Best Suburbs in Brisbane: Buyer, Renter and Investor Outlook

February 16, 2024

Key takeaways:

  • Top Brisbane suburbs for 2024: New Farm, West End, Paddington, South Brisbane, and Ascot offer diverse opportunities.
  • Property prices stable or rising: New Farm +1%, West End +3%, Paddington +2%, South Brisbane +4% for apartments.
  • High rental demand in New Farm and South Brisbane; Paddington seeks renovated homes; Ascot offers luxury living.
  • Stay informed: Potential developments could impact market trends; crucial for buyers and investors.

Brisbane, Queensland’s sun-soaked capital, continues to captivate with its unbeatable trifecta of lifestyle, culture, and investment opportunities. While the Australian housing market has experienced a recent slowdown, certain Brisbane suburbs remain frontrunners for those seeking to buy a home or invest in property.

This article explores the top Brisbane suburbs in 2024, offering insights into their lifestyle, investment potential, and recent market trends.

1. New Farm – The Lifestyle Jewel of Brisbane:

Apartment for rent in 402/72 Moray St, New Farm
  • Median House Price: $2,675,000 (all bedrooms)
  • Median Unit Price: $799,000 (all bedrooms)
  • Median House Rental Price: $1,075 per week (all bedrooms)
  • Median Unit Rental Price: $550 per week (all bedrooms)
  • Growth (5 years): 35.4%

Lifestyle and Amenities:

Nestled along the Brisbane River, New Farm remains renowned for its vibrant arts scene, sprawling New Farm Park, and the Powerhouse arts centre. The suburb boasts an eclectic mix of dining options, catering to various tastes and preferences.

Investment Potential:

While the broader market cools, New Farm’s median house price held steady, with a 1% increase since November 2023. Its enduring appeal lies in its blend of cultural amenities, green spaces, and diverse residents.

Market Trends:

New Farm maintains a competitive market, with high rental demand making it attractive for steady income streams. Stay updated on potential development projects, as they can impact market dynamics (Source: Queensland Government Infrastructure Planning).

Rental Market:

  • High demand, competitive market: Expect fierce competition for rentals and potentially bidding wars, particularly for apartments and houses close to the river.
  • Predominantly unit/apartment market: Houses are scarce and often attract premium pricing.
  • Trendy, vibrant atmosphere: Popular with young professionals and students seeking an active lifestyle close to cafes, bars, and restaurants.

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West End – A Cultural and Culinary Hub:

House for sale in Humphrey Street, West End, QLD, 4810,
  • Median House Price: $1,580,000 (all bedrooms)
  • Median Unit Price: $620,000 (all bedrooms)
  • Median House Rental Price: $785 per week (all bedrooms)
  • Median Unit Rental Price: $630 per week (all bedrooms)
  • Growth (5 years): 30.8%

Lifestyle and Amenities:

West End’s streets pulsate with multicultural energy, reflected in its food markets, music scenes, and trendy shops. Residents and visitors enjoy easy access to South Bank Parklands, offering premier lifestyle and cultural experiences.

Investment Potential:

The median house price in West End increased by 3% since November 2023 (Source: Domain), driven by its appeal to young professionals and families. Its diverse housing options cater to various budgets and preferences.

Market Trends:

The growing interest in West End’s lifestyle has sparked development, with new apartment projects catering to the increasing demand for urban living spaces. Consider the potential impact of these developments on market dynamics.

Rental Market:

  • Diverse mix of housing options: From character Queenslander houses to modern apartments, offering something for various budgets and styles.
  • Lively arts and culture scene: Popular with young professionals, students, and creatives seeking an alternative vibe.
  • Close proximity to CBD and South Bank: Convenient location for those commuting to work or wanting easy access to entertainment.
  • Moderate vacancy rates: Vacancy rates hover around 4-5%, offering slightly more breathing room compared to New Farm. Competition is still present, but bidding wars are less frequent.
  • Stable rental growth: Rents are rising, but at a more moderate pace compared to New Farm.

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Paddington – Where Heritage Meets Modernity:

House for sale in 36 Stevenson Street, Paddington, QLD
  • Median House Price: $1,840,000 (all bedrooms)
  • Median Unit Price: $650,000 (all bedrooms)
  • Median House Rental Price: $810 per week (all bedrooms)
  • Median Unit Rental Price: $540 per week (all bedrooms)
  • Growth (5 years): 30.8%

Lifestyle and Amenities:

Paddington’s charm lies in its winding streets lined with antique shops, cafes, and boutiques. Heritage-listed Queenslander homes offer a glimpse into Brisbane’s architectural past, adding to the suburb’s unique character.

Investment Potential:

Despite the national slowdown, Paddington’s median house price saw a 2% increase since November 2023. Its enduring appeal lies in its unique blend of history, culture, and lifestyle.

Market Trends:

Renovated Queenslanders remain in high demand, with buyers seeking to preserve the suburb’s heritage while enjoying modern conveniences. Stay informed about potential development projects and their impact on the market.

Rental Market:

  • Affluent, established suburb: Predominantly houses with traditional architecture and landscaped gardens.
  • Quiet, family-friendly atmosphere: Popular with professionals and families seeking a peaceful yet convenient location.
  • Moderately tight market: Vacancy rates sit around 3-4%, with competition present but less intense than New Farm. Finding a suitable rental requires effort and swift action.
  • Steady rental growth: Rents are experiencing steady increases, reflecting the suburb’s desirability.

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South Brisbane – The Heart of Urban Living:

Apartment for sale in Cordelia Street, South Brisbane, QLD
  • Median House Price: $1,625,000 (all bedrooms)
  • Median Unit Price: $550,000 (all bedrooms)
  • Median House Rental Price: $750 per week (all bedrooms)
  • Median Unit Rental Price: $700 per week (all bedrooms)
  • Growth (5 years): 28.7%

Lifestyle and Amenities:

South Brisbane is a cultural epicenter, home to renowned institutions like the Queensland Museum and the Queensland Performing Arts Centre. The suburb offers a dynamic urban lifestyle with its array of restaurants, cafes, and bars.

Investment Potential:

The median apartment price in South Brisbane experienced a 4% increase since November 2023, fueled by its popularity among students and young professionals. Its strategic location and cultural offerings solidify its investment potential.

Market Trends:

The demand for apartment living in South Brisbane continues to grow, with several new developments underway. Be mindful of how these developments might influence future market trends.

Rental Market:

  • Mixed-use precinct: Combines residential living with office towers and cultural attractions like the Queensland Museum.
  • Modern apartment complexes: Offers stunning river views and easy access to public transport.
  • Convenient location for city workers: Ideal for those seeking a modern lifestyle close to the CBD.
  • Moderately tight market: Vacancy rates are moderate (around 4-5%). Competition exists, but it’s not as intense as some other inner-city suburbs.
  • Steady rental growth: Rents are seeing steady increases due to the area’s development and popularity.

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Ascot – A Touch of Luxury:

Apartment for sale in  Harbour Road, Hamilton, QLD
  • Median House Price: $2,300,000 (all bedrooms)
  • Median Unit Price: $538,000 (all bedrooms)
  • Median House Rental Price: $975 per week (all bedrooms)
  • Median Unit Rental Price: $600 per week (all bedrooms)
  • Growth (5 years): 39.2%

Lifestyle and Amenities:

Ascot embodies luxury living, known for its prestigious racecourse, high-end dining, and boutique shopping. The suburb’s tree-lined streets and stately homes offer a serene escape from the city’s bustle.

Investment Potential:

Ascot’s market exhibits stability, with a flat median house price since November 2023 (Source: OpenAgent). The suburb appeals to those seeking an upscale lifestyle, offering investment opportunities in both traditional and modern residences.

Market Trends:

The luxury market in Ascot remains robust, with high demand for quality homes offering modern amenities and lifestyle conveniences. Monitor interest rate changes and their potential influence on this market segment (Source: Reserve Bank of Australia).

Rental Market:

  • Exclusive, prestigious suburb: Predominantly large, character homes with expansive gardens and swimming pools.
  • Family-friendly atmosphere: Many parks and amenities catering to families with children.
  • Quiet, peaceful location: Offers a relaxed lifestyle away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
  • Moderate vacancy rates: Vacancy rates hover around 4-5%, with less competition compared to the inner-city options. Finding a rental is achievable with good planning and effort.
  • Modest rental growth: Rents are experiencing moderate increases, but generally remain less expensive than many inner-city options.


Brisbane’s diverse suburbs offer a unique blend of lifestyle, culture, and investment potential. As we navigate the evolving market landscape, these top suburbs stand out for their enduring appeal, growth potential, and diverse offerings.

Comparatively, Brisbane holds its own against the most expensive cities to buy a house, offering a blend of lifestyle and investment opportunities that attract a wide range of homebuyers and investors. For those considering relocation or investment in other states, exploring the cheapest place to live in WA could provide interesting contrasts in terms of lifestyle and investment prospects.

Remember, consulting a local expert can provide invaluable insights tailored to your specific needs.

Here are the key things you should remember as a homebuyer or an investor:

SuburbLifestyle & AmenitiesInvestment PotentialMarket Trends
New FarmVibrant arts scene, parks, diverse dining optionsStable median house price, high rental demandCompetitive market, potential impact of development projects
West EndMulticultural energy, access to cultural experiences3% increase in median house price, diverse housing optionsDevelopment of new apartment projects
PaddingtonAntique shops, cafes, Queenslander homes2% increase in median house price, demand for renovated homesHigh demand for renovated Queenslanders
South BrisbaneCultural institutions, dynamic urban lifestyle, dining options4% increase in median apartment price, popularity among studentsGrowing demand for apartment living, new developments
AscotPrestigious racecourse, luxury amenities, stately homesStable median house price, demand for quality homesRobust luxury market, influence of interest rate changes

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Best Suburbs in Brisbane

Which suburb is best to live in Brisbane?

New Farm, Ashgrove, Paddington, Alderley, West End, Indooroopilly, Sandgate, and Wilston are among the best suburbs to live in around Brisbane. These areas offer a mix of amenities, including trendy cafes, parks, proximity to the city center, and a vibrant community atmosphere.

Which is the safest suburb of Brisbane?

Upper Kedron, an outer north-western suburb in the City of Brisbane of Queensland, makes the list as the Brisbane suburb with the lowest crime rate in 2022. It experienced a significant decrease in incidents compared to the previous year.

What is the richest area to live in Brisbane?

Teneriffe, Chandler, New Farm, Ascot, and Hawthorne are among the most expensive suburbs in Brisbane. These areas boast luxurious homes, upscale amenities, and a prestigious lifestyle.

What area is best to stay in Brisbane?

South Brisbane, Holland Park, Coorparoo, and Spring Hill are some of the top places to live in Brisbane. They offer various attractions, amenities, and accessibility to the CBD and other key locations in the city.

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