9 Easy Ways To Liven Up Your Entryway

May 10, 2018
bags and shoes in entryway

When it comes to decorating your home, most of us pay attention to what are considered the key rooms – the kitchen, living, bathroom and master bedroom.

Interestingly, despite being literally the first thing you and your guests will see when you enter your home, the entryway is often left neglected.

It can be a dumping ground for bags, shoes and jackets and is often a bit of an eyesore.

And sometimes it’s left completely bare.

However, it could be a key area to hit décor wise.

Your entryway gives the first impression of your home and it should set the tone for what’s to follow.

These tips will help give your home the welcome it deserves. Ranging from practical to a touch of glam, they’re all relatively simple fixes that can make a big difference.

Add some artwork or a mirror

large painting in entryway
Source: Tessa Neustadt via My Domaine

Whether it’s a gallery wall or one statement piece, some eye-catching artwork is one sure fire way to liven up your entrance.

Alternatively, you could try hanging a mirror – not only will it open up your entryway and make it appear more spacious, it’s also incredibly practical for quickly checking your presentation before you head out the door.

An entry table

Entryway table

An entry or hall table works best when adorned with some eye-catching items, such as a framed photo, some flowers, a collection of books or a decorative bowl to place your keys in when you get home.

Avoid falling into the trap of piling up your table with letters, coats, bags or other clutter when you get home. This will just draw more attention to any mess.

Welcome to the jungle

Cactus and palm tree decorating modern entryway

Indoor plants have been big in the décor world for a few years now and they’re not going anywhere.

They add some life, interest and colour to your space, have some great health benefits and work well in an entryway to create some flow through to the outside world.

Light it up

Make a statement on entry with a lighting feature.

This could be a chandelier, a pendant light or even a table lamp.

Take a seat

entryway with a bench seat and plants

Another practical touch that has a rustic charm.

You can leave your shoes neatly tucked under the seat or bench at the end of the day and sit on it as you’re popping your shoes on to leave the house.

It can also be visually pleasing with the addition of some accessories. Once, again, don’t let this become a dumping ground for all your possessions.

Hook it

Find some decorative hooks and create a little nook to hang your bag or jacket at the end of the day.

Stick to one item per hook to avoid clutter and visual eyesore.

Bring in a coat stand

entryway with striking black and white floor tiles
Source: Apartment Therapy

A coat or a hat stand can bring a bit of old world charm to your entryway, allows you to play with different heights and dimensions and is incredibly handy in the winter months in particular.

Add some interest with feature tiles or a rug

Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

Add a touch of colour and fun to your entryway with some feature tiling on the ground. It only needs to be a small patch, but this can have a big impact.

Alternately, add some warmth and visual interest with a rug.

Paint your front door

Bright yellow front door leading to bright entryway
Source: Apartment Therapy

Even if you do nothing else, a pop of colour on your front door can make a huge impact, from both sides of the entryway. Just be sure to choose a hue that works with both the interior and exterior colour of your home.

Mix and match these elements to your own taste, personality and home.

Adding bag or coat hooks

Coats hanging on hooks in entryway
Source: Apartment Therapy

For instance, you might want some coat or bag hooks above a wooden bench, with a pot plant to the side.

The possibilities are endless and this is something you can add to or change up as you please with little effort.   

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