Swimming Pool Design Has Come a Long Way

May 6, 2022
swimming pool design

A beautiful swimming pool design with spouting and cascading water features comes to mind when we think about pools. That has not always been the case. There was a time when pools were basic and rudimentary structures. 

Pools have existed for millennia and were used for bathing. Swimming pools have evolved to become what we know today in the pool industry.

Ready for some history on swimming pools? On your marks? Ready? Dive!

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From the past to the present: the swimming pool design 

Ancient swimming pools

Swimming pools date back to 2600 B.C. The Great Baths of Mohenjodaro were the first elaborate design. They were an ancient and complicated bathing facility in Pakistan built of bricks and plaster. On the side, the designers constructed beautiful terraced decks. The swimming pool design wouldn’t appear out of place compared to modern designs. 

In the past, pools took up considerable space. And as a result, they were either built in public areas or for the elite. Also, engineers were not as hard-pressed for space. The swimming pool design could take up more space than it needed to. 

swimming pool design

Things have changed over the years. The population grew a thousandfold and the demand for space increased. Architects and engineers needed to meet the new market needs. 

New methods, specialised landscaping techniques, and smaller equipment sprung up. Pools can now be erected in about any place.

The Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution also played a part in the evolution of swimming pool designs. Homeowners required massive equipment to move the earth and create space for the pool. Industries developed smaller earth-moving equipment that could lift larger loads. This allowed for more efficient designs on smaller lots of land.  

The emergence of gunite contributed to the simplification of swimming pool designs. It is a material that allows for a more straightforward installation. Engineers designed more flexible structures at lower construction costs. The swimming pool market grew. 

Post-World Wars

After the World Wars, there was significant growth in the middle class. Governments also subsidised goods and products to stimulate growth. Households could now afford this ‘luxury’ good. 

There were even cheaper alternatives than gunite as the days continued. Above-ground pool kits first appeared in 1947. They ushered in a completely new pool experience. Single-unit pools were soon marketed and installed in a single day. 

How technology changed swimming pool design

Swimming pool designs have advanced to a new level with scientific breakthroughs. 

Chlorination and filtration systems 

These systems revolutionised the industry with their provision of clean water. The only way to clean a pool before these breakthroughs was to remove and replenish all the water. 

Combination of fire and water

Both designers and pool owners appreciate the dramatic effect of combining these two elements. These combinations give the pool owner the option of running both features. Fire features are multitasking marvels that provide ambiance and warmth. 

Pool owners can enjoy their time poolside, even during the colder months. Today’s poolscapes, fireplaces, fire bowls, and fire pits play a vital role.

Pool lounging ledge 

Pool lounging areas have grown in size and popularity. They’ve grown popular to the point where it is ‘illegal’ not to have them. Popular options include colored-light bubbler fountains, umbrella sleeves, and sleek, modern lounging chairs. Manufacturers design them for use in the water.

Pool system automation

swimming pool design

You can turn on or off all your pool’s functions from the airport, the office, or the beach. As long as you have a WIFI connection, you can accomplish this with your smart device anywhere. 

Imagine voice-commanding, “Alexa, turn on the spa jets and lower the patio lights.” Impressive? Consult a pool designer. They can develop an automation scheme that fits your house, and technology needs.

In recent years, people’s ideas have grown. Today’s pools are only limited by their imagination and budget. Swimming pool designs are now customized to fit a customer’s needs. 

We have the infinity pools that appear to “drop off” a cliff. A common option is the spherical plunge pools, pools that wrap around inner-city homes. Households can also install long, shallow lap lanes on tight blocks. Regardless of the shape of your lot, there’s something for everyone. 

Things to consider during your swimming pool design concept

The use

The use of your pool determines its size. Consider how many people will be using it at the same time. You’ll also need to have a budget and the amount of room you have to work with. 

Consider generating a sense of cohesiveness with your surroundings. Examining the outside of your house is an excellent way to start. Is it monochrome and contemporary, with many smooth, clean lines?

Also, think about heating. Because the temperatures have dropped doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy a dip. But remember that heating a larger, deeper pool will be more difficult and expensive. 

The design of the pool must also comply with local Australian regulations. 

The users

If you want a family-friendly option, make sure it has features that everyone will like. A shallow area where people can sit and rest in the water. Add in a cascade or two to add to bring in the fun aspect. If you have adolescents, you’ll also want to make sure there’s a deep enough pool for them to swim in. 

A paved or decked space around the pool for sun loungers is suitable for pool landscaping ideas. Also, it’s good to have the pool in view of the house to keep an eye on anyone swimming in it. 

If you are the sole user of the pool, you might consider an indoor lap pool. This gives you exclusive access and control over who uses the pool when you are not around. 

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