What’s The Best Time To Rent Sydney?

May 23, 2023
best time to rent sydney

Key takeaways:

    • The peak seasons of winter and summer – greater variety of high-quality choices that give you an even better chance to snag your ideal renter.

    • Some renters might be puzzled that their rental abode isn’t on the traditional 6- or 12-month plan. But with current rental conditions in mind, quitting early could definitely add up to major benefits.

    • In January! It looks like the cost then will be a bit heftier – Who knows – keep inquiring till you find the cheapest time to rent.

Come November and December, the rental market search service skyrockets! Demand typically increases by over 50% – so when’s the ideal time to rent in Sydney? The quick answer is that January offers you the most options; however, be prepared to splurge a little. Yet if you can hang tight till after that, you may just find a better bargain. Read on to dig up more details!

What’s the best time to rent in Sydney

You may have wondered, why is rent so expensive in Sydney, or how to find the cheapest suburbs in Sydney. Perhaps, you need to start by choosing the best time to rent. Here’s how:

Beginning of the fiscal year

When’s the best time to get your rental home in Sydney? Well, it looks like starting off the fiscal year could be your golden ticket with new listings coming!

best time to rent sydney

Winter isn’t exactly the best season to pack up and move, right? Companies tend to wait until the beginning of their new fiscal year to approve their budgets – which causes a flurry of hiring activity. Then come October and November, when we often see a surge in executive relocations. 

The December deadline

It’s easy to forget, but this time of year is hugely popular for previous tenants trying to move. That means you face stiff competition when looking for a new rental – and sadly, much fewer options. Ugh!

When it comes to moving, everyone’s got their reasons, but if you’re thinking of doing it before Christmas – consider this: will waiting until January or February really make that much of a difference? It’s worth giving some thought!

Beginning of the school year

This date’s a must-do if you’re moving with kids – so don’t forget! 

best time to rent sydney

It’s our top tip for clients: start early! From October onward, many of our customers will be looking into getting a rental property and nailing down lease agreements. That way, they can steer clear of the mad rush to find a place at the last minute.

Shipping and removalist deadlines

Get ready to move! With removalists, the busiest time is December to January, so if you want to move for Christmas – and who doesn’t?! – I highly suggest you get it sorted before October. Don’t wait around or you’ll risk missing out on your dream team of movers! Compiling the details might sound like more of a chore than fun, but with proper planning and organisation comes rewards that are second to none!

How much are Sydneysiders paying for weekly rent?

What’s the cost of an exceptional one-bedroom apartment in Sydney? Now that’ll set you back anywhere from $500 to $700 for an average weekly rent. No need to stress about taxes, water bills, or gas – these types of things can generally be taken care of! But if you know how to rent an apartment in Sydney, you can get the best deals for yourself.

What’s the best time to rent in Sydney: tips

View the house

It’s time to start house-hunting in Sydney! Why not take some time to check out the outside of the property before taking a peek inside? That way, you can quickly get a feel for the area, street and neighbourhood. You’ll soon be able to tell if it’s someplace you could really enjoy!

Prepare the paperwork

Get the paperwork in order! Preparing the correct documents and providing accurate information is essential if you want to get the job done. Don’t let these details slip through the cracks—make sure you dot all your i’s and cross all your t’s! Let’s get these forms filled out, so we can move this forward.

best time to rent sydney

You’ll need to have your passport, driver’s license, and other documents previously scanned and printed – all in all, it adds up to one hundred ID points! So don’t forget to get that organised before you go.

Watch out for mould in Sydney homes

Caution is a must when it comes to mould in Sydney’s homes – it can be found in abundance due to the city’s humid climate and structural flaws. If you’re about to move in, trust your instincts and keep an eye out for signs. Chances are, you’ll know straight away if the home has been infected!

More tips on the best time to rent in Sydney

When is the best time to rent in Australia and capital cities?

February might be the average month to look for new rental listings, but it isn’t always the most wallet-friendly! After all, with so much competition out there this time of year, rents end up rising. If you’re looking to score some big savings though, April or May is your best bet.

What’s the most budget-friendly month to rent?

Wow, the best deals for rentals are usually from October to April – especially just after the Christmas holidays. Who wants to move in cold, gloomy weather? Plus, with classes back in session and all that…you can bet that landlords get plenty of interested applicants! The housing market between December and March is always busy.

Should you rent or buy in Australia – which is cheaper?

Rent can be way cheaper than shelling out the mortgage on the same kinda pad – making it easy to stay in areas you might not be able to afford if you were buying. Plus, you don’t even need to put away any cash for a deposit. Score!

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