The Cheapest Suburbs in Sydney for 2024

November 2, 2022
cheapest suburbs in sydney

Key takeaways:

  • Sydney’s most affordable suburbs for house purchases range from $621,000 to $760,000, with Tregear being the cheapest at $621,000.
  • For unit buyers, the top affordable suburbs in Sydney offer prices between $363,500 and $430,000, with Carramar being the least expensive at $363,500.
  • Suburbs within a 10km radius of the Sydney CBD like Tempe and Canterbury provide a balance of urban convenience and relatively lower housing prices compared to the city center.
  • Key strategies for living affordably in Sydney include avoiding expensive transport options, utilizing transport discounts, and finding dining and coffee deals through apps like EatClub and Hey You.

*Updated January 2024

Want to know the cheapest suburbs in Sydney to buy a house? You’re not the only one!

Sydney, famed for its iconic Opera House and bustling lifestyle, also hosts a notably challenging real estate market. As of the latest data from mid-November 2023, the median house price in Sydney reached a staggering $1,583,521, just a fraction below its highest recorded value​​.

This figure reflects the city’s resilient market, which, despite a cooling phase post-pandemic, has shown robust signs of recovery.

Sydney’s Real Estate Market OverviewData
Median House Price$1,583,521
Change from Peak Value-0.4%
Median Unit Price$783,546
Yearly Change in Unit Prices-2.7%

Defining Affordable Living in Sydney

In the context of Sydney, ‘affordable’ is a term that needs a bit of unpacking. With the median property price for houses at a lofty $1,583,521 and units at $783,546 as of December 2023​​, ‘affordable’ takes on a different meaning. It’s about finding those hidden gems in the city where the dream of homeownership remains within reach.

And here’s an added pro tip for our readers: want to know the best time to rent in Sydney? In the colder seasons! Good luck!

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Top 10 Cheapest Suburbs for Houses in Sydney

If you’re aiming to buy a house in Sydney without spending a fortune, these suburbs offer the most cost-effective options. Based on CoreLogic’s data from November 2023, here’s a rundown of the top 10 most affordable suburbs for house purchases:

RankSuburbMedian House Price
5Lethbridge Park$653,000
10St Helens Park$760,000

These suburbs, offering a range of prices from $621,000 to $760,000, represent some of the most accessible options in Sydney’s real estate market​​.

Top 10 Cheapest Suburbs for Units in Sydney

For those interested in unit living, Sydney has some surprisingly affordable options. Here are the top 10 cheapest suburbs for buying a unit, as reported by CoreLogic in November 2023:

RankSuburbMedian Unit Price
3Wiley Park$395,000
4Canley Vale$400,000
6Mount Druitt$420,000
8Regents Park$420,000
10Warwick Farm$430,000

With prices ranging from $363,500 to $430,000, these suburbs offer affordable alternatives for those seeking the unit lifestyle in Sydney​​.

Most Affordable Suburbs within 10km of Sydney CBD

For those looking to be closer to the city’s heart, affordability still exists within a 10km radius of the Sydney CBD. These suburbs offer a balance between proximity to urban conveniences and more manageable housing prices:

SuburbMedian House Price
Bardwell Valley$1,554,444
St Peters$1,580,000

Although these prices are higher compared to other areas, they are considerably lower than many suburbs closer to the CBD, offering a more affordable entry point into some of Sydney’s most sought-after locations​​.

A Closer Look at Some of the Cheapest Suburbs in Sydney


The Cheapest Suburbs in Sydney
House for sale in Blackett
  • Median House Price: $627,500
  • Distance from CBD: 45 minutes

To live in Sydney without breaking the bank is a luxury in itself, and Blackett offers a quiet, leafy alternative to the hustle and bustle of the city.

Blackett sits off the M7 which allows for a speedy journey to the city and back. And for avid cyclists, a cycling path connects you from Poppondetta Park all the way to Mt Druitt. 

Out of the properties for sale in Sydney, the affordable living this Blackett home offers is worth checking out!

Also discover more properties for sale in Blackett NSW 2770.


The Cheapest Suburbs in Sydney
Apartment for sale in Arncliffe
  • Median House Price: $1.55 million
  • Distance from CBD: 20 minutes

Arncliffe, 10 km south of Sydney CBD, combines urban convenience with suburban peace. It features architectural diversity, from Victorian to contemporary homes, and is well-connected by public transport, only 20 minutes from the CBD.

The suburb has easy access to Newtown and Erskineville. It’s great for families and professionals, with parks, sports fields, and trails, plus shopping amenities and a rich dining scene including Lebanese cuisine. Arncliffe is also near Brighton-Le-Sands beach and Sydney Airport.

Discover more properties in Arncliffe NSW 2205.


The Cheapest Suburbs in Sydney
House for sale in Tregear
  • Median House Price: $621,000
  • Distance from CBD: 50 minutes

If a small, friendly neighbourhood with a strong sense of community is what you’re after, look no further. Tregear is a lovely, quiet suburb known for its multicultural residents. Parks, schools and shops are all a short distance away which gives the area its warm, communal energy. 

Discover more properties for sale in Tregear NSW 2770.


The Cheapest Suburbs in Sydney
Apartment for sale near Canterbury
  • Median House Price: $1,647,500
  • Median Unit Price at $657,250
  • Distance from CBD: 20 minutes

Canterbury, about 10.5 km southwest of Sydney’s CBD, is a suburb blending old-world charm and modernity. It features Federation-style homes and new apartments near the train station, offering suburban peace with urban accessibility.

The suburb is well-connected, with a 20-minute train commute to the city, and includes amenities like Canterbury Hospital and a golf course.

Canterbury is attracting homeowners and investors with its growing property values and robust rental market. Predominantly populated by the 20-29 age group, Canterbury is diverse and suitable for professionals, singles, and families, despite some overdevelopment concerns.

It’s a “hidden gem” with affordable housing, parklands, and community spirit, making it appealing for those seeking a balance of old and new.


The Cheapest Suburbs in Sydney
House for sale in Willmot
  • Median House Price: $637,500
  • Distance from CBD: 50 minutes

One of the cheapest suburbs in Sydney, Willmot also has a family feel. It’s the kind of place where your neighbours say hi to you on the street—and that’s something to be celebrated. The residents are predominantly made up of younger and older families who benefit from having a local school nearby.

Discover more properties in Willmot NSW 2770.

Lethbridge Park

The Cheapest Suburbs in Sydney
House for sale in Lethbridge Park
  • Median House Price: $653,000
  • Distance from CBD: 45 minutes

Another one of the cheapest suburbs in Sydney to buy a house is Lethbridge Park.

With solid public transport, nice parks for dogs and children, and close access to shopping and leisure centres, Lethbridge Park has grown into a friendly suburb with a neighbourly spirit. A plus is having the Nepean River and Blue Mountains close by for your getaways. 

Discover properties for sale in Lethbridge Park NSW 2770.

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FAQ Section

What is the best affordable suburb in Sydney for families?

For families, Westmead stands out as a top choice. It is renowned for its safety, family-friendly environment, and excellent schools. Couples with children find Westmead appealing, particularly the areas south of the train station, known for their lower-density housing.

What are the most undervalued suburbs in Sydney?

Suburbs considered undervalued in Sydney include Summer Hill in the inner west, Mascot, Bangor, Bonnet Bay, and Carlton in the south. Affluent areas like Rose Bay, Queens Park, Neutral Bay, and Lane Cove are also seen as undervalued compared to their neighboring suburbs.

How to live cheap in Sydney?

Living affordably in Sydney involves several strategies: avoiding the costly airport train trip, utilizing weekend transport discounts, traveling outside peak hours, not over-topping your Opal card, using various ride-share apps, and finding discounts for restaurants and coffee through platforms like EatClub and Hey You.

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