Preparing For Air Conditioner Installation

July 11, 2017
air conditioner installation tips

When it comes to installing an air conditioner, you might be tempted to leave it to the professionals to handle everything on installation day.

While the pros should be the ones to actually install it, there are always things you can do as a homeowner to prepare for the installation to ensure it goes smoothly for the installers.

Here are five ways to prepare yourself and your home for installation day to get the best results from your air conditioner.

1. Of course, first thing’s first: choose your air conditioner!

air conditioner installation

There are a range of different styles and sizes available, with split system, ducted, portable and evaporative air conditioners being some of the popular options.

When making a decision, factor in the unit’s energy efficiency, noise levels and whether the size will be appropriate for your home (bigger doesn’t always mean better!).

To assist you with making the right choice, read through a buying guide from an independent source.

When you’ve decided on an air conditioner, buying it from a company that also completes installations will streamline the process, and allow you to benefit from any package deals and easily resolve any issues that may arise at any point with your air conditioner.

2. Enlist the help of reputable air conditioning installers

air conditioner installation

Air conditioning installation is not something the DIY handyman should handle – this is likely to lead to a flawed installation, meaning you could void your warranty in the process and set yourself up for costly future repairs.

When it comes to installing ducted air conditioning, it’d be near impossible to make the necessary structural changes to your roof cavity.

Instead, if you go for qualified and well-known installers, you can be assured that the job will get done properly, efficiently and with minimal disruption to your home, as well as liability insurance in case any damage is done to your property.

Cost-cutting is always appealing when it comes to home improvement projects and we all know an uncle, family friend or even someone we found on an online job listing who considers themselves quite handy around the house.

However, an air conditioner should last you for years, meaning expert installation is necessary to avoid serious issues in the future.

Don’t sacrifice the long-term functioning of your air conditioner for short-term savings on installation fees.

Finally, when choosing a company to install your air conditioner, work out whether they use their own employees or hire subcontractors.

Of course, there are plenty of professional and skilled subcontractors out there, but you’ll gain peace of mind if you opt for a company that hires their own contractors.

This is because they will all be trained the same way, have undergone background checks and all report to the same management, meaning problems can be solved quickly.

If you happen to have an issue with a subcontractor, it’ll be harder to chase them up and resolve the problem.

Ensure consistent, quality service by going for a reputable air conditioning installer who has decades of industry experience and a team of experts working for them.

3. When it comes to outdoor units, you must first decide on where you’d like it to be installed

When selecting the perfect location for the outdoor unit, make sure it’s away from your bedrooms, not too close to your neighbours (especially maintaining distance from their bedrooms too), away from outdoor living or entertaining areas and as close as practically possible to the switchboard.

However, your installers may recommend another location due to the length of the pipe that they are working with, so always take on board their expert advice.

4. Decide where you would like the controllers to be placed

air conditioner installation tips

The most common place will be in the family or living room, as it is the most convenient for the entire family.

Again, your installer may recommend another location due to the wiring that they need to factor in, so be prepared to be flexible.

5. Come installation day, prepare your home by placing dust covers on valuable furniture and belongings

While installers will use drop sheets, plaster, dust and sawdust can still land on nearby surfaces like furniture, floors and benches.

Remove any clutter in the work space area and move any large items of furniture (or seek help from the installers themselves).

Now that your air conditioner has been successfully installed, ensure you maintain it in order to preserve the warranty and get the most out of your investment.

Get annual checks, change the filters regularly and get any issues solved immediately to enjoy comfortable summers for years to come.

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