12 Budget Bedroom Ideas for the Minimalist Student

October 1, 2021
student dorm bedside

Many students out there dream about a clean and well-designed bedroom. And with a minimalist style, you can create a simple space to help you focus on your studies.

Some students spend most of their money on education, so little is left to transform their new bedrooms. There are those too who work part-time and can only stretch their budget so far.

Fortunately, there’s a way to increase your productivity by making your living area more study-friendly. In our article, you will find 12 vital ideas on making your minimalist bedroom more comfortable without breaking the bank. The new atmosphere will inspire you to cover many tasks both for educational and life purposes.

1. Decluttering

clean white uncluttered desk

One of the cheapest things we recommend to do in your room is to clean up the mess . Get rid of gadgets, books, table accessories, and old stationery supplies. You may look in your stationery box and see that some of your pens are even out of ink. We recommend moving your bed, chairs, table, ottoman, stool, sofa, nightstand, and other massive things out of the room. After you see your living space without furniture, find places that need repair in the walls, ceiling, and floor. 

Pay attention to your bookshelf and think about how you can improve it. Remove the literature you’ve already read, and let your friends benefit from it. Also consider the unnecessary things from your wardrobe as well. Sometimes, cleaning up the room can keep you from buying extra things for your place. Firstly, you can find something new during this domestic cataclysm, and secondly, when you have your bedroom tidy, you might think that this is enough to get the look you want! 

2. White walls

If you want to have a great balance of colours between your furniture items, choose white paint for your walls. That way, you don’t need to buy a special bed frame or change your wardrobe because of a particular aspect of your design. White walls let you experiment with almost everything. If you are afraid of having the bright white colour in your room, you can choose more pastel shades. Opt for variants such as light desert sand, mocha beige, or light grey. 

Additionally, white walls will not distract students from your learning process. It generally calms down the mind and helps to concentrate on more important things like homework! And if white walls don’t leave you up to the task, you might want to check out, where you can ask for completed homework in short deadlines and dedicate more time to other activities. 

3. Plain bedding

minimal bedroom

The option with plain colour linens can cost much more budget-saving than printed ones. Visit online stores to find the best value. Plain bedding will fit any element of your design. It will look refreshing and clean. Solid-coloured linen has a tidy appearance and require minimal effort. Select universal colour fitting to match with every room detail. The same concerns pillows: after choosing the right size for your bed, you can keep to a few to make the bed look plain and uncluttered.

4. Natural light

Think about opening an area around the window so you can benefit from daylight. It will decrease the number of required lamps in the room and the price of your electrical bill. Look at eBay or Amazon to find a lamp that suits your size of the room and covers you with enough light if you work in the evening or at night. Meanwhile, if you like vintage things around you, look for previously used lamps that can act as a great accent to your minimalist bedroom. 

5. Simple greenery

flowers on bedside table

Plants can save your room from feeling lifeless. They accommodate any design and make your room look more friendly. Select items with big green leaves such as elephant ear plants, Monstera deliciosa, or rubber trees. Pots with these houseplants will bring a tropical feel to any minimalist bedroom. Even the simplest indoor area will look brighter and more complementary with them.

6. Steady mirrors

The mirror is an essential element of any bedroom. To free your place from unnecessary items, we recommend building a mirror in your wardrobe or ordering a full-length mirror instead of a mirror on a dresser or special stand. Also, you can save space in a bedroom and lean your mirror on the wall. A simple mirror in a wooden frame will make your room look more natural. 

7. Natural materials

wooden desk and chair set up in bedroom

To create a minimalist bedroom on a student’s budget, order furniture and design elements from masters that make their crafts by hand. Their work costs much less than what you would buy in household supermarkets. Moreover, the quality of such furniture is much higher than in big shops for a broad audience. Natural materials will make your bedroom look cozy and attractive. Bed frames, nightstands, and chairs with wooden or metal elements will make a statement in your environment.

8. Functionality first

Thinking about a makeover in your bedroom, you should weigh all pros and cons of each element. Analyse how helpful each item is in your room. Make your living space more functional and free from unnecessary items. Depending on your purposes, you can arrange your space relatively. For instance, if you use your bedroom not only for sleep but also for work or study, you should find a corner for a table. On the contrary, when your room is dedicated to relaxing activities, think about adding an armchair with a coffee table for books.

9. Neutral paintings on the wall

bedroom with white shades and wall art

Decorate your room by buying non-expensive artworks from beginner artists. They usually sell their masterpieces cheaper than famous painters. Give preference to abstract paintings, unframed wall art, and neutral colours to keep your room’s minimalist look. Rely on your inner taste, and feel the space. Also remember that up to three pieces in the bedroom will be enough, so don’t overwhelm yourself by buying too many pieces of wall art.

10. Textured flooring

If you decide to change your floor during the makeover, pay attention to wood or stone textures. It may not be so cheap, but it will work for your room from a long-term perspective. Therefore, don’t buy cheap materials. Instead, think about high-quality stone tiles, polished wood, or plain linoleum to make your floor not only beautiful but also long-lasting. 

11. Organisers

If you don’t have a wardrobe, dresser, or stand, it is time to think about multi-functional organisers. Some people don’t have many clothes, and it is enough for them to use a hanger-rack. Others like to keep their belongings separately, so they buy organising boxes to handle their personal things. You can easily find budget-friendly organisers online, for example you could make a habit of checking out this week’s catalogue from Big W.

12. Conscious consumption

wooden desk with chair minimal

Before doing some repairs in your bedroom, think about how you can spend less by not buying unnecessary items or materials. Be a minimalist not only in design but in consumption. The principle of a clean and steady bedroom lies in conscious buying. When you organise your bedroom only with necessary things, you will find the best budget bedroom ideas.

And remember to have fun with it!

Some people still compare their achievements in room improvements with proficient bloggers and ruin their finances on things that don’t fit their own requirements and area characteristics. Don’t overwhelm yourself with inessential standards and do what is necessary – every bedroom is unique, and so are your expectations. 

These 12 recommendations are budget-friendly enough to help you in implementing your makeover. Start applying changes in your bedroom right now and see how your space looks in a week or two. The main thing in organising your living corner is focusing on your idea.

If you need more tips, we’ve got great guides from Interior Designers. Check out our articles on designing small spaces and on decorating the rest of your home!

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