6 Best Suburbs in Australia

March 30, 2023
best suburbs in australia

Key takeaways:

    • Quality of life is best in the Northern Territory and Sydney.

    • Some of the best suburbs in Australia include Warners Bay, South Brisbane, Spring Hill, Albert Park, Darlington, and Port Melbourne.

    • Median house prices in these suburbs are slightly expensive, but they offer excellent facilities such as schools, parks, and easy access to the CBD.

Suburbs in Australia are a sight to behold. From scenic views overlooking the coastal path of the beach to affordable housing with a place to breathe away from the hustle and bustle of the city, they have something for everyone.

Some cities in Australia are better in terms of housing facilities than others. So it’s only normal that you may be wondering what the best suburbs in Australia are.

The best part about the suburbs of Australia is that they offer a wide diversity of living conditions. They have everything from beachside suburbs to reputable inter-city schools, high ROI properties, and laid-back suburbs with excellent transport networks for families and retirees. 

And the best part? The best suburbs for some might be by the coast, but for others, cold places in Australia are more their bag. Australia offers a plethora of choice.

However, median house prices are slightly expensive there. Many families seek suburbs with reasonable vacancy rates, job opportunities, and proximity to schools, transport and the central business district (CBD).

Finding the right suburb on your own can be tiring. So to help you out, we have listed some top suburbs in Australia that are sure to take your breath away. 

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List of the best suburbs in Australia

  1. Warners Bay, New South Wales
  2. South Brisbane, Queensland
  3. Spring Hill, Queensland
  4. Albert Park, Melbourne
  5. Darlington, Sydney
  6. Port Melbourne, Victoria

Port Melbourne, Victoria

Apartment for sale in Port Melbourne.
  • Median house price: $1,515,000
  • Median unit price: $540,400
  • Median rent: $460/week

Port Melbourne is pricey compared to other suburbs in the area but is also considered one of the coolest suburbs in Australia.

While the price might seem a con, investors are willing to pay over a million dollars to get a property here. One factor that accounts for the high prices of properties in this area is its location, as Port Melbourne is situated in the heart of the capital city. Another reason is the living facilities offered here. 

The buildings here provide vast terraces with multistory. To reach the CBD, you can take public transport.

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Darlington, Sydney

Apartment for sale near Darlington
  • Median house price: $810,000
  • Median unit price: $500,193
  • Median rent: $620/week

Darlington is said to be one of the best suburbs for families and retirees seeking relaxation and an easy way to combine work and fun. It resembles the Sunshine coast because of its groups and communities. 

You can find a general store at the corner of every street in Darlington. The suburb is home to elite schools and parks. The only thing missing in Darlington is a university.

Lacking only a university, it embodies the essence of the best suburbs in Sydney, reminiscent of the Sunshine Coast in its community vibe.

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Albert Park, Melbourne

House for sale in Albert Park.
  • Median house price: $2,100,000
  • Median unit price: $700,000
  • Median rent: $750/week

This beachside suburb is quite close to the city centre. Your daily commute to the CBD from your house should take no more than seventeen minutes. 

More than 80% of Albert Park residents have easy access to schools. Not to mention, Albert Park is among the list of suburbs with the best schools.

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Spring Hill, Queensland

Apartment for sale in Spring Hill.
  • Median house price: $890,000
  • Median unit price: $400,000
  • Median rent: $680/week

Spring Hill lies almost on the boundaries of the CBD area. This suburb’s quality of life is much better than in other suburbs owing to the number of facilities available here. Residents have access to cafes, intercity hotspots, shopping malls, and more. The only problem you might face here is the never-ending commotion.

People who admire solitude might find it hard to adjust to Spring Hill. But apart from that, Spring Hill is one of a kind. The property prices are great here, and you only need 10 minutes to reach the CBD market on foot. Schools, colleges, and universities are plentiful in this suburb.

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South Brisbane, Queensland

Apartment for sale in South Brisbane.
  • Median unit price: $500,000
  • Median house price: $860,000
  • Median rent: $575/week

Three bridges connect this Brisbane suburb to the city centre. This suburb divides an equal ratio of residents getting education facilities and other lifestyle facilities. South Brisbane is the best suburb for real estate agents because of the high interest and ROI.

University students find it to be the best in terms of apartments. Prices are a bit high, but with the amenities you get, it’s worth every penny. 

It stands out as the best suburb in Brisbane for real estate agents and university students alike, thanks to its high interest and ROI on properties.

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Warners Bay, New South Wales

House for sale in Warners Bay.
  • Median house price: $957,000
  • Median unit price: $658,000
  • Median rent: $590/week

Warners Bay is an undeniable piece of art in the heart of Australia’s largest saltwater lake. Like all other suburbs, Warners Bay is very close to the CBD and has every facility you could imagine having in luxury housing. 

Property prices are justified considering the standard of living in this suburb. Purchasing a property in Warners Bay is a difficult task because every house is greater, better and more charming than the other. But other than that, Warners Bay is a ten-on-ten suburb in Australia. 

Discover more properties for sale in Warners Bay.

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Additional details about living in Australia

Which place in Australia is the nicest to live in? 

Melbourne is one of the nicest places to live in Australia and was voted the most liveable city a number of times.

Which city in Australia locates the fastest-growing suburbs?

The capital cities have some of the fastest growing suburbs in Australia. According to Yahoo Finance, the annual population growth of states and territories in December 2022 showed that Wyndham in Victoria was the fastest-growing area between 2019 and 2022, gaining 34,500 new residents.

Wyndham encompasses almost 20 suburbs that include numerous greenfield developments. As of 18th January 2023, these figures were reported.

Which area is best for opportunities in Australia?

It can be hard to state which area has the best opportunities and it also depends on on your field of interest. Some of the most popular areas for employment opportunities include Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide. This is because of the strong economy and resilient job market.

These cities are home to some of the largest companies and organisations in the country, as well as a range of industries, from finance and technology to healthcare and education.

Additionally, regional areas like the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, and Newcastle are also growing in terms of job opportunities and attracting more businesses. Ultimately, the best area for opportunities in Australia will depend on your specific goals and interests.

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