6 Things to Look For When Hiring an End of Lease Cleaner

September 2, 2022

Everyone experiences moving houses at least once in their lives. And there are many reasons behind this huge leap. Some want to transfer to better neighbourhoods or larger homes, while some could finally purchase a house and stop their lease. Perhaps you’re also considering how clean your rental has to be for the inspection! Whatever the reason behind your move is, one thing’s for sure: you need to keep your old home as clean as the condition report for the rental was!

Although there’s no written rule for this, it’s a common courtesy and just the right thing to do. Leaving your old home means having the vacant place filled with debris and accumulated dust bunnies hidden in different surfaces and corners of the house. This is when an end of lease cleaning becomes most valuable.

You can of course do it yourself with a handy end of lease cleaning checklist. But if you’re too busy and tired to do the cleaning yourself, you can always rely on the pros.  

Considering the number of cleaning companies in the market today, it pays to know how much a bond clean is and what things to look for when looking for the best end of lease cleaner: 

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1. Good Reputation  

Nobody would want to hire a company that has a bad reputation. As a customer, you want to ensure to be satisfied with the services you’re paying for. The best way to ensure the company’s good reputation is by seeing what customers say about them. Make time to read customer feedback and testimonials on different websites, including their business site and social media platforms. There are also third-party review sites where people post honest reviews and comments You can also communicate with other customers to acquire more information. 

It’s essential to be open-minded when reading reviews. Learn to determine and assess whether a customer complaint is really the fault of the company or not. Nevertheless, after reading reviews, you should still go for a cleaning company with more favourable testimonials than negative ones. If you want to take fewer risks, it’d be best to go for companies recommended and favoured by your workmates, friends, or family. Since they’ve worked with the company first-hand, they can better attest to how their end of lease cleaning services is. 

2. Clear Communication  

End of lease cleaners should have good communication skills. And there’s no alternative to this. Communication is essential to have a smooth and organised transaction with the company. Professional end of lease cleaners should be able to communicate to you about their plans, procedures, rules, and service inclusions. In the same manner, you should also ask questions and inform them about what you want to be done to have your preferred results.  

Clear communication can resolve any misunderstandings and errors. You’ll know when they’ll start their service and when they have to finish. Set clear expectations early on, so they’ll know your priorities and make a deal as to what they should do when the expectations aren’t met. For example, you should know that most cleaners won’t do any maintenance, like painting skirting boards or gardening. So, they should be clear about that from the beginning.

When the company has excellent communication skills and styles, you know that your cleaner is knowledgeable, doing what is required, and is a professional. You’ll feel more at ease and have one less thing to worry about.  

3. Reasonable Pricing  

Before hiring an end of lease cleaning service, you may have already set your budget. You should stick with it, as you ask and inquire from several numbers of cleaning companies. This way, you can narrow your choices and make an informed decision based on a company’s pricing and quotes. Comparing how companies charge for their services using different methods would also be helpful. 

It’s crucial to seek a clean and transparent rate when asking for estimates. You don’t want any surprise fees later on. If you can find a company offering reasonable prices with the service inclusions they offer, you’ve found a sealed deal.  

4. Experience   

Another important consideration when choosing an end-of-lease cleaning company is how long it has been in business. Tenure is worth knowing because this can also tell how experienced the company will be. When they’ve been operating for many years, they’ve worked with more clients and handled various houses and properties. They know basic and advanced cleaning procedures and a wide range of cleaning supplies

This also means they’re already well-versed in cleaning techniques and methods. A company with more than five years of experience is always a good choice. A professional company such as this knows all the processes to ensure your house is clean and there’ll be no errors that may prevent your landlord from returning your deposit. They know what to do even before you instruct them with your demands. They can cover more than you expect them to do because they’ve previously handled hundreds to thousands of houses.  

5. Licenses And Business Permits  

Check if the end-of-lease cleaning company you’re considering has all the necessary permits. It’s crucial to ensure that the company you hire is legally operating. This prevents ugly possibilities, like fraudulent transactions and unprofessional and scammy employees. If you want to be sure you’re dealing with an authorised company, ask them to show you their license before you begin consulting.  

Not all companies have licenses and permits. Some sketchy businesses operate without these documents, and these are the ones you should avoid. With a license, you can be confident that the company meets all the requirements for quality cleaning services and has qualified cleaners. These professionals are mindful of their business’s consequences when performing any terrible or wrong service.  

6. Cutting-Edge Cleaning Equipment  

With the advent of technology, most of the cleaning equipment used by end of lease cleaners today is high-quality and advanced. including end-of-lease pest control services. Choose a company that uses cutting-edge cleaning equipment and tools for both general cleaning and pest control. Not only do these devices make their work faster and more effective, but it also means the results are better than using manual and conventional cleaning methods.  

Reliable industry-standard equipment is what you should look for when choosing a company. To find out what equipment a cleaning company uses, you can browse their website or contact them beforehand. If there are any specific cleaning products you prefer for them to use; you can also inquire and inform them early.  


Moving to a new home can be exciting as a new life and experiences await you. However, cleaning your old house can be one of the least enjoyable parts. Hiring a professional end-of-lease cleaner can make things a little easier for you. While there are vast options for you to choose from, the list of considerations above can help you narrow down your choices and finally hire the most appropriate end of lease cleaning company.

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