11 Master Bedroom Design Ideas For Your Home 

November 3, 2022

Your home’s master bedroom will always be the best place in the house where you can feel superior yet calm at the same time. Since the master bedroom is where homeowners sleep, it’ll only be logical if you could improve its appearance and let them enjoy their hard work through their rooms.  

Even if you use a memory foam mattress to make the space feel relaxing, choosing the best design and theme plays an important role in the room’s comfort. 

To help you out, below are some master bedrooms design for your home: 

1. Hotel-Inspired  

A crowd favourite when designing master bedrooms is using a hotel theme for the entire space. This allows the whole area to look and feel luxurious, as if you’re living inside a five-star hotel. If it’s your personal home interior style, then extending it to your master bedroom would be a great idea. 

A hotel-inspired bedroom usually has a king-sized mattress with luxurious and soft plain white bedding, a soft full wall headboard, a dedicated desk and chair, and a lounging sofa on the side. It also uses soft multi-layer curtains that allow you to choose between a sheet and a blackout effect. Moreover, you should use coordinating colours; usually, it plays around with white and brown with a mix of greys and blacks.  

2. Country-Themed 

If you’d like a room closer to nature with a hint of traditional and rustic, then going for a country-themed master bedroom would surely be a great idea. This can be one of the most affordable themes too, as you can easily recycle old wooden slats and allow them to be decorative pieces inside your room. 

You can use a bedframe that emphasizes the use of wood planks or place it on the headboard for a country effect. To make it look more natural, you can mix small metal details, such as the handles and stands, which should help give off the perfect country-themed look. 

3. Beach-Inspired 

Being around the ocean or beach can surely bring calmness to everyone. If you enjoy being around the waters, then having a beach-inspired bedroom would surely be a great idea. This can make you feel like you’re just a few steps away from the ocean, putting you in an amazing mood every time you step inside.  

Ideally, you should use a mix of white and blues around the room and add beach-themed decorations around the room. It could be seashells, an anchor, a lighthouse, a starfish, a fishing net, rope, and plants.  

4. Royalty 

Every master bedroom deserves to feel like royalty. It’s where they can be the kings and queens of their room as they rule the house. 

To create a royalty-inspired space, you should use the most grandeur and luxurious room designs ever. This includes using a royal bedframe, adding a velvet sofa, patterned wallpaper, heavy curtains, all-carpet floors, a classic chandelier, a waffled comforter, and plenty of pillows.  

To achieve a full-royalty image, you should only use dark colours, such as burgundy, maroon, royal blue, deep violet, and emerald. You can mix in a bit of gold and white accent to make the room sparkle in its own way. 

5. Art-Deco 

Being experimental with your bedroom’s design would always be a great idea to be creative. 

If you’d like to get out of the norm and allow your master bedroom’s appearance to be extraordinary, then going with an art-deco theme would be amazing. This way, you’ll be using unusual bedroom colours, such as red, yellow, and orange, and allow yourself to be creative with how you place them in your bedroom. 

You can even use unique-shaped bedframes, tables, and sofas to highlight your theme further. To complete the look, you shouldn’t forget to hang and place as many decorations as possible while still complementing the room’s entire look.  

6. Calming Hues 

A master bedroom is the homeowner’s place for complete relaxation. It’s where they free themselves from the chaos and be at peace. To make it happen, it’ll be helpful if you could use calming hues for your bedroom. This will include mixing white, beige, wood, and grey inside the room. You can even add a little accent colour, such as blue or pink, but ensure that it’s only 5-10% of the room’s total colour to avoid losing the essence of calm and peace.  

7. Marble Feature Wall 

One way you can make a master bedroom feel luxurious and powerful is by adding a marble feature wall. Ideally, it should be on the side of the headboard to further highlight the room’s beauty. It can help make your bed, side table, and lamp stand out more to the crowd as they have a beautiful background.  

For a more luxurious taste, it’ll be nice if you could use black marble as they look classy and divine. While a white marble would work just fine, they’re commonly found in the kitchen and bathroom, which might not help to complement your room further.  

8. Modern Chandelier 

You’d be surprised how a good lighting fixture can instantly lift a bedroom’s appearance. To help your master bedroom stand out from the crowd, adding a modern chandelier would be a great idea. This is said to be the epitome of the latest bedroom layout trends.

When adding a chandelier, ensure that you place it away from the bed to prevent accidents. It should be by the foot of the bed and never where a person would usually hang around for a long time.  

9. Floor To Ceiling Windows 

If you could still manipulate the structure of your bedroom, then converting to a floor to ceiling windows would be a great idea. This gives your room plenty of natural light while also making it look more luxurious and brighter.  

When adding a floor to ceiling windows, ensure that you use a custom curtain so you can easily cover them at night for privacy. In addition, it can help to make your home look soft yet classy from the outside as they see the accent from your exterior.  

10. Floating Bedframe 

Using a floating bedframe would be a great idea if you’d like to be more creative with your bedroom. Don’t worry, as you won’t actually just use your walls for support but rather hide its legs at least a foot away from the corners. You can even surround it with an LED light strip at the bottom to further emphasize its design.  

11. Exposed Walk-In Closet 

Wondering how to renovate your built-in wardrobe? Adding an exposed walk-in closet might be a great idea if you’re working with an extra-wide bedroom. This helps to maximise your space while also using what you have as a decorative piece inside your home.

While adding an enclosed walk-in closet is an option, exposing them can help to make the room look bigger and tasteful as it emits a luxurious ambiance. You can just add a frosted glass to hide your clothes but still allow its silhouette to peek through.  


Designing the master bedroom can be fun as you can play with various themes and colours. As you expose yourself to multiple options, you should be able to find one that’ll fit your home best and truly make you happy as you enter your room.  

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