5 Tips for Making an Old Home Look Like New

October 7, 2021
old house with potential to look like new house

If you live in an old home, you might be on the lookout for ways to make that old home look new. There is something great about owning an old house. It might be that it has been in your family for generations and has a rich and interesting history. It might be that it looks quaint and charming. But the potential pitfall is that if you don’t update your house’s looks, it might start looking neglected and kind of spooky.

Fortunately, there are quite a few things that you can do to make your old house look newer. Some of them are cheap, especially if you do the job yourself; others might require you to spend some of your savings or consider loans if the repairs are costly and urgent. 

We’re putting together a list of tips to make your old house look like you bought it yesterday, from refinishing the floors, to repainting the walls, and pressure washing its exterior. 

1. Refinish the floors

new house with refinished floors

Refinishing the floors is one of the most effective things that you can do to make your old home look fresh and clean. You can choose from two different floor refinishing techniques – stripping the floors and sanding the floors. The difference between these two techniques is that stripping removes both the finish and the topcoat, whereas sanding only removes the topcoat.

Stripping the floors is recommended if the finish is damaged or if the floors are covered with a very thick layer of finish. Sanding the floors is recommended if the finish is only slightly damaged and you want to save money.

If your floor is in really bad shape, you might want to think about replacing it before it leads to more damage. You can decide on any type of wood again or choose from the best laminate flooring to achieve a similar visible effect on a budget.

2. Update old outlets

If any outlets in your house look really old, you should definitely consider updating them. Older outlets look messy, not to mention that they can get problematic or even dangerous, as they tend to have problems with overheating and energy consumption. 

Luckily, updating a power outlet is easy to do! You just need to get your hands on a screwdriver and a receptacle cover plate, unscrew the old one and replace it with the new one.

3. Clean the rugs & carpets

living room with fitted carpet

Surprisingly, not everyone is aware that rugs and carpets need to be cleaned on a regular basis. They tend to hold in plenty of dust and dirt, even if you vacuum them every two days. This can make it look faded or simply dirty, which will translate to a less tidy look of the house. And when you’re trying to make an old home look new, this is where attention should be paid.

If you have not cleaned the carpets for some time but do not have time to do it, you can hire a professional for the job. For instance, you can hire a company that specialises in cleaning rugs and carpets. There are many such companies out there, meaning that you should be able to find one that suits both your preferences and your budget in no time.

4. Repaint the walls

bedroom with accent wall colour

If the walls of your house are covered with old paint, you might want to think about repainting them. It is easy to do and affordable. 

First, calculate how much paint you will need for the job. It will depend on the type of paint and your chosen brand, but usually, one gallon will allow you to paint up to 400 square feet. Then, you need some painting supplies, such as paint rollers and brushes. Then it’s time to get to work! In case you do not want to bother with doing that, consider giving each wall a thorough cleaning instead.

5. Pressure wash the exterior

Pressure washing the exterior of your house is an excellent way to make an old home look new. It removes dirt, mildew, mould, stains, grime, and discolouration from driveways, wooden decks, siding, fences, and more!

The biggest benefit of pressure washing is that it can help remove dirt and grime from areas that are hard to reach, such as cracks in the driveway. Other than that, it is not time-consuming. One washing is enough to make the dirtiest fence look neat and clean.

Lastly, pressure washing is easy to do. You just need to rent a pressure washer from a local hardware store, read the instructions, connect the pressure washer to a water source, adjust the nozzle, and move it back and forth over the surface of your house until the dirt has come off.

All homes will eventually look live in, so when we talk about making an old home look new, we’re mostly talking about highlighting its features. There are quite a few things that you can do to make your house look like you bought it yesterday, you just have to figure out your budget and how much time you have. It might take some effort and certainly some sweat, but in the end, it is definitely worth the hassle. You and your family will be pleased with the results!

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