Best Suburbs in Sydney: 2024’s Top Picks

February 15, 2024
Best Suburbs in Sydney

Key takeaways:

  • Sydney’s real estate landscape presents a mosaic of opportunities, ranging from high-growth beachside suburbs like Coogee to up-and-coming areas such as Bexley and Rooty Hill, offering diverse options for residents and investors alike.
  • Suburbs like Maroubra and Newtown stand out for their unique cultural vibes and recreational offerings, while areas like Wentworth Point and Rosemeadow emphasize livability and affordability, catering to different needs and lifestyles.
  • By carefully considering factors like lifestyle preferences, long-term goals, and professional advice, individuals can navigate Sydney’s real estate market effectively, finding the ideal suburb to call home or invest in.

Sydney, a mosaic of vibrant communities and picturesque landscapes, boasts a rich tapestry of suburbs each offering unique charms and opportunities.

From the sun-drenched sands of Coogee to the bustling streets of Newtown, this city is a haven for those seeking the quintessential blend of lifestyle, affordability, and investment potential.

This guide dives into Sydney’s most coveted suburbs, exploring what makes each distinct and desirable for residents and investors alike.

How We Selected the Best Suburbs in Sydney

LifestyleAssess the local lifestyle amenities such as cafes, parks, beaches, and entertainment options.
Growth PotentialLook into historical property value trends and future development plans that might affect the suburb’s growth.
AffordabilityCompare median property prices and living costs to ensure they align with your budget.
AccessibilityConsider the ease of transport, including public transport options and major road networks.
Community VibesEvaluate the sense of community through local events, forums, and the general atmosphere of the suburb.
AmenitiesReview the availability of essential amenities, such as schools, healthcare facilities, and shopping centers.

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High-Growth Suburbs

SuburbMedian House Price (Jan 2024)Rental YieldLifestyle HighlightsAmenitiesPotential Challenges
Coogee, NSWA$2,350,0002.1%Beachside living, cafes, restaurants, parksCoastal views, public transportCrowded in summer
Maroubra, NSWA$1,800,0002.3%Laid-back lifestyle, surfing, national park accessBeaches, parks, schoolsLimited public transport options


Best Suburbs in Sydney
Apartment for rent in Glenwood Avenue, Coogee
  • Median House Price: A$2,350,000
  • Rental Yield: 2.1%

Coogee perfectly encapsulates the quintessential beachside lifestyle with its stunning coastal views, vibrant café culture, and bustling restaurants.

The suburb is a haven for beach lovers, offering a lively yet relaxed atmosphere. With amenities like Woolworths Metro for convenient shopping and efficient bus services providing easy access to the city and eastern suburbs, Coogee is ideal for those seeking a blend of seaside tranquility and urban convenience.

Despite its popularity, especially in summer, Coogee maintains a welcoming community vibe, making it a top choice for both investors and residents looking for a dynamic living environment.

Explore more properties for rent in Coogee NSW 2034.


Best Suburbs in Sydney
Apartment for sale in Anzac Parade, Maroubra, NSW
  • Median House Price: A$1,800,000
  • Rental Yield: 2.3%

Maroubra, known for its vast surf beach and rugged natural beauty, offers a more laid-back lifestyle compared to other Sydney beachside suburbs.

It’s a paradise for surfers and nature lovers alike, with the added advantage of being close to La Perouse’s national park for outdoor adventures.

Maroubra’s unique culture and community feel, coupled with its affordability relative to neighboring suburbs, make it an attractive option for those seeking a balance between beach life and urban accessibility.

The suburb’s cycling routes appeal to commuters and recreational cyclists, adding to its charm as a well-rounded place to live.

Explore more properties in Maroubra NSW 2035.

Affordable and Up-and-Coming Suburbs

SuburbMedian House Price (Jan 2024)Rental YieldLifestyle HighlightsAmenitiesPotential Challenges
BexleyA$1,250,0003.0%Diverse community, convenient locationPublic transport, schools, shopsIncreasing development
KogarahA$1,400,0002.8%Balanced environment, good transport linksHealthcare facilities, educational institutionsBusy main roads
AshfieldA$1,600,0002.5%Cultural diversity, culinary sceneHeritage houses, public transport, parksLimited green spaces


Best Suburbs in Sydney
House for sale in Croydon Road, Bexley, NSW
  • Median House Price: A$1,250,000
  • Rental Yield: 3.0%

Bexley presents a compelling mix of affordability and potential for property investors and first-time homebuyers. Its residential diversity, from classic homes to modern units, caters to a wide range of preferences.

The suburb’s accessibility, underscored by public transport options, makes it a practical choice for those working in the CBD or nearby areas.

Bexley’s growth potential, driven by its welcoming community and local amenities, positions it as a wise investment in Sydney’s competitive property market.

Explore more properties for sale in Bexley NSW 2207.


Best Suburbs in Sydney
Apartment for sale in Stanley Street, Kogarah, NSW
  • Median House Price: A$1,400,000
  • Rental Yield: 2.8%

Kogarah offers strategic advantages as a suburb with excellent growth potential. Its mix of residential and commercial developments, proximity to healthcare facilities, and educational institutions create a balanced living environment.

The suburb’s transport infrastructure, including rail and bus services, ensures easy connectivity to Sydney’s CBD and other key areas.

Kogarah’s ongoing development and community amenities make it an attractive option for investors looking to capitalize on Sydney’s growth.

Explore more properties for sale in Kogarah NSW 2217.


Best Suburbs in Sydney
Apartment for sale in Brown Street, Ashfield, NSW
  • Median House Price: A$1,600,000
  • Rental Yield: 2.5%

Ashfield stands out for its cultural diversity and culinary offerings, reflecting the suburb’s vibrant community. With a range of housing options, from heritage-listed houses to contemporary apartments, Ashfield appeals to families, professionals, and students.

Its strong public transport network, including train and bus services, enhances its desirability, providing residents with convenient access to the city and surrounding suburbs.

Ashfield’s blend of tradition and modernity makes it a unique spot in Sydney’s property landscape.

Explore more properties for sale in Ashfield NSW 2131


Best Suburbs in Sydney
House for sale in Chelmsford Street, Newtown, NSW
  • Median House Price: A$1,700,000
  • Rental Yield: 2.4%

Newtown is synonymous with a dynamic arts scene, eclectic shopping, and diverse gastronomy, embodying the spirit of inner-west Sydney.

The suburb’s cultural vibrancy and inclusive atmosphere attract a creative and youthful demographic. Newtown’s unique charm is further amplified by its vintage stores, live music venues, and community events, making it a hotspot for those seeking an alternative lifestyle.

Its proximity to the University of Sydney and central Sydney adds to its appeal as a lively and engaging place to live and invest.

Explore more properties for sale in Newtown NSW 2042.

Livability and Affordability

SuburbMedian House Price (Jan 2024)Rental YieldLifestyle HighlightsAmenitiesPotential Challenges
Wentworth PointA$1,350,0002.9%Waterfront lifestyle, recreational amenitiesParks, schools, public transportOngoing development, potential congestion
Rooty HillA$750,0003.5%Affordability, connectivity, green spacesSchools, shops, employment zonesDistance from CBD
RosemeadowA$550,0004.0%Strong community, affordable livingSchools, parks, shopsLimited public transport options

For those exploring the broader Australian market, understanding the most expensive cities to buy a house can provide valuable context in evaluating Sydney’s position within the national landscape.

Wentworth Point

Best Suburbs in Sydney
Apartment for sale in The Piazza, Wentworth Point, NSW
  • Median House Price: A$1,350,000
  • Rental Yield: 2.9%

Wentworth Point has transformed into a sought-after residential area, celebrated for its waterfront lifestyle and recreational amenities. Despite its growth and development, challenges such as congestion and infrastructure are being addressed to enhance livability.

The suburb’s sense of community and diverse housing options make it appealing to a young and vibrant population, looking for urban convenience coupled with natural beauty.

Explore more properties for sale in Wentworth Point NSW 2127.

Rooty Hill

Best Suburbs in Sydney
House for sale in Bovis Place, Rooty Hill, NSW
  • Median House Price: A$750,000
  • Rental Yield: 3.5%

Rooty Hill, located in the Blacktown area, is gaining attention for its blend of affordability, connectivity, and lifestyle. The suburb’s proximity to employment zones, schools, and green spaces makes it a practical choice for families and professionals alike.

Its ongoing development and community focus are driving interest among homebuyers and investors, looking for value in Sydney’s expansive real estate market.

Explore more properties for sale in Rooty Hill NSW 2766.


House for sale in Anthony Drive, Rosemeadow, NSW
  • Median House Price: A$550,000
  • Rental Yield: 4.0%

Rosemeadow offers a unique proposition in the Sydney property market, combining affordability with a strong sense of community.

The suburb’s recent growth in property values and active sales activity highlight its appeal. With amenities such as schools and parks, Rosemeadow caters to families seeking a suburban lifestyle within reach of Sydney’s urban centers.

Explore more properties for sale in Rosemeadow NSW 2560.

Practical Tips for Navigating Sydney’s Real Estate Market

Selecting the right suburb in Sydney’s diverse and dynamic real estate market requires careful consideration of various factors. Here are some practical tips to help potential residents and investors make informed decisions:

  1. Define Your Priorities: Whether it’s proximity to work, lifestyle amenities, or investment potential, knowing what matters most to you can significantly narrow down your choices.
  2. Research and Compare: Utilize online resources, real estate platforms, and community forums to gather insights into different suburbs’ lifestyle, amenities, and property trends.
  3. Visit and Experience: Spend time in the suburbs you’re considering. This firsthand experience can provide invaluable insights into the community vibe and day-to-day living conditions.
  4. Consider Long-Term Goals: Think about your long-term plans and how a suburb fits into those. Whether it’s the potential for property value growth or the quality of schools, looking ahead can guide your decision.
  5. Get Professional Advice: Real estate agents, financial advisors, and local residents can offer perspectives and advice that might not be apparent from online research alone.

Additionally, for potential homebuyers operating under tighter budget constraints, discovering where to buy a house in Sydney under $1 million offers insights into more accessible market segments without compromising on the benefits of city living.


Sydney’s real estate market offers a wide range of options, from high-growth beachside suburbs to affordable and up-and-coming areas.

By understanding the unique characteristics of each suburb and carefully considering your own priorities and goals, you can find the perfect match for your lifestyle and investment portfolio.

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FAQ Section on Best Suburbs in Sydney

Which are some of more best suburbs to live in Sydney?

Some of the other best suburbs to live in Sydney include Woolooware, Kareela, Cronulla, Sutherland, and Woronora, according to a

Which is the safest suburb in Sydney?

Determining the safest suburb in Sydney can vary based on various factors such as crime rates, infrastructure, and community engagement.

However, suburbs like Lane Cove, Hunters Hill, and North Sydney have been noted for their relatively low crime rates.

Which suburbs of Sydney are the most advantageous?

Suburbs considered advantageous in Sydney can depend on individual preferences and needs. However, areas like Manly, Paddington, and Milsons Point offer unique advantages such as proximity to beaches, trendy neighborhoods, and scenic views.

What is the richest part of Sydney?

The wealthiest parts of Sydney often include suburbs with high property values and affluent residents. Some of these areas include Neutral Bay, Cammeray, Crows Nest, Wollstonecraft, and Chatswood, which are popular among expats and well-off individuals.

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