2-Bedroom Sydney Apartments Under $1m

October 1, 2021
sydney city view at sunset

2-Bedroom Sydney Apartments Under $1 million? Seems a steal considering the persistent rise in the property market prices. Despite the pandemic’s shifts, which caused the city’s median housing prices to drop by 2%, prices are now soaring again. 

Which is why we’re highlighting these five gorgeous Sydney homes. While the demand for apartments isn’t as high as that for traditional housing, slowly more Australians are beginning to appreciate the convenience of apartment living.

Which means these are a hot commodity, and won’t be on the market for long.

Often equipped with fantastic amenities, apartments can also offer stunning city views, all wrapped up in an arguably lower price point.

So to join the fever pitch happening all over Sydney, we’ve gathered our favourite 2-bedroom Sydney apartments on sale for under $1 million. 

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Darling Harbour

murray street sydney nsw 2-bedroom apartment
Soho Listing @ 308/50 Murray Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000 (sold)

Nested in the One Darling Harbour tower, this Sydney apartment gives you the convenience of the building’s shared amenities alongside an outstanding city-edge location. A new carpet has been fitted throughout the space, offering a luxurious cosiness.

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pyrmont sydney nsw 2-bedroom apartment
Soho Listing @ N107/233 Harris Street, Pyrmont, NSW, 2009 (sold)

This Pyrmont apartment wins in both location and layout. You have generous living and dining areas, as well as a well-appointed balcony large enough for dinner parties. Avid cooks will love the open kitchen that sees onto the living areas, making this cosy 2-bedder ideal for the entertainer. 

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rosebery sydney nsw 2-bedroom apartment
Soho Listing @ 703/101 Dalmeny Avenue, Rosebery, NSW, 2018 (sold)

What’s immediately striking about this Sydney apartment unit is the beautiful flooring, and the way it leads seamlessly onto the sun-drenched balcony. Framed with lovely wooden shutters, the balcony is also accessible from the master bedroom.

If modern and refreshing is what you’re going for, you won’t need to change anything when you move in.

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ultimo nsw 2-bedroom apartment
Soho Listing @ 61/267 Bulwara Road, Ultimo, NSW, 2007 (sold)

Some of like having our living rooms separate from our kitchens, and this 2-bedroom in Ultimo does that wonderfully. Each room has its own well-appointed space, with a small second bedroom perfect for little ones. Young families would be delighted here, close to the suburb’s best shops and schools. 

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georgina street sydney nsw 2-bedroom apartment
Soho Listing @ 323/1 Georgina Street, Newtown, NSW, 2042 (sold)

Want to live minutes away from Sydney University in a charming and airy 2-bedroom? Look no further. 90m² of well-designed space gives us the ultimate city-fringe apartment. And what’s even better? Access to a swimming pool, gym and the building’s quaint gardens. 

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