6 Beachside Sydney Rentals Under $500/week

May 20, 2022
sydney rentals

As much as we love Sydney, the city comes with a few drawbacks—namely finding Sydney rentals within our budget.

As the most expensive city in Australia with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, everyone wants a piece of real estate here. What that creates is higher rent prices.

But don’t be discouraged, we’ve scoured all the coastal suburbs to find you the best coastal Sydney rentals… and they’re all under $500 a week!

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Cronulla NSW apartment for rent
Cronulla NSW apartment for rent
  • Average rent (houses): $1,200/week
  • Average rent (units): $525/week

We’ve got ourselves a lovely, quaint apartment for rent on the second floor. Close to all the classic amenities in the gorgeous suburb of Cronulla, this unit is a find.

Cronulla NSW apartment for rent
Cronulla NSW apartment for rent

Just a hop, skip and jump away from Shelly Park, this rental apartment is also just seconds from the beach. You’re also getting a north easterly aspect which, if you’re up to date with home orientation, means you’re getting lots of sunlight at optimal times throughout the day.

Cronulla itself is a booming neighbourhood with a ton of perks to offer. If you’re looking for a more upbeat place to live, this would be it. Whilst the population is young, it is still a peaceful area with access to all the important public transport.

With the beautiful Sydney beaches at your beck and call, the rental properties here are a hot commodity.


Kirribilli apartment for rent
Kirribilli apartment for rent
  • Average rent (houses): $1,007/week
  • Average rent (units): $600/week

Kirribilli is a much-loved suburb, slowly getting the same attention as more popular suburbs like Surry Hills. Here’s where you’ll also find Admiralty House, the Governor-historic General’s palace, and Kirribilli House, the official residence of our Prime Minister—both located in this little enclave between the Harbour Bridge and Neutral Bay.

Despite the fact that many of your neighbours hold high office, the area has a village feel to it, with local delis, boutique boutiques, and a bustling cafe and restaurant scene. Twice a month, there are markets featuring varied arts, vintage clothing, and fashion to shop and trade at.


Brighton-Le-Sands apartment for rent
Brighton-Le-Sands apartment for rent
  • Average rent (houses): $750/week
  • Average rent (units): $450/week

You’d be hard pressed to find units with 2 bedrooms under $500/week but we’ve got you. Not only is this Sydney rental apartment affordable but it’s also spacious. Both bedrooms have built in robes, you have a lounge and dining area, and a beautifully ample sized balcony.

Great cycling paths, beautiful beaches with clear water, friendly community—these are just some of the best parts about living in Brighton-Le-Sands. While some might say the suburb is noisy, what with the airport in close proximity, there are several quiet pockets where liveability is at its highest.

Rose Bay

Rose Bay apartment for rent
  • Average rent (houses): $1,375/week
  • Average rent (units): $670/week

If you didn’t already know it, Rose Bay is one of the most sought-after suburbs in Sydney. With a median house price of $5.1 million and the average rent sitting at $670/week, the neighbourhood is also one of the most expensive in the capital city.

Aside from the beauty of it, you also have easy access to ferries taking you all way to Circular Quay. Nature is celebrated, with pristine beaches and well-maintained parks scattered throughout the suburb.

So while this 1-bedroom is on the cosy side, it comes with a large balcony, plush carpeting and nice living-dining area.

Sans Souci

Sans Souci apartment for rent
Sans Souci apartment for rent
  • Average rent (houses): $770/week
  • Average rent (units): $500/week

The holiday lasts all year with this sun-drenched, resort-style property. Modern but homey, the one-bedroom unit is one of our favourites on the list. While we admit it’s slightly above $500, it makes up for it in sunlight and space.

Sans Souci is loved by its residents. They tout happy, convenient living. While you’re only 30 minutes to the Sydney CBD and close to the airport, it’s easy to get comfortable here with all the best shops and amenities available.

One of the best parts of it all? You’re in walking distance from the beach. Sans Souci is a family-oriented suburb, making it great for young families and even retirees looking for peace and quiet.

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