How To Choose the Right Pool Cleaner

September 25, 2017
how to choose the right pool cleaner

Cleaning a pool can be a tedious task, especially if you’re doing it by hand. You’ve already invested all these costs into the pool, so, maintaining it properly should be a given.

Not to mention that all it takes is a couple of days in our warm, humid climate and some nearby trees, and you’re right back where you started ‒ needing to clean the pool.

Fortunately, there are pool cleaner options that will suit every type of pool and pool owner.

There are three basic pool cleaner options currently available on the market:

  • Pressure cleaners
  • Suction cleaners
  • Robotic cleaners

Professional swimming pool and pond cleaning services usually have a combination of these cleaners. They do so to ensure they provide excellent services, depending on their customers’ needs. Take a look at the detailed information about these cleaners below.  

Pressure cleaners

Pressure cleaners use water pressure to move around the pool and collect dirt and debris into a detachable filter bag, which can easily be removed and cleaned later.

Most pressure models require a dedicated hose connection inside the pool wall in order to power the additional booster pump. An additional hose connection can be quite expensive, which is why it may be a better idea to look for a different model.

On the other hand, connecting a pressure cleaner directly onto the existing pump system could result in your filtration system suffering additional strain and not working to its full potential.

This type of cleaner is ideal for cleaning tight and otherwise hard-to-reach corners and can collect anything from very fine sand to leaves and even small rocks.

They are significantly faster than suction cleaners but are more expensive.

Also, although they do require more maintenance, spare parts shouldn’t be an issue with plenty available online.

Suction cleaners

Suction cleaners are attached to the skimmer box (suction line) and work by utilising the filtration system’s suction power to suck debris and grime from the walls and floor.

They are less powerful than pressure cleaners but far more common ‒ most of the cleaners you come across in everyday life are actually suction cleaners.

They come in two distinct varieties:

Geared cleaners

Geared cleaners are designed to move in pre-determined patterns in order to clean your pool in the shortest amount of time possible.

They’re excellent at reaching tight corners, which makes them perfect for smaller pools with sharp edges and lots of steps.

However, they do require more maintenance due to having a number of moving parts.

Inertia-driven cleaners

Inertia-driven (random pattern) models clean without a clear pattern, which means it will take some time before they cover every square inch of the pool.

They work best in small pools that have curved walls and no steps or sharp corners.

Suction cleaners are by far the cheapest and the easiest to install.

That being said, leave them in the pool over prolonged periods of time and they will fill up your skimmer box, which can damage your pump system.

Robotic cleaners

The most expensive and most popular pool cleaner is the robotic cleaner.

They come equipped with their own filtration system which doesn’t put any additional strain on the system.

Robotic cleaners are easy to use, but you will also need some additional pool supplies, as well as a power source close to the pool because they require electricity to work. They are ideal for large pools, although having to insert and remove them from the pool can be somewhat inconvenient.

Whether you pick a suction, pressure or robotic pool cleaner is completely up to you and your individual requirements.

Suction cleaners are fine for small pools without any edges, while pressure cleaners work well in tight corners and around stairs.

Robotic cleaners are the best option, but they can be quite expensive and as such, are not suited for those working with limited budgets.

Choose The Right One For You 

Now that you know the functionalities and benefits of each pool cleaner, it’s time to choose. So, what is the best for your pool? The choice between pressure cleaners, suction cleaners, and robotic cleaners for your swimming pool depends on your specific needs and preferences. 

Pressure cleaners are suitable for pools with a lot of debris, like leaves and twigs, and they use the pool’s pump pressure for propulsion.

Suction cleaners, on the other hand, work well for pools with small debris, such as sand and dirt, connecting to the pool’s skimmer or a dedicated suction line.

Lastly, robotic cleaners are a convenient, energy-efficient option for thorough pool cleaning, operating independently with advanced sensors and algorithms.  

While pressure cleaners can require a booster pump and suction cleaners may need more frequent filter maintenance, robotic cleaners are programmable and efficient for various debris types, albeit at a higher initial cost. Your choice should consider your pool’s specific requirements, budget, and desire for convenience and efficiency.

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