6 Home Staging Tips Every Seller Should Know

June 8, 2022
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When showing off your house, you should present the best sides and angles of your home, so follow along with these home staging tips for maximal appeal. 

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Paint a picture

One of the most important factors in the staging process is understanding how to sell your home faster.

In learning how to stage your home for sale, keep attractive, appealing styling at the forefront of your mind. Not only does this better your chance of getting off the market sooner rather than later, but the sale price of your home can even appreciate a little. 

Home staging tips consist mostly of redesigning your home so that someone can picture their own life inside of it. When it comes to staging houses, personality is the name of the game. 

Staging a house for sale used to mean creating a nearly empty space in order to get someone to easily picture what their lives would look like. In recent years, though, less does not equal more.

home staging tips

Generic home staging can be more harmful than helpful, so now people are noticing the appeal of a personable yet approachable home staging. This entails keeping things clean and orderly around the house, but also including items that add to the aesthetic to make the home feel more personable.

Including things like artwork, plants, souvenirs, and even furniture that have even an ounce of personality can go a long way. You want to display an actual lifestyle rather than have your home look like the stage it is.  

Prioritise warmth

home staging tips

When you are searching for home staging tips, it would be worth it to look into ways to make your home appear warm. Warmth refers to temperature as well as the visual effect of your staging.

Learning how to stage a house for sale may be difficult to conceptualise, so try to simply turn your house into a place visitors won’t want to leave. To do this, you can opt for carefully arranged shelves filled with different books and souvenirs. 

Another way to exude warmth is by incorporating items like rugs, throws, and cushions that radiate the essence of your home. Prioritise natural lighting but throwing in a lamp or two in places that need to seem a bit warmer is a great way to go about staging a house. 

On the other hand, if you are selling during the summer, look to create warmth by facilitating as much natural light as possible and forging a feeling of space.   

Give the house a facelift 

home staging tips

When it comes to real estate staging, your main priority is appealing to strangers’ tastes. But that’s a pretty ambiguous task, right?

Luckily, most people are aware of the two most attractive rooms of a house and where the eyes dart to almost immediately: the kitchen and the bathroom. If you are staging a home for sale, these are the two places you’ll want to pay extra attention to.

Don’t be afraid to rearrange, replace, or even get rid of some items in the house that you think would be seen as clutter to an onlooker. Remember, the priority is appealing to the masses.

By giving your house a facelift where necessary, you will be ensuring that it is seen as attractive to, not only your liking but the general population. There are a few, cheap ways to liven up the spaces in your home as a dandy home staging tip.

Firstly, always show off your storage. This means that your pantry, cabinets, and even counter space should be clear of clutter to display just how much the new resident will be working with.

Make sure all your appliances and sink area is clean as well as everything in the bathroom. If this means making some calls for a house cleaner, then that will have to be the case. Remember, the home staging tips don’t work unless you’re willing to alter what your home looks like currently.      

Also, if you’ve been living in your home for a long time, you may need ways to make your old home feel new. Remember to clear it of clutter and personal memorabilia.

Make it memorable

Face it, there are probably tons of other homes on the market that may or may not be better catches than yours. This is why you need to pull out all the stops

Home staging tip number four is to give buyers some aspect of your home that they will remember indefinitely. This can go two ways, though.

Dressing a house for sale in Australia can be a difficult feat, so including some piece of artwork or furniture that is unlike anything most people have come across can be a bonus. On the other hand, if viewers deem it ugly, it may just turn them off of the house entirely.

This is why you should research styling tips for selling your home in the case of a piece of work you may love that many others don’t. Try to make your home memorable without going overboard with the styling. 

Create a theme

home staging tips

The question of, how much does staging a house for sale cost, may be on your mind. It is important to remember that what all you put into your home may very well be returned in full and a little extra once you’ve sold. 

This includes creating a theme. You may find it useless, but people appreciate incorporation of some kind of theme or aesthetic that buyers will remember. 

A simple colour palette, furniture style, textural features, or any other common nuance of your home will come in handy during viewings. Being titled ‘the plant house’ is a lot better than being forgotten.     

Some green never hurt

home staging tips

Lastly, adding greenery indoors and outdoors is a highly effective way to achieve most home staging tips. If you are on a tight budget, try turning to a few plants that will liven up your house. 

Greenery brings out warmth, personality, a theme, and life to the house. It can also give visitors at the open house a sense of a lived-in home. Don’t doubt the power of the green! 

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