What Qualities Are Appealing to a Landlord?

September 2, 2022
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Every landlord desires to have tenants who will look after their property and minimise the risk of wear and tear. As a tenant, you must exude the best character to convince your landlord that you’re the right person to occupy their apartment for rent in Melbourne. So, what qualities are appealing to a landlord?

Qualities of a Good Tenant

A good tenant is a valuable asset to the property owner and the property manager because they minimise costly damages to the property, pay rent on time, and keep the property looking great throughout their tenancy period. However, some tenants can turn out to be a real nightmare. From paying their rent late to destroying the property, a rogue tenant will leave their landlord regretting renting out the property in the first place.

To separate the right tenants from the disreputable lot, here are some of the qualities that landlords look for:

A Clean Record           

Many landlords and real estate agents in Australia have a database list where they record dishonest tenants. This database enables landlords and agents to know the kind of tenants they’re dealing with before they give them keys to their properties. So, if you’ve problems with your current landlord, they’ll record your personal details and the issue of contention you had with them to warn your future landlords.

Therefore, you should always strive to keep a clean record so that your previous landlords can be your references. Additionally, it’s important to be a good and law-abiding citizen because a criminal record might deny you the right to occupy certain properties and reside in certain communities.

Be Respectful

What Qualities Are Appealing to a Landlord?

How do you communicate with your landlord and fellow tenants? This is often uncovered in the questions to ask renters during the interview process.

A good tenant should communicate respectfully, even when there’s a disagreement. You should also pick up calls and respond to texts from your landlord or property manager promptly.

Be kind and friendly to your landlord and other tenants, showing a great sense of understanding–even when they’ve stepped on your toes.

Don’t Be a Notorious Defaulter

Nobody wants to lease their property to a perpetual defaulter. So, try as much as possible to pay your rent before its due date and be honest with your landlord when you’re unable to pay what’s due on time. Your landlord will feel cheated when you lie to them about your rent or go about your business as if nothing has happened.

If something serious has come up and you’re unable to pay your rent on time, explain the situation to your landlord honestly and respectfully, letting them know when you’ll be in a position to pay. Understand that the landlord developed or bought the property as an investment and needs to make money from it.

Instead of defaulting on rent, you should look for another property that is within your budget. Thankfully, the average rent in Melbourne is fairly low, so you can easily find a rental property that suits your budget.

Take Care of Your Space

When a landlord rents out their property to you, they expect you to be kind enough to take good care of it. While normal wear and tear are permissible, it’s your responsibility to minimise damages to the property by handling it with care. After all, it’s your home, so keep the property clean and perform the necessary inspections to ensure the property is in good condition–this will reduce conflict with your landlord or property manager.

Report All Maintenance Issues

What Qualities Are Appealing to a Landlord?

If any part of the property is damaged or requires maintenance, report the issue to the relevant person immediately. Don’t assume your landlord or property manager already knows about it or wait until the damage has become irreparable. Many landlords and property managers in Melbourne allow their tenants to report maintenance issues via email, which allows them to monitor the issue until it is fully addressed.

Adhere to the Tenancy Contract

If your lease agreement prohibits you from engaging in certain activities and conducts, you should be courteous enough to adhere to it. Alternatively, you should politely decline to sign the contract and find another property with more lenient terms and conditions.  

By following these guidelines and staying consistent with the behaviours of a reliable tenant, you and your landlord or property manager are sure to have a relationship built on mutual respect and trust that will make your tenancy as easy and enjoyable as possible.

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