown land
  • No building entitlement
  • Zoned for public recreation
  • Potential for flood

Cheap Australian land for sale under $20,000

$18,000 – 5 Ridley Street, Tammin, WA, 6409, Australia

Size: 849m2

Affordable and charming plot adorned with mature gum trees, offering a serene countryside view at the back, yet conveniently located within walking distance to shops and amenities. The plot spans 849m2.

Explore more land for sale in Menzies WA.

$19,500 – Bourke, NSW, 2840, Australia

  • Size: 880 m²

This residential land parcel located in Bourke, NSW, is a fantastic opportunity to build a dream home. Spanning 880 m², the site is zoned for residential use and offers all necessary services like water, sewer, and power.

Conveniently situated within walking distance to local shops, it offers a blend of suburban tranquility and essential accessibility.

Amenities include:

  • 880 m² land parcel
  • Residential zoning (R1)
  • Access to water, sewer, and power
  • Ideal for building a new home
  • Close proximity to local shops
  • Great opportunity for prospective homeowners

Explore more land for sale in Bourke NSW.

$19,900 – 12 Midlands Road, Mingenew, WA, 6522, Australia

Size: 850m2

This vacant land parcel in Mingenew, WA, is an affordable opportunity to own a generous 850 m² lot. It’s well-suited for building a custom home or investment in a peaceful rural setting.

The property benefits from proximity to local amenities, providing a blend of country living with convenience.

Amenities include:

  • Spacious 850 m² lot
  • Ready for residential development
  • Close to local shops and services
  • Ideal for building a rural retreat
  • Affordable entry into the property market
  • Situated in the charming town of Mingenew

Cheap Australian land for sale under $30,000

$26,600 – 6 Ante Street, Coober Pedy, SA, 5723, Australia

  • Size: 1,800m2

This large corner block of land in Coober Pedy, SA, spans 1800 m² and offers an exceptional opportunity for building a unique home or an investment project.

Known as the “Opal Capital of the World,” the area provides a distinctive backdrop for both residential and commercial developments.

Amenities include:

  • Oversized 1800 m² corner block
  • Water and power infrastructure ready for connection
  • Located close to the town centre
  • Ample space for creative property development
  • Unique investment opportunity in a notable location
  • Potential for both residential and commercial use

$29,500 – Martyn & Maitland Street, Breeza, NSW, 2381, Australia

  • Size: 2,000m2

This vacant land located in Breeza, NSW, offers several blocks for sale, each providing a chance to build in a serene village setting. These blocks vary in size and price, presenting a great opportunity for potential buyers looking to establish a home in a peaceful rural area.

Amenities include:

  • Multiple lots available for sale
  • Opportunity to build a custom home
  • Close to local village amenities
  • Rural setting with village charm
  • Ideal for a range of buyers from investors to home builders
  • Priced from $29,500 per block

FAQs on Finding cheap Australian land for sale

Where is Australia’s cheapest land?

Some sources say that the town of Bourke in north-western New South Wales offers the most affordable farmland for sale in Australia.

But if you’re wondering where the cheapest land to buy right now is, check out suburbs around towns like Cooyar in Queensland and the and the eastern area of the Wheatbelt region. Once you’ve found a plot, it’s best to contact the agent as soon as possible as competition can be fierce.

Land near the beach can be even pricier as it has always appreciated in the past. But you can browse our round up of cheap coastal land for sale in NSW to find affordable plots within walking distance from the beach!

Where is cheapest to live in Australia?

If you’re looking for the cheapest places to live in Australia, explore neighbourhoods like Cober Pedy SA, Port Pirie West, also in South Australia. You get get inspired by browsing the full listing of cheapest houses in Australia and discover more suburbs with affordable blocks and properties.

How much does 1 acre of land cost in Australia?

According to The Canberra Times, in 2022, 1 acre of land could cost you around $3,091. The national median price of farm land is now $7635 per hectare or $3091 an acre.

How much does land in Australia cost?

In 2022, the average cost of one square meter of greenfield land in Sydney skyrocketed to $1,897, marking an increase of over $300 from the previous year. With some of the highest land prices for greenfield development in the country, Sydney is a challenging market for those looking to buy land on a budget.

How to Find Your Dream Land with Soho Real Estate

Whether you’re looking to build your dream home, invest in a block of land, or explore farmland for sale, Soho Real Estate is your premier guide to acquiring land in Australia.

With a range of options from residential land in bustling Sydney to the tranquil rural properties of Tasmania, and the expansive farmland in the Wheatbelt region, our offerings cater to a variety of needs and budgets.

From Queensland’s picturesque locales to the historic richness of New South Wales, each piece of land presents an opportunity to create something unique.

Our listings include some of the cheapest land available right now, with options to buy land in Australia that suits both residential aspirations and commercial ambitions.

Soho Real Estate not only offers a round-up of cheap Australian land but also equips you with the knowledge to make informed decisions, supported byinsights from the 2022 Rural Bank Farmland Values Report.

Explore our extensive range of land for sale, and don’t miss the opportunity to own a part of Australia’s diverse landscape.

Soho is your expert team in Australian real estate, offering an innovative platform for effortless property searches. With deep insights into buying, renting, and market trends, we guide you to make informed decisions, whether it's your first home or exploring new suburbs.
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