How Low Line Shower Channels Add Value To Modern Bathrooms

June 17, 2022

Low line shower channels are the latest bathroom trend sweeping different countries, including Australia. It has become one of the best ways to add modern style and a luxury spa-like feel to your bathroom. This low-profile linear drain is set on your shower floor, allowing a seamless transition from your shower floor to the wet room area. 

If you also think it’s an excellent time to consider updating your home with a modern and practical bathroom design that adds value while looking great, you may consider this helpful site for the needed resources. You may also want to know how it truly works.    

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What Is A Lowline Shower Channel?  

It’s a low-profile channel installed at the shower’s base. It’s connected to the waste pipe, which connects it to the waste trap and your shower valve. The purpose of adding a low-line shower channel in your home is because it reduces build-up around your drain and prevents clogs from occurring.

It’s also a budget-friendly way of having a modern bathroom in your home.  

While many believe they can DIY it, the process is long and requires expert attention. So it’s okay to outsource the installation. 

3 Important Factors To Consider When Choosing Low-Line Shower Channel  

If you choose a low-line shower channel for your bathroom, what are the things you need to look out for? The following are essential to your decisions:

  • The Length: The length of your low-line shower channel is dependent on your bathroom size. You wouldn’t want to choose a product that won’t fit into your bathroom, especially if you want it to take a lot of water at once.  
  • The Width: Sometimes, the width of your shower channel is dependent on your design taste and interest. However, you can make do with a larger size that complements the length of the drain you’ve chosen.  
  • Decide If You Want Hidden Material Or Otherwise: There are several types of shower drains. Some are hidden because they’re buried in your tiles and aren’t visible. Some are not hidden, so anyone who steps into the bathroom will see the metal around that drainage area. Your choice depends on your aesthetic taste and interests.  

As noted earlier, if you’re the type who finds inspiration for new projects by sitting in the bathroom, all these are essential considerations for your bathroom.  

Finishing Linear Shower Drain. Modern Raw Concrete Floor. Bathroom Remodeling Theme.
Luxury modern home bathroom interior with dark brown cabinets, white marble, walk in shower, free standing tub, two mirrors, flowers.

Six Ways Low-line Shower Channels Add Values to Your Home 

If you’re wondering if you need to install a low-line shower channel in your bathroom, here are six reasons why you should: 

They Reduce Build-up Around Your Drain   

The shower channel can prevent build-up around the drain and clogging. It acts as a gatekeeper against all the nastiness that can get into your pipes, especially if you have kids and pets who like to play in the tub.

The low-line shower drain channel will also allow you to add a little more space between your wall and the back wall of your tub enclosure so that it’s easier to clean this area without reaching into tight corners or under high pipes or other obstructions.  

2. They’re An Innovative And Modern Shower Design  

Finishing Linear Shower Drain. Modern Raw Concrete Floor. Bathroom Remodeling Theme.
linear floor level shower

Low line shower channels are innovative, modern, and budget-friendly bathroom designs to add value to your home. These channels are the most popular choice for today’s bathrooms for a good reason. They offer a sleek, modern style that will make your bathroom look state-of-the-art. Low line shower channels are popular because they can be made from any material you choose—from glass to ceramic tile to wood. They’re also easy to install, making them a great choice if you’re trying to save money on remodeling costs. 

3. Low Line Shower Channels Are Easy To Maintain  

As the name suggests, they’re low profile and require less space than traditional shower channels. It means they are compatible in smaller rooms with little or no modifications to your bathroom’s architecture.

The lack of height makes them easier to clean and maintain as you do not have to worry about keeping your head out of the way when cleaning up around them.

Additionally, these channels are usually made from stainless steel, which means they don’t rust easily and will last for years with little maintenance. 

4. They Keep Water In The Shower  

One of the best things about low-line shower channels is that they keep water contained in the shower. Any leak from your tub area won’t leak to the floor.

It doesn’t matter if the leak is from a kid tripping over their feet or an errant shampoo bottle landing on its side—it won’t leak out onto your floor and soak into your subflooring.

They’re also easier to clean than traditional ones because they’re flat instead of being indented into walls or ceilings. 

Finishing Linear Shower Drain. Modern Raw Concrete Floor. Bathroom Remodeling Theme.

5. Durable, Hygienic, And Easy To Clean  

Cleaning low line shower channels are quick, and they’re also durable and long-lasting. After all, they’re made with stainless steel, making them strong enough to stand the test of time. They’re also hygienic because they’re not made from porous materials. In addition, it doesn’t absorb water or moisture from humidity in the bathroom environment. That means these products will stay cleaner for much longer than other materials can handle. 

6. They Reduce Water Usage   

Low line shower channels are designed with a lower profile than traditional shower channels, which means that less water is required for them to get the job done. Some studies show that installing low line shower channels can reduce water use by up to 50%.

That’s huge when you consider how much money you’ll save on utility bills over time—and how much money that translates into when it comes time for those dreaded yearly renovations again.

The icing on the cake is that the channels have low maintenance costs.  


Low line shower channels are a great way to add value to your home and make your bathroom remodel feel modern and practical.

Their modern design makes them easy to clean and maintain while adding a lot of style and character. While installing a low-line shower channel system takes some time, the result is well worth it.

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