Proptech Carpool – Haberfield: Inner City Lifestyle on Big Blocks ft. Michael Tringali

October 30, 2019
Michael Tringali from McGrath returns to the Soho Carpool series to breakdown what the property marketplace in Haberfield looks like.
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I guess types of properties in your Marketplace is it mostly
semi’s? is a free-standing houses?
Its a mix. What do people move here for the property type?
If your coming to Haberfield your coming in there to
go and buy your Federation home predominantly, great beautiful architecture.
Lots of beautiful features, 700- sqm blocks, great spot
for the kids to come along and play in beautiful backyard etc
And we see a lot of our buyers coming out of the Leichhardt, Lilyfield, Gleeb
Annandale marketplace
because it still gives them the inner city lifestyle.
Thet Cosmopolitan lifestyle, it gives you backyard.
it gives you garage, gives you all of that.
So it's the next step up and its really really logical to go that step
up because you get to keep your friends, schools, your eateries.
You get to keep your lifestyle. But you advance your lifestyle the next step up.
Yeah and again minutes from the CBD.
Just great spot to be. Demographic’s is it mostly I guess young
couples or families or you get some young couples?
Yeah. Your younger couples are coming
in and buying the semi’s and buying your property sub $1.5 million
and there's a few investors thrown in that mix by the way
so we just sold one the other day to an investor, massive tassel on that.
There was $200K over reserve.
So again a good time for your vendors, your biggest are your younger families.
Once the kids hit the high school years. The families see that they need a little bit more space.
You've got kids bringing friends
home. And you need a second entertaining area, one to lock the kids away to give you peace and quiet.
And the other one
for Mom and Dad sort of thing
we are seeing the bigger places going to those younger
families, mainly a professional demographic to.
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