Feng Shui Battle: Nicole Kidman Vs. President Trump

October 30, 2019

We all know that feng shui is a way of ensuring a home gathers positive energy and channels out negative energy. We also know lousy feng shui can be deal-breaking for some buyers — especially those of Chinese culture.

But do you have to become a feng shui master yourself to understand the art? No, you don’t. To prove it, I’ve had our team at Juwai.com run a very special floorplan through the feng shui analysis engine created by Juwai.com’s partner Archistar.

Here’s what we learned.

Nicole Kidman’s Super-Yacht

Not everyone wants to live like a land lubber. For some, only the open ocean will suffice. If that is you, then you will want to read about the feng shui report that our team ran for me to discuss here.

Nicole Kidman’s former super-yacht, the Hokulani, is for sale. Yacht sales agent Imperial hasn’t revealed the price, but it seems Ms Kidman paid about $3 million for it when she bought it over a decade ago.

The champagne-colored boat came to life in American shipyard Palmer Johnson in 2007. It has five private cabins able to accommodate 12 guests.

The public spaces include a Main deck with sun lounge and dining areas. There is also a Sun deck with a large sliding glass roof panel. You get to choose whether to cruise in the sun or the shade.

A hydraulic tender garage stores away the tender boat, jet skis, and other water toys when you are not using them.

It’s Curtains for These Cabin Doors

The website Yacht Charter Fleet has the Hokulani’s layout. It also reports that similar yachts rent for about $200,000 per week. With such a high price tag, you would hope that the Hokulani’s design gives it good feng shui. According to our Prosperous Home Report, it does.

Just as with Penthouse 63L, the yacht’s interiors are well planned. For example, as you enter, the toilets, bathrooms, kitchen, and bedrooms are all hidden from your view. That’s just one of the positive elements of this floating home’s feng shui.

On yachts, space is famously tight. That is probably why, on the Hokulani, the doors to the cabins (known to landlubbers as “bedrooms”) directly face each other across a narrow hallway. Our feng shui report suggests the new owners either change the location of these doors or add door curtains to avoid Qi interference between the cabins.

Feng shui is an endlessly deep and fascinating science, but you don’t have to become a feng shui master yourself. I hope you have learned something from this analysis of two very different homes.

Georg Chmiel
Georg Chmiel is the Executive Chairman of Juwai.com
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Let us Find your next Dream Home

Our AI will create a personalised list of property matches for you to rank from over 100,000 available listings