Can ‘Home Staging’ Really Help You Sell Your Property For More?

April 14, 2015

‘Home staging’ has taken off in the US, and we’re beginning to see this more and more now in Australia.

Rather than simply scrubbing the property from top to bottom, sellers use furnishings and artwork to ‘set the stage’ and present the home in an ideal light.

So is it worth spending money to make money, and does it really make a difference?

Cleaning vs. Staging

How does home staging differ from a good, old-fashioned cleaning?

There are a few key differences.

A professional home stager is on top of the trends driving the current real estate market, and is able to style the property in such a way that a buyer can envision themselves living there.

While an interior decorator makes over the home to appeal to the unique tastes of the owner, a home stager must appeal to the average buyer with broad appeal.

They utilise neutral tones and pleasant furnishings to try and make your property appeal to the widest cross-section of buyers.

Home stagers use colours, fabrics, and furniture to bring your home to life and conceal its shortcomings.

Clutter is removed as it normally would be, but home staging tries to maximise the space you have on hand to highlight a home’s strong points. This may also involve bringing in new artwork, fabric throw pillows, and even furniture to artistically stage each room.

Fresh flowers and fruit are common accents.

Weighing your options

The main idea behind home staging is that it turns your property into a product that is easier to package.

A tidy, appealing home that seems ready to move into will certainly attract better offers from buyers.

Yet some feel that this “slick” approach might turn off some buyers. There are pros and cons to home staging.

It costs money to implement, particularly if you hire a professional to take care of it for you.

Be sure to set a budget in advance, so that you don’t end up spending more on home staging than you ultimately end up making back.

Is it worth the investment?

The idea is that staging a home will lead the buyer to offer more money.

Do the finances really add up? In the long run, yes. If you completely renovate every room with brand new furniture and expensive artwork, the ROI may not be too promising.

However, spending a few hours with a staging consultant to rearrange and enhance what you already have can certainly pay off.

Focus on accenting a few important rooms to wow your audience with a warm, neutral style.

It’s estimated that 25 percent of homes in the Sydney area are already being staged.

As an increasing number of Australians choose to hire home stagers, this also raises the bar for everyone else.

If you want to go beyond simply cleaning and de-cluttering to add value to your home and create the best possible first impression, it may be worth a consultation.

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